Model Behavior: Iron Giant Build, Part 1

One of our favorite animated films is Iron Giant, so for this week’s Model Behavior, Bill and Norm begin the process of prepping and assembling a massive Iron Giant garage kit (made by FX artist Jon Miller). Using a posable Mondo figure as our reference for pose, we paint and prep the pieces to look like aged metal!

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26 thoughts on “Model Behavior: Iron Giant Build, Part 1

  1. Are you guys sure you actually put up the first part of this build you are referring to in the beginning? I don’t remember it and I can’t find it searching the site contents

  2. apologies! we uploaded the wrong video–this is part 2. we’re getting part 1 up now. enjoy the early preview!

  3. This says Part 1, but the video starts with “we’re back again” and “from last time”? Am I missing something?

  4.   Geez! I thought I was loosing my mind. How could I possibly have missed part 1? I was just about to go searching.

  5. id LOVE it if you guys posted a link as to where we could grab this kit, or at least check out the guys instagram….. i think i went through 8 or 9 “john miller” instagrams and couldnt find a single one with pics of any iron giant stuff.

  6. Fry from Futurama saying out-loud in my head Proof of Norms 15% brain power loss, this proofs it all! Great to see you building and crafting again Norm!

  7. Iron Giant going all Shakespeare “Alas, poor Yorrick! I knew him well…” just needs the skull of a jester.

  8. Great video! Entertaining and EDUCATIONAL – Love it – lots of great pointers.

    Bill is an “encyclopedia” of information.


  9. that magnetic paint is so cool! Any idea if you can mix it with other acrylics? I’m working on a stop motion film right now and would have been looking for a magnetic paint to add to the puppets’ faces for replacement months etc.

  10. Could be cool to use that magnet and metallic paint to actually form the paint into a bit of a structural design. Like if you painted on a canvas with it, you could use the magnet to pull it out and hold it there for some depth while curing…

  11. Love the video! PLEASE don’t depart, totally, from the longer format of the “week” long builds though. The instructional videos with Frank had a great pacing, which allowed the viewer to work along side Norm (& Will) and then learn something while working with the Masters.

  12. surely the Tested crew should know there’ll be a considerable outcry for ways to buy the kits featured in these builds.
    get a head of the game and get us links to make it possible, please!

  13. Somehow I posted twice, so I’ll edit this saying that I absolutely love the collabs with Bill 😉 Keep it up!

  14. Hey, tested crew!

    Love the videos, and enjoying the premium content so far, but the only thing that always bothers me is the video quality… like I sometimes even wait for youtube version to arrive before watching just so i can actually see all the details instead of the very compressed feed we get on the site.

    Am i doing something wrong? is there an option to get higher quality than 2mbps? If not, gonna wait out on this one as well. So much great stuff going on there – really want to watch it fullscreen, but it doesn’t look that great on my laptop at all =(

  15. Fantastic! When looking to get the rusted metal look onto plastic, this is so realistic, because it’s a real reaction. Thanks for the detail!

  16. I’m not sure, but you might be able to mix iron filings into any acrylic paint to make it magnetic. It would definitely affect the texture of the paint, but that might be OK.

  17. I just got one of these and I was hoping there might be more images and/or info to reference for all the assembly. Sadly, unlike Adam, I don’t have the Mondo one (which I’m still so tempted to get if I can find it for a good price on ebay)

    I was hoping there might even be a forum thread started on this. . . maybe I should start one?

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