Let’s Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 1

Jeremy, Sean, and Norm try their hand at a new kind of build kit: laser-cut modular terrain for use with tabletop wargaming. This set is from Black Site Studio, and is a miniature fallout shelter made for use with the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game. Let’s break open the package and see how the pieces come together!

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 1

  1. As a ‘tabletop gamer’ your conversation about what’s a war/tabletop/board/card game was very entertaining to listen to.

    From my perspective Norm was correct, in that war/board/card/roleplaying games are all subsets of tabletop gaming. But in my experience people that consider themselves tabletop gamers would sneer at any mention of Monopoly in the same breath of their hobby. Over the past ~10 years the hobby has seen an enormous resurgence, boosted massively by crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. And with sooooo many great games out there now why anyone would choose to play something as laborious and broken as Monopoly is beyond me.

    Buzzfeed has a great article explaining why it sucks, worth a read: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tomchivers/monopoly-sucks

  2. Haha you guys started with one of the harder kits 😛 Sorry for the small instruction issues, its actually made us notice a few errors in there (like part A4 being noted wrong, should say E4)

    Glad you guys had fun though! Hope the rest of the builds went well, Connor and I (Ben) are excited to see the rest!

  3. It’s adorable that Norm wanted to label the back with a Sharpie, leading to a discussion of whether the backs would be visible. Pencil, guys–an established and refined technology that you can erase.

  4. Tabletop games are miniatures rule sets that use the entire tabletop as the playing area. Some that come to mind are The Sword and The Flame (British Colonial wars); Column, Line, and Square (Napoleonic Wars); Tractics (World War II); Warhammer (Fantasy) and Warhammer 40K (Science Fiction). Also Wings of Glory (WW I Air Combat). Most are played on 4 foot by 9 foot or larger tables. Tractics can scale to a large floor if the time and players are available.

    I hosted, many years ago, Borodino on a 6 X 24 table in my basement. IIRC we had 18 players and over 6,000 painted 30 mm miniatures on the table using CLS II rules. It was a two-day game and the outcome overall matched the real battle’s results.

  5. the first and only gundam they built was the perfect grade zeta so they’ve made a habbit out of jumping into the deep end head first.

  6. In way one it makes the other kits a lot easier afterwards. Especially when you consider our cryptic and mislabeled instructions, haha. (We’re starting the process of re-vamping all of them to be more descriptive and accurate.)

  7. Jeremy is so adorably shy about the superglue and accelerator! I’m shocked that given his EXTENSIVE maker history that he is so unfamiliar with it as a build material…

    …or was he just having a little fun with us? 😛

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