PREMIUM – Ask Adam: Reading the Comments

Every week, Adam takes a question from the Tested Premium Member community in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage) and answers here. This week, Adam talks about the relationship between content creators and commentors on the internet, and how he deals with toxicity on the internet.

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  1. The level of hostility that can be directed at people like yourselves for doing nothing more than creating and sharing wonderful content to inspire, educate and entertain others is baffling and depressing in equal measure.

    My question for Adam (well, maybe it’s more of a request): The side cutters/nippers that you use for model making (the ones that appear in the recent Weta robot kit-bashing One Day Build, lower right corner of the screen at 3:38), I remember you saying in a much earlier video that you made them during your ILM days. Could you provide some info on their construction, please, maybe even a how-to article or video? They look like they provide a lot more control and comfort than regular side cutters. Thank you.

  2. This is important enough advice that it shouldn’t be limited to just premium members. I love all of the new premium content lately, it’s why I’m a newish premium member, but this should be for everyone.

  3. I struggle with Thumper’s Mom’s advice of “If you can’t say nuthin nice, don’t say nuthin at all” because I don’t feel like an evil sadistic a-hole, well at least not all of the time. I just get an overwhelming urge to give people information that I feel they might need to know. And often I’m a blunt narrow minded SOB about it because I get tunnel vision and have a hard time understanding that not everyone has had the same exact life experiences as me. I can’t count how many times a week I type out long screeds only to hopefully realize before I hit post that my input probably isn’t wanted or isn’t in the least bit helpful.

  4. I just want to jump in and say thank to the whole Tested team, and the Tested community, for creating and contributing to this amazing little corner of positive on the internet. I’ve started to take for granted being able to open up my browser and have some great content to check out, without having to worry I’ll find myself ambushed by a venomously enraging pile of online garbage. You’re the greatest everybody! Please keep it up! =)

  5. Thanks Adam. And thanks to all at TESTED. Your little corner of happiness is valued and needed.


  6. The only thing I truly hate is the sad state of our society today in which people are so rash that they rush to judgement of another and crucify them without even bothering to look at facts anymore.

  7. that was a really good question and answer. thanks, y’all.

    also, i second ‘s desire to know more about the side cutters. things like construction, and also choice of material vs intended field of use/materials to-be-snipped with.

  8. I think you said some worthy things, Adam. Not necessarily original, but worthy of revisiting. Maybe you’d consider making this response public.

    Thanks for your work, your character, and your encouragement,

  9. Yeah, that did get intense, because that what happens when talking about celebrity/notoriety, and then adding being a woman. Happens every time – and it’s horrifying. I know a few women of some repute, and their stories about, say, one of their teenage kids reading the most vile violent threats on Facebook (I won’t go into detail but some of it makes the SAW franchise look like Winnie the Pooh) … it breaks my heart and makes me so goddamn angry I want to go find trolls and break them in half over my knee.

    And it’s clearly just like Adam says – they’re deliberately trying to get under the person’s skin and fester there.

    I agree with the other commenters who said this answer deserves to be public. We can’t have enough attention to this, and the “listen to a woman sometime” message for men is an important part of it. Frustratingly, I just had one of those discussions this very week – not a vile one, thankfully; these were social media connections who are generally both thoughtful and amiable, but through a giant long thread of discourse I simply could not get these guys to accept that “mansplaining” exists. They kept looking at it from a male perspective – and I could not get through to them with the idea that they listen to the women who can, and do, tell stories about encountering this behavior in their everyday lives ad f****** nauseam.

    (I’m a dude, for those unfamiliar with Danish first name conventions 🙂 )

    Thank you once again, Adam, for being awesome!

  10. I think one of the reasons the tested community is so positive is because we’re predominantly a community of makers. Its the same over at R2 builders or the RPF, we’d much rather share in peoples successes then point out what they could do better as positive encouragement is what motivates people to continue, keep going and improve.

  11. in general, i believe a common purpose to a community helps a lot. all of us are here for more or less the same kind of reason or interest. at the same time, registering to this community is more inconvenient to someone who just wants to troll than spouting ahead on facebook or twitter, where they are already presented with the infrastructure to access victims.

  12. Important stuff. Would consider putting it out on the open web if it’s not already. Also, Adam, I think you are doing a lot more than many of your male peers when it comes to exposing yourself to the toxicity and standing up to it, so I think you have at least a little crocodile in you too. Thank you.

  13. Hey Adam.

    I have a question.

    There is someone who has been in every MythBusters episode. And yet we know very little about them.

    So please. Tell us what you know about the one they call back the voice of MythBusters.

    Mr Robert Lee.

    And will he be reprising his role for MythBusters Jr?

    Thank you.

    P.S. Please return to Australia soon.

  14. Dear Adam,

    Are there any weathering or detailing techniques that you had to retire, due to the rise of HD digital filming? Something that reads well on 24 fps celluloid film may end up looking like someone just slathered brown/black paint all over it and wiped it off with a rag, when seen in 48/60 fps digital HD.

  15. after running a mostly terrible YouTube channel for 5 years now all I can say is this: There are a lot of exceptionally angry twelve year olds on the planet.

    I fall in the trap of reading the comments all the time, and I have to continually remind myself not to. For a good example check out this video Yes, it’s intentionally stupid, a prank, and I totally expected to get a lot of negative feedback, I just didn’t expect people to get so personal. Some of the worst comments had to be removed, kids visit my channel all the time and I feel compelled to police it, a fool’s errand.

    You also never know what hornet’s nest you’re going to kick with any particular video, for instance DC and comic fans in general are a pretty passionate bunch, I never expected the flame wars that erupted on my stupid Batman vs Superman animated short.

  16. Here’s my problem with not reading the comments…. if you’re running a YouTube channel at least. I think the majority of people who are visiting those channels would also rather not see those vile or negative comments. As unpopular as the concept is, I really wish channels would just start blocking people and deleting comments with pure abandon. I don’t care about “free speech” in these sorts of spaces; one can always go over to Reddit or wherever to have a bitter discussion about how much you hate what this person does. I sure as hell get really tired of having some jack*ss commenting about how hot Simone is in pretty much EVERY video she appears in. I’m tired of having to be constantly be reminded how gross the men of the world are and how, in a goofy science video, only seem to value how she looks in a perfectly normal pair of jeans and a t-shirt. And sadly… that’s not even remotely bad in the scheme of things. I’m so tiiiired of terrible people, ya’ll.

  17. Since you said you read these comments I thought I should leave this one here… I have been a BIG fan of Adam & Jamie since the first episode of MBs. and have been a member of Tested now for years. However, I am hearing impaired. Not fully deaf, but not far from it. I am very surprised, especially knowing Adam’s issues with hearing throughout his life and how inclusive Tested is with its members, that this platform does not include CLOSED CAPTIONS for any of its video content. I am sure I am not the only one, nor the first to mention this, but I can assure you the addition of CC will not only help those of us in need but should also broaden your fan base as well. Thanks.

  18. I’d like to say wonderfully put and I respect that you left in the “misspoken” bit and elaborated on what you felt. No body is perfect the first time around and it a side that sometimes editing can take away. But it’s a valuable side to see and hear.

  19. i laughed for a moment at the fact that you felt the need to go back in and clarify what you meant by “luxury of not being a woman”. I love that you are that aware how words matter and the great pains you take to be inclusive and celebrate divsrity of thought, gender, ethnicity, backround age etc etc. Im quite sure everyone who is a fan of yours, who knows anything about you, knows what you meant, but not everyone does and not everyone will understand that. So thanks.

    Listening to this I think back to a twitter thread I saw yesterday. Some dude was like “where all the nerdy women at”, and he got dogpiled because he also had tweeted about “fake gamer girls” and all sorts of mysognistic shit. and I pointed out that “nerdy women” are everywhere but they don’t necesarily lead with it. First off, no one needs to be flying their freakflag every minute of every day. You can be a DW fan even if you don’t own four different DW shirts and wear them all on a regular basis. You can be a fan of DW even if you don’t know every details about every character and can tell you about when the doctor first met an alien race featured in this weeks episode. My GF is a scientist in upper level management at a giagantic company. I am pretty sure she doesnt lead with her love of anime. and thats fine. for men and women.

    BUT. After this post I got to thinking about why its different for women. I think of gamer gate and fake gamer girls, and female writers and artists not being taken seriously. Some women may find that being out their with their love of “x” is a good thing but many women get the shit kicked out of them (verbally), by men who think theyre fake, they don’t belong, they don’t really care about DW and all sorts of bizarre stuff. “A woman who likes to play Magic? That can’t be!”. So maybe part of the problem is that women WANT to fly their freak flag but keep a lower profile because of assholes both IRL and on the internet. not to mention being raised in a culture that says “boys like this and girls like that”. Hopefully those barriers get broken down.

    //steps off soapbox

  20. great video Adam, and with such an important message, please consider making this a general release on the YouTube channel as it deserves to be heard far wider than just within the confines of this great community.


  21. I just joined Premium and saw this today. Thank you, Adam, for a cogent and perfect response. It is very appreciated. As a woman in my 60s I still find I must be cautious when I am out alone. Just one more reason that I admire you.

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