LEGO with Friends: Lepin Saturn V, Part 1

Bobak Ferdowsi joins us this week to take on a space-themed set! But this set isn’t any normal build–it’s actually a LEPIN knockoff that we imported overseas. Let’s see how it compares to building the real LEGO set!

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20 thoughts on “LEGO with Friends: Lepin Saturn V, Part 1

  1. Norm, are you snubbing off Simone in the presentations??? Ta ingen skit Simone. Det är du som gör att jag pröjsar premium.

  2. I hate my life.

    Finally new Lego with Friends and I can’t watch it cause i have no internet at home and your new method of streaming won’t let me download a copy

  3. You really need to support the chinese rip off? Don’t give them money, and don’t give them attention. I’m disappointed in you guys:(

  4. Those golden beams in the middle also need to connect to the cover plates, if they’re not lined up properly they will push the cover plates out,

    I guess that’s causing your problem!

  5. You really need to support the chinese rip off? Don’t give them money, and don’t give them attention. I’m disappointed in you guys:(

    Was actually pretty angry when i saw they support a copy Product, Living 20 minutes from LEGO billund, Denmark

  6. You really need to support the chinese rip off? Don’t give them money, and don’t give them attention. I’m disappointed in you guys:(

    If you’re going to buy these rip offs, please don’t call the segment “LEGO with Friends.” I agree, the less $$ these knockoffs make, the better.

  7. I’m extremely disappointed that Tested would support and publicize such a blatant rip-off of LEGO’s intellectual property… especially since you already built the real thing. What is the value here? A lot of very talented designers at LEGO poured their hearts and souls into designing the original set. Will you also be reviewing the Rappid Whael Laser-Cut Mini Baot? Now available for only $899.

    Please reconsider this decision.

  8. I watched this hoping you might address the LEGO vs LEPIN. Aside from commenting on the fact it’s clearly a knockoff and that it’s not as high quality that didn’t really happen. LEPIN can sell cheap lookalike products because they’ve done little more than copy LEGO. Disappointed with your support of cheap fakes, disappointed with your research or lack there of and you should be disappointed with yourself for buying it because the LEGO version wasn’t available at the time. Do better Tested!

  9. Norm, to ignore the entire rest of the conversation, and answer ‘what does LePin (even) mean’:

    “LePin” is pronounced “Luh-Peen” in Mandarin. ‘Le’ means ‘happy’ and ‘Pin’ means to build or assemble. So take your choice amongst such wonderful options as ‘happy building’, ‘happy puzzle’?

    I was a homeowner in Dongguan from 2008-2015 and all three of my kids were born there so I have what you might consider relevant experience with knock-off plastic building sets. Lego in the Dongguan/Shenzhen area is/was almost prohibitively expensive so knock-offs are about all you find in toy stores (There is a Toys’r’Us there but I saw more expats there than locals).

    LePin also has a local advantage offering such exciting things as mainland architecture like TianAnMen gate/Forbidden City (minus the tanks, students, and grocery-bag-carrying-pedestrians), aircraft carriers, army dudes with actual long guns, etc.

    No excuses, just information.

  10. Can you guys please raise the audio level of your premium videos. They are horribly low across the board I have my laptop audio pinned and its still hard to hear the conversations. All your youtube videos are fine but these self hosted premium ones need a boost badly!

  11. This was interesting, Lego is definitely a bit of a racket and are guilty of inflating prices and manipulating their own market. Which is fair enough they started the market. BUT they are in desperate need of a bit of competition. The direct copies aren’t great, but given lego patents are expiring and in some parts of the world never valid to start with if they had done a redesign of the set I would definitely buy it as the rights to the image/likeness of a Saturn V are obviously going to be public now.

    If they had a bit more quality control and did their own designing and redesigning there is room in the market for a lego competitor. These sets from Lepin are as much as a quarter of the price, all that really highlights is that even with licensing and development time lego could half their prices and double or even triple the production runs to sell more sets. That would tank resale with the Lego elite, but I do think Lego panders too much to that crowd and forget the large number of people and children that simply stop buying lego not because they don’t want to build it, but that they simply can’t afford it.

  12. Here is one more voice yelling “Boo!” at Tested for featuring a Lepin set.

    As far as Lego needing competition, they have plenty. Mega Blox and Better Blocks are a couple of examples.

    But it isn’t good enough for Lepin to make a compatible brick. They copy Lego sets down to the box art and I can’t believe that the Tested folks don’t seem to have much of a problem with it.

    Anyone interested in a Chinese EDC One knock-off?

  13. LEGO with friends and a friggin LePin set? you got to be kidding me! I am not paying premium membership for you guys to play with ripoff shit like that!


  14. OK, Norm is right about fan names, but there are “official” names as well.

    The database at Brickset pulls data directly from LEGO’s server –

    The Bricklink Catalog predates the Brickset one, and tends towards the fan-created definitions that arose before we knew the “real” names:

    In general, some standard language you can use across the community:

    Stud – The round part on top of a brick

    Plate – The thinner parts with studs on top

    Brick – Parts that are three plates high

    Tile – Smooth version of the plates

    Dimensions are usually phrased small to large, with the piece type next, then modifications… So an example: “1×1 Brick Modified with Studs on Four Sides” is this brick:

    In real LEGO pieces, there should be a part number molded *somewhere* into the bottom of the part. This brick – which is informally called a Travis Brick (named for a fan who has died) or a Dalek Brick – is part number 4733.

  15. God, I never would of noticed it before but now all I can see is the fact that Simone’s eye is swollen and what she is currently going through.

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