Bits to Atoms

PREMIUM – Bits to Atoms: Painting the Spooky Space Kook!

In this bonus episode of Bits to Atoms, watch the full painting and finishing process for the Spooky Space Kook animatronic mod, guided by modelmaker Kayte Sabicer. Kayte walks Sean through prep and painting, explaining tips and techniques of each step so you can follow along with your own projects.

PREMIUM – Bits to Atoms: Spooky Space Kook Animatronic

Sean and Jeremy take apart a garage kit for a Spooky Space Kook sculpted bust to add lights, movement, and sound! Plus, we recruit the help of modelmaker Kayte Sabicer to help give this classic cartoon villain a beautiful paint finish. It comes alive!

PREMIUM – Bits to Atoms: Mechanical Pong Machine!

Jeremy and Sean pay tribute to the venerable stepper motor in this project for the Tested live show! Their idea: building a mechanical version of Pong that can be played by a large audience. And the twist: the game is controlled by crowd noise.

PREMIUM – Bits to Atoms: Low-Poly 3D Printing

Sean and Jeremy show you how to manipulate 3D models to create a low-polygon look for 3D printing. Plus, we hear from prolific low-poly modeler Flowalistik to get some insight into his workflow for making these beautiful 3D prints!

PREMIUM – Bits to Atoms: Modding 'The Getaway' Pinball Machine

Time to take a field trip to the local pinball arcade! Jeremy and Sean take Bits to Atoms on location to modify The Getaway: High Speed II pinball machine to work with a real stop light. And to do that, they have to dive inside the machine to see how it works.