LEGO with Friends: Yellow Submarine Redux, Part 1

Our special guest this week is Pixar director Angus MacLane, co-director of Finding Dory–and also a massive LEGO fan! Angus joins Adam and Simone to tackle a familiar set–the Beatles Yellow Submarine that’s becoming an office favorite.

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24 thoughts on “LEGO with Friends: Yellow Submarine Redux, Part 1

  1. As someone who emerged from the ‘dark ages’ a couple of years ago I loved this video – just wondering what the name of the book that was mentioned – I think it was by the Arlo brothers?

  2. apologies! we had the filenames wrong and the second part of the build went out early. it’s been replaced now with the first part. but you got a preview for tomorrow!

  3. I often listen to the Lego with friends and other videos as I’m doing mindless coding/programming tasks at work. I was searching for and then fixed a “emails not being generated in certain conditions” problem while listening to this episode.

  4. I watched this whilst building some unusual and elaborate packaging for some stuff that I made months ago to send to you guys at Tested. It was already weird, but now this whole thing has turned out super weird so I’m having serious doubts about sending it :/

  5. Adam, if Simone is the Queen of Shitty Robots then you are the King of Infectious Enthusiasms. As far as my usage pattern, I have these builds going on while I’m at work. I listen them while I’m doing my office work. All the things you guys talk about while building intrigue me the most.

  6. i am the sad sack who will watch a “Lego with friends” without doing anything else. the build that Will and Norm did of one of the star wars sets started me on my lego adventure.

  7. I listened to the first part this morning at work. Had it on in the background whilst designing a graph filtering component in a small-business tool I’m working on.

    When I got home, I rewatched it as it was a fairly visual episode and I missed out on a lot by just listening.

    I usually watch episodes of the LEGO builds whilst doing stuff around the house or at work when tasks are less focus-intensive.

  8. I was all happy, getting my popcorn ready to eat while watching the episode, something I do on every Lego with Friends, and then all of a sudden Simone completly throws me under the bus! Whattup with that?!

    Hahaha, I actually was setting up a RetroPie while watching the epsiode 😀

  9. At 33:30 (approx), the small part George is holding is supposed to be a ‘motor’. Paul has ‘a litte love’, John has a telescope, and Ringo has ‘half a hole’.

  10. A lot of the time if I’m watching I’ll be playing with Lego as well. Sometimes I do just watch though… I think it’s like a sneaky interview where you get people distracted by what they’re doing and they lose the ability to lie or be deceptive – but in a good way, like you really get to know the people, it feels like they’re right there

  11. Angus’ Wall-E Lego Ideas kit is probably my favourite one of the series. I hope they talk more about the process, and behind the scenes at TLG.

  12. There’s two stages for me when I watch Lego with friends. First stage is watching maybe half of the video. I haven’t done this while eating popcorn yet but I do have some Girl Scout cookies. Second stage is getting inspired halfway through and start doing some sort of craft or build of my own. Right now I’m working on a Metal Earth R2D2.

  13. I’m often eating a meal while watching Tested videos. I watch on my 27″ iMac. Half an hour is a very good length, therefore.

  14. Ha! Very cool!

    I usually watch in my studio while I paint or draw. But lately I haven’t been able to log in on my PC (I think it’s some silly compatibility issue with java or whatever, my PC is half dead)

    So today I had to watch on my MacBook (but also with a 27” screen) while drawing Final Fantasy fan art 😛

  15. I feel the need to chime in and say that Hawaiian Pizza was invented in my hometown of Chatham Ontario..On behalf of the city, I apologize.

  16. I’m building an E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster resin kit while watching this. Specifically, filling casting bubbles and seams with epoxy putty.

  17. Lego with Friends has become my favourite source of meditation since I finished the One Day Builds. I’m a graphic designer and love to listen to the conversation and see the progress on the second monitor. Thanks for producing such great content, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of the backlog of videos 🙂

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