PREMIUM – Ask Adam: A Horrible Movie You Love

In this Ask Adam Savage, Adam answers Kyle Carmichael’s question: “How about a list of ‘bad’ movies you love? A movie you know isn’t great but dang it you love it and watch whenever you come across it?” Ask your own question in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage)!

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30 thoughts on “PREMIUM – Ask Adam: A Horrible Movie You Love

  1. Rather than action movies, for me it’s fantasy movies that I gravitate towards, and they are almost all terrible. The truly bad ones I avoid, the truly great ones I adore, but among those in-between that I like despite its cheesy awfulness is Krull. What a ridiculous mess it is, but it’s a beautiful, heartfelt, and charming mess.

  2. This is such a good puzzler. I can’t rightly think of any movies I have a reasonable adoration for that are nearly universally accepted as “bad”. All the movies that immediately come to mind are simply bothersome to people that happen to be in my life, but I wouldn’t guess could be called “bad” (A Christmas Story, for instance). I suppose that TRON: Legacy could fill that “bad movie” category for some folks, but I still think that leans into the “this film isn’t for you” category more than all-together badness.

    A fun puzzler, to be sure.

  3. Star Trek The Motion Picture. Of course. A terrible movie and I love it so much. Like honestly more than Wrath of Khan. It was the first Star Trek I ever watched and my parents let me watch it with them in their bedroom while my little sister was having a slumber party. I was simultaneously introduced to Trek and given a certain glimpse at future adult autonomy and peer-level respect from my parents AND suddenly had something brand new to enjoy that only belonged to my parents and me; my sister has never cared about film, much less science fiction, MUCH less Star Trek. It was an oddly transcendent moment and today, I don’t even care that it’s only slightly less bad than Star Trek V.

  4. I love Con Air! So bad and stupid in so many ways, but it’s fun to watch. Same thing with “The Rock”….god that movie is terrible, but I’ll watch it any time, and it has a great Sean Connery line: “Your besht? Losers always whine about doing their besht. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.”

  5. Hudson Hawk, 1991, starring Bruce Willis Singing cat burglars. Undercover nuns. Candy bar themed CIA operatives. Sandra Bernhard. What’s not to love/hate? I will never not watch this movie if it comes on.

  6. #askadamanything
    It is clear that you went through a more apprentice style skill acquisition rather than an educational institutional one. At what point would you say you truly started your apprenticeship, when did you become a journeyman, and when did you feel you mastered your chosen craft?

  7. I agree with you. Hudson Hawk is more fun than it’s IMDB rating would suggest.

    Another one of my favourites is Cherry 2000, with Melanie Griffith and Laurence Fishburne. Definitely a B-Movie, that no-one has ever heard of. But I love it.

  8. Speed Racer was the best kids-anime-to-movie production ever done.Far better than its 40% rotten tomatoes or reviews would indicate. It wasn’t younger and edgier. It wasn’t changed for a more modern audience. I was 2 hours of over-the-top Speed Racer.

  9. Hunter / Prey directed by Sandy Collora. I wasn’t going to post this as I don’t want to think of it in my mind as a horrible movie but I seem to be in the minority on this.

    It’s visually stunning, the props are old school, especially those helmets and it’s obviously a nod to Star Wars (1977).

  10. Good movies that are nothing like the books that they were “based on”. The two that immediately come to mind for me are Starship Troopers (other than the names and the premise of citizenship in exchange for service nothing alike) and I Robot (the book was a collection of short stories about a couple of guys that fixed malfunctioning robots)

  11. I have always loved Indipendence Day and the 1998 Matthew Broderick Godzilla! Both are super cheesy action flicks with great one liners.

  12. No question about it , the original Peter Jackson classic ‘Bad Taste’ terrible film but just as awesome

  13. I have a thing for Wing Commander The Movie.

    It’s every Word War 2 movie trope condensed into one film. Where nothing works, low ceiling sets and amazing performances by David Warner and David Suchet. It’s good bad and makes for an excellent drinking game.

  14. Agreed, anime to live action tends to be disappointing more often than not but I loved Speed Racer, the casting was spot on.

  15. The Last Days on Mars. Terrible zombie movie, but the hardware and spacesuits are designed quite well and make it possible to watch.

  16. Krull is high art compared to Hawk the Slayer, but you’ve got to love Hawk, if only for the shear audacity of using Silly String as a ‘special’ effect!

  17. If you wanna see a so-bad-it’s-good film: AIR RAGE

    Pale imitation of the already questionable EXECUTIVE DECISION. The parallels are what makes it. SNL budget sets and VFX. No regard for physical realities like pressurized cabins etc. Watch how easy it is to get a gun on-board! Chocked full of washed-up 80’s TV actors [one I didn’t recognize he ‘changed’ so drastically]

    Watch if you can–it’s so laughably good/bad.

  18. one I definitely have such a strong love for, and I know you, Adam, have spoken strongly against is Mission Impossible II. I love how ridiculous and inconsistent it is. And I still long for John Woo’s original 3+ hour cut of the film hahaha

  19. What is Adams favorite over engineered things he’s built? Does he ever purposely over engineer builds?

  20. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched that movie. Funny side note the plane that was featured in that film is submerged in an old rock quarry that you can go and scuba dive in. So I can say I’ve been in the plane, LOL.

  21. I saw “Hobbs and Shaw” in the theater with no regrets. Jason Statham and The Rock fighting super-soldier Idris Elba? The Rock pulling a helicopter out of the sky with nothing but the power of his pecs?


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