One Day Builds

Adam in Real Time: Papier-Mâché Mask Mold

In this 19-minute Tested Premium/Patron video, after a stressful day, Adam works on creating a mold of his earlier old-woman mask sculpt, his very first papier-mâché negative mold. Alexa alert!

Adam in Real Time: Moby Dick Diorama Boat Build!

Our edit of Adam's Moby Dick diorama build is more than an hour long, so we cut out a great deal of his work on the whaling vessel portion.

Adam in Real Time: Etching the Inglourious Basterds Knife Replica!

Etching the star into the handle of his Aldo Raine knife replica takes up only a minute or two in the final One Day Build, but Adam actually took his time -- 26 minutes of his time, to be exact!

Painting and Assembling Adam Savage's Custom Welding Cart!

In this Tested Patron/Premium exclusive, we present the time lapse of Adam painting the custom welding cart, and then the real-time footage of its assembly!

Adam in Real Time: Soldering the Head-Mounted Dart Blaster

In this Premium/Patron exclusive, hang out with Adam as he does some wire work on his head-mounted dart blaster (and we hope you enjoy the relaxing piano accompaniment!)