Model Behavior: Rocket Launch Smoke Effects

Using the lessons we learned from experimenting with cotton batting to create smoke effects, Kayte and Norm try their hands on sculpting the exhaust for rockets in flight. We use photo references to guide our plumes, and light up the effect with some cheap LED lights.

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9 thoughts on “Model Behavior: Rocket Launch Smoke Effects

  1. Loved this, I’ve seen similar effects from models and dioramas on IG but never imagined it was that straight forward of a process. Can’t wait to give this a shot! Great video, great cardigan!

  2. Such a fun video with a simple project. Kayte’s shirt was a fun surprise when I saw her back. I wonder if a light coating of Super 77 or batting spray could be used to hold the cotton firmly together. I don’t know if they will dry or remain tacky. I kind of want to do this now, but I want to put a small town under them with miniature people running for their lives from the smoke and flames.

  3. Thought this effect turned out really nicely! Thanks for continuing to expand this series. It would still be nice to be able to watch more of the painting so Kayte could explain her technique while actually doing it though. I feel as if we’re losing the real teachable moments to the hi-speed jump scenes.

  4. Looks great! Two comments about steam not smoke, but no comments about SSMEs firing without an ET attached? 😉

  5. Looks great! Two comments about steam not smoke, but no comments about SSMEs firing without an ET attached? 😉

    I came here to post the same 😛 So weird to see the naked shuttle launching, but still looks super awesome.

  6. If you’re going to work with batting like this think about looking into felting needles – gives huge flexibility in sculpting the cotton and it’s very quick and satisfying to do

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