Let’s Build: 3D-Printed Mechanical Clock, Part 1

Jeremy, Sean, and Norm attempt to put together a working 3D-printed mechanical clock! Based on a design found on Thingiverse, we use this build to learn how a clock works, and quickly find out how precise everything has to be!

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Build: 3D-Printed Mechanical Clock, Part 1

  1. if you don’t have access to a 3d printer there is a book where you can make a working clock out of paper pieces. if you type in working paper clock on amazon it should come up.

  2. Why do we have to “ask” to “go metric”? Why not simply just use metric? Stop doing conversions? Supply and demand. If “makers” in the US start going metric, using metric, buying metric it will simply happen by default won’t it?

  3. Changes that we made that eventually worked:

    – Closest equivalent rods – 1.5mm = 1/16″ – 2mm = 3/32″ – 3mm = 1/8″

    – Lubricated axles and pivot points with sewing machine oil

    – Used alternate 1.5mm thick spring: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1093256

    – Made sure spring did not rub adjacent gear or balance wheel – required some strategic tape placement to pull it one way or the other

    – Used higher infill on balance wheel for more weight

    – Spring/balance wheel connection should be snug – added teflon tape to make it so

    – Length of rods is very important

    – Had to add more weight – think about 2 – 2.5kg total

    – Decreased size of holes on hands for tighter fit

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