Ask Adam: Accurate Appearance vs. Accurate Materials

This week Adam answers Paul Potiki’s AWESOME question, “What’s the balance for you when recreating, of accurate appearance vs accurate materials?” Ask your own question in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage)!

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6 thoughts on “Ask Adam: Accurate Appearance vs. Accurate Materials

  1. I work in a wood shop and through some outdated equipment/ a poor decision on my part, I had a horrible accident. This happened just over a year ago, with a table saw, I ended up losing a few fingers on my left hand and damaging the remaining fingers.

    I know accidents happen, even severe ones, especially since I’ve been doing this kind of work for more than a decade. But as a fellow maker, my confidence has been shattered by this accident. I’m suffering from PTSD and panic attacks when around or using power saws. It’s made me question myself as a maker and if I have any business at all being a maker.

    As someone who has been injured (many times I imagine) and as a maker that I highly look up to, I wanted to reach out and hear what you had to say.

  2. Yowza! I got my question answered! And it was a wonderful answer indeed, not at all what I had anticipated. Yay! Thanks Adam!

  3. #askadamsavage

    Do you have any one place you can go look through all of your projects at a glance? A log or a diary of sorts to look at where you stand with any given project?

  4. that was a really good question, too! also interesting that adam is homing in more on the experience of the actor holding the prop and not the character holding an in-universe-real object.

  5. I very nearly lost either full use of my good hand or all the fingers on that hand when I was a sophomore in college. I was cut with a circular saw by a friend who tripped while using it. I was lucky enough that the injury was in really the only spot where I could have come through it with a fully functional hand, but I still have some severe trepidation using any tool with a spinning or oscillating blade. It’s been almost 10 years. As someone who saw a potential outcome like yours come so close, I send as much sympathy and encouragement to you as I can. And I’d also very much like to hear Adam’s thoughts on moving past that kind of maker-trauma, if you will, or at the very least mitigating it so you can continue doing what you love.

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