Bits to Atoms: Spooky Space Kook Animatronic

Sean and Jeremy take apart a garage kit for a Spooky Space Kook sculpted bust to add lights, movement, and sound! Plus, we recruit the help of modelmaker Kayte Sabicer to help give this classic cartoon villain a beautiful paint finish. It comes alive!

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25 thoughts on “Bits to Atoms: Spooky Space Kook Animatronic

  1. This kind of content is the reason I signed up for premium.

    That said, I really don’t like Dremel tools, especially the battery powered models. They just don’t have the power or torque to work effectively, and the fat handles make working with them for any length of time a painful chore. The Dremel brand accessories are usually poor quality as well.

    I strongly recommend that anyone who can afford it (and justify the cost) invest in a flexible shaft machine. They’re a much more versatile and robust tool. Plus, most use a foot operated rheostat to control the speed of the tool, with max speeds that vary from about 15,000-30,000 RPM. Foredom is a good brand, but there are others. Grobet makes a decent version that is a little bit less pricey. If Adam doesn’t already have a flex-shaft in his shop, it’ll change his world.

  2. I love the premium content as well. Bits to Atoms is one of the best ideas for Tested content recently. Plus everyone involved is genuinely enjoying themselves…

    … however (“however” is just a fancy “but”) I have no way to stream to my big screen TV. All the regular free content for Tested is on Youtube, so I can simply pop it up easily with my smart TV Youtube app. Unfortunately I don’t have any other streaming gizmos and don’t plan to get any as there really isn’t anything else I need it for. I have everything in the TV, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Youtube, etc etc etc..

    Is there something I am missing about this player? Is there a way to “beam” premium tested content to a TV without jumping through a bunch of complicated hoops? Installing weird apps on my mac, buying more gizmos etc? Is there some sort of app?

    I would love watching these long play type premium “shows” on my big screen TV. My TV is hooked up to the internet using wifi, so would there be a way to “shoot” the premium content player videos?

    I haven’t really found anything clearly obvious and don’t know what the player is or who makes it.

  3. Hey – Any chance we can get a list of the parts used? Specifically the Adafruit Trinket and sound board with integrated amp, Etc. I have a similar project I have been wanting to do but have no idea where to begin with the programming aspect.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  4. Guys its so obvious, I would take apart and alexa dot and swap the gubbins over into the base and have the servo attached to the speaker so you have an alexa skull talking

  5. Very good! Bits to Atoms is definitely my favourite show and welcome to Kate. @Brian_the_Jeweler I don’t like Dremel for this job too. Bought a Foredom jewelry Flex shaft with foot control, lovely!

    @mluderthere are a lot of mp3 boards with amp on (just search “mp3 arduino”). Some smaller and with a micro SD card.


  6. I kind of agree – have had a lot of so-so Dremels but I will say I have the Micro which I use a lot – not super heavy duty but useful. I also have to give credit to the 8220 that I used for the grind out – the battery lasted the entire job and then some which surprised me. Mainly I needed a better bit for the job. A flex shaft would have been really nice.

  7. We ran out of time, but here’s the grill detail we talked about adding. Cut out from a plastic mesh bag, painted silver and dirtied up.

    And a detail of the servo mounted with double side tape:

  8. Thanks Sean for updating the project in here, awesome stuff and as said before, the best addition to Tested ever! Beautiful little project, inviting people to try it for themselves (me included) just to learn stuff.

  9. You should be able to use a web browser to view the video. I use the browser on my PS4 and it works great, so if you have one on your TV, it should do the trick.

  10. That’s fair. I haven’t used a Dremel brand tool in a long time, but now that I have a flex-shaft I can’t go back.

  11. If you have a mac, even an older Apple tv will allow Apple airplay (essentially treats it like a second monitor). Even more low tech would be hooking an hdmi cable from your mac to your tv.

  12. Two thoughts – in the future instead of a mechanical link to a servo, for such a limited motion with a light object you could mount an electomagnet in the base and set a small neodymium magnet in the skull. The active electromagnet repels or attracts the opposing magnet to get rapid, small motions with no direct mechanical connection – there still has to be a hinge or something somewhere to keep things lined up. It’s fast, too! The electromagnet can be on/off, or you can alternate its polarity by switching the current direction to make it a push/pull.

    To pass wires through an awkward passage, like from the eyes to the skull base, use air movement to pull a thread along the passage. Hook one side up to a vacuum cleaner hose and let the thread get drawn along. Or blast some compressed air down the hole with a needle tip on the air line, or both! Follow the thread with a fine wire, etc.

  13. Not bad you guys! I would have made a 3-point custom clamp to hold the dome/skull base and worked it on a big drill press with an end mill. Maybe mount it so it can rotate around a center– by hand. Much better than doing it all with a hand-held Dremel– so easy to slip, either in resin or flesh!

    Kayte was a delight.

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