LEGO with Friends: Robots and Dinosaurs with Alonso Martinez

Special guest Alonso Martinez joins us again for more LEGO building, this time with some fun 3-in-1 sets for a robot and dinosaur. We talk about some of our favorite benevolent robots in film and television and learn more about Alonso’s next robot builds!

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  1. i think you got two games mixed up: armored core, the really twitchy fast mech battle game, and steel battalion, the xbox game with the big controller.

    as for the battletech design things: a friend of mine was really into battletech back then. it’s not quite as simple as you depicted it, but it’s still quite a story. FASA bought the rights to certain anime visuals from a firm that later turned out to not have been in the position to sell them these rights. the mech types and stats remained in the game lore, but FASA pulled all externally developed designs from publications. these mechs were referred to as the ‘unseen’. whenever a solution was found that allowed depiction of such a mech (through updated designs, for example), they were termed ‘reseen’.

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