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Now that Adam has a little more time on his hands, we’re going to be visiting the Cave every week to have him answer questions from YOU. Whether you have a question about a build, prop, technology, or process, Adam will give his honest opinion and share his insights. Tested Premium Members, submit your questions in the comments below!

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  1. I’m based in the UK, and a huge fan of you, tested and Mythbusters. I would love for the stage show to come here (but I know that’s not necessarily in your sphere of influence), but would be interested to know if you’re coming to the UK any time soon, and if you were, then are you going to be speaking at any public events?



  2. Hi Adam, will you guys be doing a whole video on your entire Astronaut collection (nasa suits, movie suits, collectibles, etc.)?



  3. I’ve been addicted to making boxes since the Blade Runner Blaster Box video. In that video you mention your years of practice covering things with paper & making it look easy ;-). I’ve picked up a few tips watching that video and a couple others, but I’d love to hear some specific tips for covering (e.g. when to wrap around vs. flush trim, how to cut/fold corners, gluing/masking techniques).

  4. Any tales of when you’ve destroyed tools by misusing them?

    Any chance of a series of (short) videos where you showcase (smaller) props from your collection and describing them and when, how and why they were created?

  5. Hi Adam, do you have any hilarious cooking failure stories? Have you built any cooking tool/appliance/utensil/etc?

  6. 1. When do you need to move to a larger space? Or do you sell the props you aggregate to make space for new?

    2. Do you create new designs with the knowledge you aggregate from analyzing the props from the masters like an ultimate Adam space suit for the Savage world ?

    3. Making things that don’t exist is most satisfying. Sure you have a collection of unique items we haven’t seen yet?

    4. Chemistry of glues is something you must have thought about a bit?

  7. I am bringing my 5 year old to San Francisco in March for 3 days. Beyond the Exploratorium and the CA Academy of Sciences any recommendations?

    Adam, Norm, and the rest of the crew thanks for all you do. Best site on the internet.

  8. This is perhaps more a question for Norm, but I would like to hear your advice on 3D printers. I am interested in buying a diy 3d printer kit and wondered what your picks would be and why.

  9. As a long time member of the Replica Prop Forum could you tell me if people there prefer posts about completed projects or do they mind works in progress? I am making slow progress on a Babylon 5 costume of the character Kosh as seen in the first seasons. I am a little hesitant to post anything on there due to my own novice nature in the costume making department.

  10. In one Still Untitled video all three of you had a Luke lightsaber. I would really like to know more about that and possibly other lightsabers you have.

  11. Hey Adam,

    On my local robotics team, we are looking for a good way to put a metal finish on our 3D printed parts. I’ve seen you use aluminum tape and chrome spray paint in previous one day builds to give pieces a metal finish. Could go into a little bit more detail about when you use each technique and what is the best way to apply each technique?



  12. Hi Adam,

    I know sanding is a big part of most projects and efficiency in sanding can save lots of time, headaches and arm strain. I often find that my sandpaper gets gummed up long before it is worn out but found a solution a couple of years ago. Have you ever tried a crepe block to extend the life of your belt/disc sanding materials? I have one and I find it works really well with sawdust but I am not sure how it works with plastic etc. This is a link to the one I purchased to give you an idea of what exactly it is.,42500

    Also, on any of your trips to Canada have you ever been tempted to pick up some bulk containers of Robertson screws and a bunch of bits? I use them for everything, they work way better than phillps and flat heads for a good all purpose screw.

  13. hey Adam first i just want to say thanks for all you have done to help make science/making interesting. I had box sets of mythbusters on both of my trips to Afghanistan witch encouraged me to build my first entertainment system (loose term) while there so again thank you. I have two questions first, someone had to ask Adam boxers of briefs? second what’s next for you are you going to dive further into tested, do you have other projects you are going to pursue or might you do something totally unexpected!?

  14. Hi Adam,

    A little context: I hang out at Nova Labs, a makerspace in northern Virginia. You of course have your own (very nice!) shop, but you’ve worked in large shared shops (ILM, MI5)… what are the biggest differences in shop organization between a one-person shop and a shared space? Do you have any tips you think might be non-obvious to people trying to build and maintain a shared shop?


  15. Hello

    have no questions, only a request. Would you be able to do one of
    your “one day build”
    with a model spacecraft. Showing everything from the drawing to the
    final paint job and weathering. I do not mean a particular ship just
    anything what you can design and build in one day. I am convinced
    that many fans of Tested would like to see as you go back to yours
    special effects roots.

    you for yours and entire Tested team excellent work

  16. Do you plan on doing any prop or model work for the movie industry now that Mythbusters is over? If so, what would be a dream project that you would love to work on? Blade Runner 2? Episode 8?

  17. How do you balance your work / hobbies with family life? Was there a learning curve from being single to having a family and still being able to do all the projects you want to accomplish? What’s your best method to juggling everything?

  18. Any more progress on the “F*** Drawers” initiative? I love seeing your shop organization techniques.

    After getting some Dovetailing tips from the Knew Concepts people, have you made any progress on your sea chest? Are there other fine woodworking techniques you are interested in learning?

  19. Are you planning on releasing the reference photos/sketches/measurements/etc. you’ve taken of the Martian space suit for other people to use in making their own replicas?

  20. Hi guys. Firstly a big thank you for the show and site. I always enjoy watching and reading the articles.

    As you can tell from my photo I’m a police officer over in the UK and I was wondering if you had any amusing stories of run in’s with the law? Either personally or whilst involved in the show? This goes to Adam but also to Norm and any others members of the team if they want to share. Keep it clean guys 😉

  21. How do you feel about making models from kits? I have made a few that I’m proud of, but then I look at what people like you make out of scratch and it make me feel like what I did is nothing in comparison. Thanks for all the great content!

  22. I have a hazy recollection that you’ve mentioned before that you want to write a book about model and prop construction. Now that you have some time on your hands do you have any plans to make this a reality?

  23. +1 on this comment!

    To reiterate, you’ve hinted on the importance of SANDING a bunch of times. I definitely agree with your general guidelines, but let’s hear some specifics!

  24. Adam,

    I appreciate the videos on how you work and the great ideas of making your time more efficient. I have created a Tool Holder Cart (see image below) using yours as a template. Trying to use the drill press to make evenly spaced holes was a bit of a bear. I found some xy tables (linear slides) that allow you to use a screw to move the material. These tables are pretty costly. Have you ever needed something like these and improvised your own solution.

  25. Hello Adam and Tested guys!

    I am a big fan of Adam, Mythbusters and Tested from Finland. So the first question is do you know where Finland is? And what else do you know about Finland? Maybe you know Nokia, Renny Harlin, salty liquorice and cold weather. 🙂 It would be interesting to hear your thoughts about those things.


  26. Hey Adam,

    When replicating a prop, what is your process for accurately scaling and estimating measurements from screen shots?

    Also as a big Brazil fan, are we still getting the vid on your information retrieval masks we were tantalized about in your unofficial commentary?


    From another Adam

  27. Hi Adam, I’m so excited to hear you’re spending your extra time with us here on Tested.

    When starting a new project I always need a certain amount of challenges to keep my interest up. From making educational pieces for my wife’s classroom to my model-building hobby, if the struggle to get the job done isn’t high enough I tend to loose interest. It pushes me to think outside the box or get acquainted with new techniques. This also left me defeated a couple of times.

    Here’s my question: do you also need a certain level of difficulty to get interested in a project? Do you need to have something ‘new’ included? A technique, a material…?

    And following up on that: have you ever run into a prop or build that’s to difficult to tackle?


  28. Great idea. I have lot’s of questions. But one has followed me for quite some time. I have often herad you Adam say. If you’re going to get some where in your career you got to be dedicated and work work work. And you’ll get there. So to my question. How do you do to balance work and family. I bet you sometimes hear that you are never home with the family. So how?

    I have been working a way from home for about 20 some years only getting home in the weekends. And it’s hard on the family. It has been good for my career but on the expense of my family. Specially my daughter.

  29. I’ve been waiting for the Tested crew to add a segment like this. Thank you!


    I often find myself getting tunnel vision while working on projects, coming out the other side with a completed build but no documentation to share with the community. You’ve had the support of amazing crews on Mythbusters and Tested who document your builds so you can keep your head down and work. Do you find it difficult to document your personal projects? Any advice on documenting without losing focus?

    Thanks again,


  30. Hey Adam!

    Are you ever going to finish your secret Papercraft Project (from Spirited Away)? It is a model I’ve wanted to do for years. I got into Sankei Models right around the time I first started watching Still Untitled and my collection has exploded. Let me know if you want help with it! Can’t wait to see!

    – Will C

  31. Adam,

    What do you find is the hardest part of creating a prop or project? Is it also the spot that you are most likely to get hung up on in the process?

    Thanks for the Time.

  32. Hi Adam,

    Love this idea. So here is my question:

    Where does Adam Savage go for help? What are your favourite books, websites and resources when your stuck on a build? What resources would you recommend to makers who have considerably less experience than yourself.



  33. Hello all!

    Just a quick question that is somewhat universal. What do you do in order to prevent over preparing for a project? I know myself and many others sometimes spend too long in the planning phase of a project and never actually get to the project, and trying to address the unseen variables before starting can be useful, but also paralyzing. Whether you get to this or not, thanks for the ask Adam anything!

  34. Hey Adam,

    On my local robotics team, we are looking for a good way to put a metal finish on our 3D printed parts. I’ve seen you use aluminum tape and chrome spray paint in previous one day builds to give pieces a metal finish. Could go into a little bit more detail about when you use each technique and what is the best way to apply each technique?



    I’d like to hear Adam’s take on this too, but if you’ve got an Airbrush, there is a product called ALCAD 2 that makes amazing metallic finishes.

  35. Hi Adam!

    What kind of tool (for your shop) are you missing, and really want to get your hands on?

    PS: Thanks for taking the time to answering our questions!

  36. Hey Adam,

    I know it’ll take awhile to answer all these but its awesome that you’re willing! I wanted to know if you were to do it over again would you go to school for science/engineering instead of the path you took? I know you’ve mentioned before your thoughts on College in the States, but am curious if your experience on Mythbusters has changed your opinion at all!

    Thanks again for doing this!

  37. Adam,

    You’ve shown a couple of your collection shelves previously, but would it be possible to do a new series showing the other shelves? Maybe one at a time, so you can give more details about each item?

  38. I’m based in the UK, and a huge fan of you, tested and Mythbusters. I would love for the stage show to come here (but I know that’s not necessarily in your sphere of influence), but would be interested to know if you’re coming to the UK any time soon, and if you were, then are you going to be speaking at any public events?



    I remember Adam hinting he’d be interested in participating in Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London this summer. So how about it? Have you made any plans Adam?

    – Kalle

  39. Hey Adam!

    Thanks for fielding questions!

    Over the course of your final season (it’s great by the way), you have drilled holes into curved objects in order to screw in gauges and tubing i.e. the pressure gauge in the tanker car implosion, and the vacuum tubing in the PVC suction cups. Can you explain the technique behind that process? I’m curious as to how you keep the interface airtight. What’s the minimum diameter at which the technique is still effective?

    Thanks again!


  40. Howdy Adam

    I think it was in a Still Untitled episode you were talking about you land cruiser and things you have build in it. I am currently on my way to convert a van into a camper and would love a tour for inspiration.

    – Peter

  41. Hey Adam and everyone at tested! This is Nate from Concord CA I am Currently at school @ Missouri state university studying film production and animation, just curious what if you have any advise on school. maybe some classes you think would be beneficial or if there are any programs/clubs/events/resources for getting experience/plugged in with people to work on movies?

    thanks for your time!

  42. Hi Adam!

    Im curious to know if you are into any specific physical exercises? And do you have any activities you consider fun, that your fans might not know about? Also, any thoughts on the game “Kerbal Space Program”?.

  43. A fun “what if”

    You suddenly get teleported to a small French
    village, 800 years back in time. Creative and resourceful as you are, what would you do? What would
    you tell the people? What would you keep quite about?

    in mind, this questions is not only related to sharing your knowledge
    but also about surviving.

  44. Sewing machines!

    I’ve been sewing by hand for years, and I’ve always wanted to pick up a sewing machine, but have no idea where to start, or even what kind of machines to look for. It would be really helpful if Adam could do a quick primer on them for us.

  45. For the past many years I have been addicted to creating what ever happens to come across my mind but with many things being out of reach such as building an inertia dampener or a prosthetic limb calibrator. I want to do something simple and make a suit for Megacon this year. I would really like opinions on where it would be best to start.

  46. I’m a young builder with a desire to build. My parents don’t always support my adventures and I don’t have a lot of tools or building materials. How can I make things and with what? I know you made two videos and a podcast on this but I never really got an answer, what can I do with the most minimal of materials?

    Thank you in advance,


  47. Hi Adam and everyone at Tested!

    Part 1 – Adam, now that Mythbusters is over – what are some of the things you’re most looking forward to having time to do? Any projects you plan on picking back up? New projects you are interested in starting or completely new skills you’re excited to learn?

    Part 2 – Some of the most useful things I’ve picked up from you and from Tested have been little concepts and, for lack of a better term, “life hacks”…little ways to become more efficient, organized, productive, and even more important – a better person, a better family man, and a better father…I would love to hear additional thoughts or insights you might have about some of the greatest habits, processes, etc – you’ve made for yourself, or perhaps some of the wisdom that comes from years of doing it all and finding balance.

    Cheers and thanks for the fantastic site!


  48. im a member as well, and i LOVE seeing works in progress, that actually show the step by step making of whatever it is youre doing. most people seem to START a WIP thread, and then abandon it, or dont document the process very well. skipping over large sections, and things like that.

  49. not really a question, but i would LOVE to see some small videos highlighting many of the smaller props you house in the glass cases in your shop.

  50. Hey guys,

    For now i would just like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you for the great work that you’ve been doing on Tested over the years. I’ve found a great deal of inspiration in both builds and podcasts alike.

    On a recent podcast Adam mentioned challenging himself to build something every day this year. I thought that sounded like a spectacular idea, so – challenge accepted! I started thinking about how often I get to the end of a year and know that I’ve been busy and productive, but often have no real concept of what I actually created in that time. So this year I’ve been documenting everything I create in photos and brief descriptions. So far I haven’t missed a day and can’t wait to see how this turns out at year end!

    The most difficult part was deciding where to draw the line. I mean, I make dinner, but does that really belong on this list? What about a fancy dinner? For myself, I chose no. What guidelines did you (Adam) end up using for your list? How is it going for you?

    Looking forward to an update and thank you for taking time out to talk with all of us!

  51. Hey Adam!

    Given your love of both Star Trek and space suits, I’m surprised you’ve never spoken of the suits from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Any plans to build/commission a replica of Kirk or Spock’s suit from their encounter with V’Ger? It looks both reasonably comfortable and relatively adaptable to a backpack cooling system like the one you used in your 2001 suit.

  52. Hi Adam,

    I’m a University Professor and spend a lot of time teach math and computer science to Chemists, Biologists and Medical Doctors. Often an uphill challenge requiring much lateral thinking, and arm waving. As you are a very accomplished public speaker. I was wondering if you could give any practical advice to my students. Particularly those who are rather introverted struggling with confidence and/or lacking clarity verbalizing complex design constructs.

    Best Wishes, David.

  53. Hi, Adam. As a science teacher, I have long been a fan of Mythbusters and have long used the show in my classes. I would love to do the same with Tested.

    I was hoping that you and the guys would be interested in making a series of school/kid safe videos that would help teachers like myself to show our students the wonderful world of science and technology.

    Thanks for taking the questions!

  54. Adam. My questions relate to the concept of collecting in general and how society sees it sometimes as obsession, and at the extremes an illness that should be discouraged.

    I’ve had the collector ‘bug’ for as long as I remember. I believe it was passed down to me by my father who has been a stamp collector/dealer his whole life. While he loves stamps and postcards and other related things, I found my love in Lego, action figures and movie props.

    As you’ve grown older have you found it easier to be a collector of the things you love? Or harder? What has helped you stay true to your passions and ‘strange hobbies’ when others look down upon them and see them as childish?

    A follow up question if I can. Does the size of your collection worry or concern you ever? I sometimes wonder if the volume of things I collect and keep is getting too much.

    When do we as adults put ‘childish things’ away?

  55. Hi Adam

    Frank has just bought a Bridgeport mill. I noticed that you had one at one time. do you have any pointers on using a mill?

  56. I have been wondering about sources. By that I mean resources for parts. I have ideas and I design them and then I find out I can’t find the parts. Mainly buttons or domes. For example, you did the Kirk chair – how did you acquire the buttons? Our how did you manufacture details you could not acquire?

  57. A suggestion……. there are some great suggestions here. I wish that I can click on a good suggestion and say, “I agree”. The number of agreements may help Adam rank some of these really good ideas. Norm, is this possible to do with the current web page setup?

  58. Adam, I’d like your take or suggestions on a variation on sanding. More finishing I think. And in particular getting smooth curves in sheet metal. I’ve been able to get nice ones on an outer curve from your advice at one point about using a drum sander to make a perfect circle in plywood. But inner curves I’m hopeless on. Suggestions? I keep getting told to just have it laser cut but I want to DO it, not have it done. Oh, and dremels, but they just gouge or chatter. Thanks!

  59. Adam,

    Something I’ve always wondered while watching you and Jamie on Mythbusters. Some of the myths required activities that took a great deal of strength, stamina and flexibility. Did you have to do anything special to keep in good enough shape to perform those stunts?

  60. I remember in the video tour of your cave you showed off a 1/12 scale Cain model from Robocop 2. Do you have any upcoming plans to make any model kits, and what about a model kit draws your attention in the first place? Thanks!

  61. Hey Adam,

    My name is Evan Vivio, I in Alpharetta, GA (Just outside of Atlanta), and I am fifteen years old. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to get my parents to trust me using miter saws and other tools like that? Also how to build an inexpensive, but good, toolkit. Any advice is appreciated.

    Thank You, Evan Vivio

  62. Hi Adam!

    You possess an extremely varied skillset, could you talk about how to be a “jack of all trades” in a world where specialists are (deservedly) sought after and revered?


    – From Canada

  63. Hey Adam,

    Have you done any work related to foam costuming? I’ve seen again and again the crazy good work that can be done with foam to make top level cosplay armour, just curious if you’ve had experience working with the medium. If so, what do you find most challneging about it, and or rewarding about it?



  64. If a fan wanted to send you art, how would they do so?

    And have you considered making a drivesuit from Pacific Rim? Maybe with a layer of glass inside the lens so it looks like it’s filling up with water?

  65. Hi Adam,

    People have already asked whether you plan to return to model making, even if the answer is no, are there approaches, lessons, or episode results from MythBusters that you would be able to apply model making/creating visual entertainment? Or do you see them as separate muscles?

  66. Hey Adam,

    Are you still regularly flying your Inspire 1?

    Have you considered trying one of the FPV racing type quad copters?

    Do you have any thoughts on the FAA registration debacle?

    (feel free to answer in the podcast if they feel like a better fit for that 🙂 )

  67. – is your land cruiser doing ok? still having problems with it ? i love old land cruisers.

    got so many questions… ah well… questions for another time !

    thx misteur savage !

  68. What is your process, or others’ you’ve collaborated with, for making soft goods? What sewing equipment do you prefer or have and what’s the learning curve?

  69. Hello Adam & Tested

    I’ve been working on my SciFi webseries for a while and for my armor costuming I’ve been using a mash up of paint ball & motocross gear. It works but not ideal. But … I’ve seen here with Frank and a few other places L200 foam armor and weapon construction. I’d love to see something on the use of L200 for building props and costumes. Looking forward to following this new segment.

    Thx Anthony

  70. Hey guys. It’s great to see all the awesome things going on on this site. Keep it up.

    My question is,

    How is Adams Land Cruiser going? I live in Australia where they are common place. But it would be great to here about them from another perspective.

    Cheers Brockblocka.

    P.S. I hope he has gotten the steering problem sorted out.

  71. Hey.. !

    I’m off on vacation to LA, SF and Seattle in early May, and have my trusted Tested guide to San Francisco covered – but what nerdtastic recommendations might you have for LA and Seattle? (Preferably something not on the “top 10” of Tripadvisor!) And for SF, have you ever tried the Audium experience?

    Thanks and always be testing. 🙂

  72. Hello Adam many thanks for the all the wonderful entertainment and education you have produced for us all these years!

    As I am also a big fan of Joe Rogan i think you guys share some interests. Would you be interested at all doing Joes podcast sometime(I offcourse have no way of making this happen but just throwing the idea out into the universe :). I think you guys could have an interesting and fun conversation!

    Much love from Finland.


  73. Hi Adam,

    I work as a background actor on Game of Thrones here in Northern Ireland and I’m always amazed at the quality of the set construction (I ones spent a day knocking on the walls of winterfell trying to work out what was real)

    We always see your prop work but what large sets have you worked on and which is your favourite and why?

    Cheers, from Kieran

  74. Hey Adam! Do you use any system or app or list or anything to stay organized for a daily or weekly to do list? so many interests and balancing work/family/hobby etc…how do you stay organized….THANKS!

  75. Adam, I just have two questions.

    What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    Being a fellow maker and me being a car enthusiast, I am curious as to what your dream car is.



  76. Hey folks Thanks for all the info and entertainment you have/will provide 🙂 I have a simple yet complex question for you.

    What are your go to websites for tools and supplies? Not just the big things but the little incidentals like the needle tipped bottles I have seen you use to put acrylic boxes together or your source of screws that fill those lovely sortimos 😀

  77. I design and build military robots for real. I’ve always been frustrated by the weird duality that I see with so many folks in the prop and maker community. At one extreme, everyone seems convinced that I am evil because I’m trying to build Terminator, without any appreciation for: 1) how insanely and completely impossible that sort of artificial intelligence is in reality, and 2) on the other side, all of the effort we spend on safety certification and responsible development. Absolutely nobody in my community favors autonomous weaponized platforms. Nobody wants such a robot or is looking to develop one. Our goal is making our military men and women, who are out there on the pointy end of the stick, safer and more effective. All weapons are still controlled by a person, even if remote.

    At the other extreme, everyone in the prop and maker community seems to love building all sorts of gorgeous weapons and weaponized platforms. It often seems to me that the majority of the props and maker projects revolve around fantasies of future weapons or armed autonomous robots. Clearly, these fantasies must be very attractive — but those of us who are actually developing military robots consider most of these fantasies to be both dangerous and impractical. Sure, I recognize that the objects are “cool”, but I also recognize that they are only fantasies. I think that too many people take this fantasy frame of reference with them when they look at what we are trying to create, and they immediately leap to accusations of “killer robot”.

    At the end of the day, I am frustrated that many people in the prop and maker community do not seem to have considered their own biases or to have looked at their internal contradictions.

  78. Great question. I think Amazon gets a lot of use. This is a website I use for all sorts of wood screws/hardware to get you started while you wait for a response from Adam and the crew. I mentions this website a lot but it is my go to store for lots of hardware solutions.

  79. Greetings all!

    Adam has talked about a couple of things Mythbusters were unable to tackle, so might we see, on Tested…

    1) a “take down” of audio myths?

    2) an addressing of tooth whitening scams?

    And while I have you here, is this a pimple or a boil?

    Keep up the awesome, all at Tested!


  80. Has there been any prop project you’ve wanted to take on but the task of creating it just seemed too big/challenging? I.E. a complete Grail Diary replica prop

  81. Hi Adam,

    you seem to be an unbelievably busy guy. How do you manage your time, so that you still can do creative things (i.e., without being too exhausted to work on “hobby” stuff).



  82. I know you have a love for the outdoors and camping, what are some of you camp “hacks” or tricks? What type of gear do you like to use and/or want to start testing?

  83. Hi guys, just wondering if Adam had any advice for aspiring special effects artists. Things like the best college, workplace, projects, websites, and anything else that could help someone get into the business.


  84. I’m based in the UK, and a huge fan of you, tested and Mythbusters. I would love for the stage show to come here (but I know that’s not necessarily in your sphere of influence), but would be interested to know if you’re coming to the UK any time soon, and if you were, then are you going to be speaking at any public events?




  85. Hi Adam, you’re an incredibly inspiring person. I’ve recently figured out that I, too, am a collector of skills. As such, I’m learning woodworking, and am curious whether you’ve had any success with your dovetail chest. I’d love to see another video on the subject, from you!

  86. Hey Adam, when you’ve attempted to replicate a set/environment from a movie or a place, what do you do for research and actually creating the set. I am attempting to create the jungle ruins from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and was curious for some insight.

  87. You’ve mentioned you have a quite extensive outline for a book on model making -I’m curious, does that outline include a section on photo-etching parts?

    Tom “I’ve already pre-ordered a copy :-)” Campbell

  88. try Spectrachrome, I have a friend who uses this product in the Automotive world and has used it for a few Parade floats.

  89. Can you recommend some favorite kitchen gadgets? How about a favorite cookbook, or other source of cooking inspiration?

  90. Hey Adam, thanks for taking the time. What are the countries you haven’t gotten to that are on your list now that you have more time to travel?

  91. I know this isn’t a simple question to answer. How long does making 5 instead of 2 or just one of something take? You can use the Mecha-Glove as an example. I was thinking that maybe you should consider making 5 of everything going forward. See my reasoning below:

    1. For Yourself – this one doesn’t really need to be explained, but 1 would be for you.
    2. Your Gift – this one is for you to give to somebody.
    3. Giveaway – the number of Tested Premium members would go up with this one. This one goes to a Tested Premium member of your choosing.
    4. Charity – this one is put up for auction with the money raised going to the charity of your choice.
    5. Museum – this one is set aside for the Adam Savage Children’s Science Museum. I realize this place doesn’t exist yet, but I am confident it will at some point.

    I’m really excited about Tested in 2016 with you having so much more time for it. Last season of Mythbusters is one of very few reasons I have cable.


  92. hay adam first off i am a big fan of mythbusters and a fellow science fiction fan. i am also into building scale models from the anime series mobile suit gundam and was wondering if you would do a build a master grade or higher (there bigger then the real grade so it would show better on camera) but also do some kind of scratch building of the model to make it a robot you would want to go into battle with and film the possess well explaining how and why you did it.

  93. Dear Adam

    What is you favorite galactic character ever (Movie, books, comics,…) ?
    If you could own/take one ability or tool from any character what would it be?

    Glenn Vanspauwen from Belgium

  94. Two very different questions:

    1. Fully working Iron man helmet; casting or 3d Printing? And why?

    2. Do you have any kind of fringe futuristic but possible propulsion ideas?

    Thanks for every thing Tested!

  95. What is the best method of achieving the highest quality high five? Why does looking at each other’s elbows help get a better high five?

  96. Hey Adam,

    I’m not much of a “builder” myself, but I’m fascinated by other people that can build things. The work that you and team at Mythbusters put together over the years was truly a cultural phenomenon and an avenue of entertainment that I will miss greatly. If you drink, what types of whiskey do you imbibe and what is your favorite?


  97. Hi Adam!

    I’m a big fan of tested and often cycle through your videos to find inspiration or design ideas and terminology when developing a project. I am currently doing a special effects degree in England (first year) and I am wondering what I can expect when I get into industry, I have had work experience in very small creators but what kind of jobs did you get given as a newbie when entering the craft?

    Love the work you do, thank you for your time.


  98. Hello Adam ans Tested guys!

    I am a big fan of Adam, Mythbusters and Tested from Canada. So the first question is: do you know where Canada is? I’m joking ;-). ToniP, yours was a fair question :-). More seriously: one question, and one comment. The comment first; Adam, something that was written a while back and I never bothered correcting: Poutine actually originated in Quebec, more precisely in the Eastern Township (south east of Montreal) and the original is just fries, gravy and cheese curd. You’re allowed many variations from that base, but the original is just that. There that’s (Finally) off my chest, I can now sleep easy.

    Now my question; what was the reason you and Jamie acquired Tested? I always was curious about that… Was it a pure investment on your part? Or were you approached? I’ve been following Norm and Will from MaxPC and was real interested in the behind-the-scenes of what caused this earth shattering acquisition… BTW, I initially was doubtful about it, as I thought the whole thing was going to change too much the original vibe of Tested… But time definitely proved me wrong… You were a good thing. Anything to share on this? Oh, and while on that topic… We want more Jamie! He is bringing something completely different (I loved the spider project, and what he did with the boat motor). Just saying.


  99. I would like to see some Adam projects detailed with plans for Premium members to repeat a la The Wood Whisperer.

  100. Greeting Adam Savage!

    Q: If you had the chance to learn a new discipline, what would that skill be? And why would you want to learn that particular skill at this time in your career and who would be your pick as a mentor?

    Thanks. Respect and always testing, Mike

  101. Your success on Mythbusters has been, by anyone’s measure, enormous, but I’m curious, if you hadn’t found Mythbusters, what would you be doing? Since practical effects have long given way to computer effects (and that’s a damn shame too), where would you be today?

  102. Hey Adam, You have clearly have experience being a very busy person. As I have gotten older and progressed in my career as a Project Manager I am increasingly aware of the free time no longer have. I am also soon to be a father. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts or insights into how to handle a time intensive job and a time intensive family. Kind Regards, Scott

  103. I feel like you probably already know about the Knipex Pliers Wrench, but I haven’t seen you using them in anything videos and I heard you make a comment about needing new pair of parallel jaw pliers. These Knipex are the best baby between a crescent wrench and a pair of channellocks you could ask for. They come in every size and are almost indestructible. So I guess my question is do you know about them and if you decide to pick some up, how to you like them?

  104. Hi Adam,

    Since the Force awakens has been out for a little while now, (seen it three times OMG awesome) What would be your favorite prop out of that movie to re-create and please can you build it and make a video out of it.

    BTW while you were in Australia you had my stepson on stage and he was totally stoked and brags about it until this day.

    All the best,


  105. Hi Adam,
    I’m just curious if the influence of Norm, Jeremy, Will etc have changed the way you look at technology, and if you have become more of a tech geek because of it?

  106. Hi Adam, Norm and the rest of Tested 🙂

    This is an awesome idea, so i decided to
    grasp the opportunity with both hands 🙂

    Some questions for Adam, but if the rest
    of the Tested crew wants to jump in as well, please do so.

    1. Any plans on coming to Europe? For a
    lot of stuff it seems that it’s somewhat USA exclusive. (posters, meetings,
    shows etc)

    2. Will Adam build more stuff for Tested

    3. How far are you with the Martian suit? Are you
    going to share the measurements or make a video explaining how to make a suit?

    I’d love to make a suit. A Martian suit would be awesome,
    but it’s not limited to that, and since Adam has a lot of experience with making
    full suits?

    4. How do you work on props when you live on a small apartment
    in a city? I can’t work outside and don’t have a place to work.

    5. What projects are you working on?

    6. what are nice projects to get the hang of working
    with props?

  107. Adam and Jamie didn’t buy Tested. Tested was bought by BermanBraun, an LA production company that had previously worked with Adam and Jamie on a couple of one-off tv specials and their Unchained Reaction series.

    Adam and Jamie were matched with Tested because they are all in the Bay Area and have similar interests.

    Pretty sure Jamie’s role in Tested is unlikely to get much bigger. They even took his name off the header for a week or so back when they announced Mythbusters was ending, but he came back.

  108. Hi Adam,

    What build or prop were you most proud of that DIDN’T end up getting used in the project you were working on?



  109. As a movie fan, collector and prop enthusiast myself, sometimes I well like it all looks like a huge waste of time and money. Do you have this feeling? With a space so full of stuff and it been mostly for your own pleasure, does it make you feel selfish sometimes?

    Just to be extremely clear, this is not a criticism. It is just something that I feel sometimes.

  110. Your show/career has been nothing short of amazing, unmatched, brilliant. Whether you expected it to end up where it did, I don’t know. But no doubt it has been the creativity and earnestness of you and your fellow Mythbusters that guided the show to where it finally went: a captivating show about critical thinking for young people everywhere (and hopefully more so here in the U.S. where this kind of engagement with science and critical thinking is so badly needed today).

    But so I’m going to be a dick: I feel like the U.S. fetishizes guns and firearms. Do you feel your show has contributed in some way to that fetishization?

  111. Being a woodworker I still consider myself a maker. I would love to see you collaborate with someone like Marc Spagnuolo (The Wood Whisperer) on a project.

  112. Yay, question time!

    1. Will there be more puppet building clips?

    2. Is it possible to see more of Frank and his skill set mixed in with yours Adam? (You two make a good pair.)

    3. Now that Will has taken on some of his own endeavors, will there be anymore food/cooking clips?

    4. Lastly, Adam what are some tips for creating a community maker space?

    Thanks everyone for the opportunity to ask questions!

  113. Greetings! Long time listener- first time commenter… First off, I would like to thank you for doing what you do. Listening to you talk about making and watching your builds etc… really inspires me to make things I like. If I am ever in a rut I can watch Tested or a one day build and your enthusiasm for the art gets me back in the game. so THANK YOU SIR!

    Now for my question… In the Tested episode where we get a mini tour of your home office, you showed a small specimen jar with a creature in it you got on etsy. Do you recall the name of the seller? I cannot find it and I really want one.

  114. Hey Adam and Co.

    What I would like to do as a career is work in the film industry as a model maker/prop builder/designer. I’m currently a student in a theatre production program, which was the nearest program which I could find in my city to my goal. My question is: How would you recommend going about getting a job in the industry, in the area of props or model making, or similar to your own.


  115. I’m based in the UK, and a huge fan of you, tested and Mythbusters. I would love for the stage show to come here (but I know that’s not necessarily in your sphere of influence), but would be interested to know if you’re coming to the UK any time soon, and if you were, then are you going to be speaking at any public events?



    I second this, you could do a visiting tour with tested and visit places like Nelson’s Birth place etc….

  116. Adam

    Are you and the Tested crew hoping to get to Star Wars Celebration Europe in London this July?

    It would be a great chance to have a side Tested event like you have in San Francisco. Then start on a UK talking tour.

    Really looking forward to all the extra time you’re putting into Tested as well.



  117. What are your favourite songs to drive to? Does the same music work for when building things? Greeting from the Netherlands!

  118. Knowing that your a collecting man, and you have many things in your most awesome collection, what is it that you do not have, or cannot recreate, that you wish you could get your hands on? Or something you once had that you have lost for some reason you wish you could get back (non living of course)?

  119. Have you thought of loading a three d scan of your blade runner gun to thinkiverse. I know for a fact that there is none loaded on there at this time.

  120. Adam,

    Any plans of doing any motorcycling work? It always seemed to me that many of the Mythbusters crew were motorcyclists (I noticed Grant wearing a Vanson leather jacket during several episodes).

    If you’re still into motorcycling, what’s your preferred style? Are you a sportbike/trackday guy (Jamie and his EBR 1190), or would you rather go out and do Adventure/Enduro riding off the beaten path?

  121.   Thanks Kim. Someone made a shrewd match here, because Adam is brilliant at Tested (I suspect he’d be brilliant at anything he’d touch). -O

  122. Hello Adam,

    First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to answer some of your fans.

    I’m working on becoming a mechanical engineer to try and enter the world of special effects. I feel that this is the right move in order to pursue an even keel between my creative side, and the other part that is an obsessive acquirer of skills and knowledge for making things. I wanted you, as well as the folks at Tested to know that because of you, I have found my calling. The knowledge gained from this cornucopia of video and articles has lead me to question everything from how it works, to why it is needed. So my question is a simple one, in the most basic wording what is an Arduino, and why is so popular?

    Thank you all for your time.


  123. Hi Adam! I’m a first-time poster and a long time listener of Tested, and even a longer time fan of the Mythbusters! I’m a maker from Taiwan, and was wondering if i can get some advice on putting together a Workshop, its gonna be a workshop mainly to spread the Wonders of D.I.Y, experimental and Critical thinking. I normally work on metal, casting and Wood work. Is there any way I can get some advice on expending my personal workshop into a multi-user workshop where multiple user and/or students can use at the same time? primarly on space management, machines and any other advice(books, videos, websites, pep-talk? lol). Thanks again for all the great work from you and the whole Tested team! It’ll be great just to hear from you guys tho!

    ps. really looking forward for that book, Adam!

  124. hi Adam!

    i was just listening to the episode of mythbusters where you and Jamie have set up rooms with paper walls to see if you could follow and shoot each other.

    As many other experiments on the show, this look so fun i would pay to do it! have you let your crew have a run at this,or any other experiment?

    Sometime taking down the set must have tear up your heart!

    i loved mythbusters a lot, will follow on tested!

  125. How would you go about choosing a foundry for project casting, and what media/preparation are optimal to provide them for molds?

  126. Greetings Adam, and all at tested!

    I’d love to hear more about your early freelance career. I’m an industrial designer, I’m starting out doing freelance product design and prototyping.

    I would love to hear any pearls of wisdom concerning design and building projects solo/managing/outsourcing/budgeting to meet clients’ demands. Or just maybe discussing some of the jobs other installations/prototypes/sculptures/films you may have worked on in the past. Your early talks on failures surrounding these jobs are incredibly inspiring. I’d love to know more.

    My own work:


  127. Ahoy Adam and the rest of the Tested Crew,

    I have two questions.

    Adam, is there or do you know of a long term plan for all of the props, blueprints, set pieces from the Mythbuster’s show and or would it be possible for fans of the show to purchase or bid for items from the show? I feel you guys might have that stuff stored somewhere and thought it would be cool to auction it all off for a charity or scholarship. I thought it would be a win win. I know myself would love one of the blue prints.

    Second question: Adam have you seen the 2010 film Rubber? It is one of my favorite “weird” movies. But I enjoy the strangeness of it.

  128. Hey Adam,

    Love your videos on building creative tool storage solutions. Last summer I built a new garage and made sure I had a good area for my workshop and am really looking forward to organizing all of my tools. My question is, how and where to start?! Since I currently have a lot of tools and zero organization at this point, I have a feeling I may be spreading things out on the garage floor just to see what I have and hopefully coming up with a game plan! If you had a blank slate for your shop, where would you begin? Follow up question: Do you just build to what you currently have or are you building your carts to accommodate additional glue guns and air brushes that might get purchased later?



  129. Adam,

    Could you comment on workplace safety in the film and television industry – especially from the props and sets contractors etc. From what I’ve seen there are cavalier attitudes. Many of the materials, chemicals, etc used by prop makers are safer now than they used to be… are attitudes changing as well?

    This question is prompted in part by Disney’s UK subsidiary being sued over the Harrison Ford set accident.

  130. Hey Guys!

    Sad to see mythbusters go, but really excited to see where Tested is going to go with a little more time and energy being put into it.

    My question is, will there be another Myth-ternship or internship now that you have more time on your hands? It would be cool to see a one week build or something a little bigger where you and someone else learn a new skill/make something. And just maybe it could be open to your wonderful neighbours to the North!


    Michael Wessels

  131. Noticed in a recent video that you appear to now be using a Powermatic table saw. Was this the M7 table saw you mentioned in Still Untitled? Or did you upgrade independently? I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of your tool acquisitions, and what you look for when purchasing something new.

  132. Hi Adam, are you interested in doing a group project, where everyone is responsible to build/supply a part for a build? Success or failure, it could be entertaining!

  133. Hello Adam and the Tested guys! … and also you Joey! 🙂

    Adam: Will you ever build scaled down replica of a spaceships again, like you did on Lucas ranch?

    What do you think about the Firefox plane in the Clint Eastwood movie with the same name?

    All the best,

    Carl Blomqvist, from Stockholm, Sweden

  134. Dear Mr. Savage,

    I’ve heard you speaking about your book that you are writing. When do you think that will be ready for publishing? I am looking forward to reading the chapter on sanding.


  135. Hi Adam,

    I’m in the UK and I am currently building a Life Size Replica of ED-209 from the 1987 film Robocop, I have built 95% of the masters and I am in the process of creating fibre glass moulds. the finished castings will be mostly fibre glass and the more detailed parts will be polyurethane resin, and some vac formed parts.

    You can keep up to date with the project on the facebook page by liking (shameless plug)

    My first question is what should I build the supporting frame work out of? Originally I thought I would make it box steel but there was someone in the US who made one and his first frame was steel and it had a fair bit of bounce to it, his second he used timber which didn’t. My fear with timber is rotting over time and strength. I’m not sure what other options there are.

    Second question, I will be painting it using acrylic car paints mostly, when I come to weathering it, what paint types would you use?

    Chris Fry
    London, United Kingdom

  136. Hello:

    I haven’t read all of the comments, so I don’t know if mine are duplicates. I love the site, and I’m in awe of Adam’s skills, output, name recall, and overall geniality. For Adam: do you know what’s next for you now that Mythbusters is over? Do you have any interest in returning to prop building or starting your own prop building company? Do you plan on hosting a new television show?

    For your blade runner blaster, it seems you have refined it to the point of perfection and your (temporary?) satisfaction. Do you think you’ll ever make another from scratch?

    What prop have you yet to start, that you’d love to build? What prop have you started that you’d most love to finish?

    Do you have anything that you’ve built that’s functional and that you use daily, but that’s not related to the act of building other things? For example, something like a chair rather than a tool.


  137. Please Adam, PLEASE?!

    Will you show us more of the exploded video of your Blade Runner Blaster? I really would love to see the details of the trigger guard and how it connects to the Bulldog on the front as well as your Steyr chamber cover/Pin system and how it connects the existing bolt to the pin! I’m trying very hard to go the same road as you with creating my own blade runner blaster (my take, not exact replica) with some limited tools but sometimes just seeing the details can help so much!

    Thanks! Keven

  138. Hey Adam and Tested,

    As a relatively new peninsular dweller (No doubt you guys influenced my relocation), I was wondering if you knew of any good makerspaces in the Bay area. Moving to an apartment out here I had no longer have access to much space to work on projects. We don’t all have awesome caves. I would love to hear about makerspaces, and especially any advice for us city residents who have a harder time finding space to work on projects.



  139. Adam,

    I’ve seen that you have a Oscar statue in your collection. It was in your home office video and the background of various Still Untitled episodes. This is one object I’m obsessed about, want to replicate, and know there have been many legal problems between the Academy and people replicating the statue. Is yours a replica? Either way I would love to hear the story on that. Also an Idea for video series, short (5minutes or less) weekly videos where you talk about one specific piece in your collection.


    A1C Chase Kiefer

    P.s. I’m 22yrs old in the U.S. Air Force, a RPF & 501st member, I’ve been following you and tested from the beginning and I strive to be like you everyday. Thank you for your time Sir.

  140. Im from the UK too, have been waiting for the guys to say they are coming over, so annoying getting the email invites to all the cool events and meet ups they do in the US and not being able to take advantage. Maybe theyll come over for Star Wars Celebration this year?

  141. have you thought of vacuum metalising? its a bit like elctroplating but for plastics, I have a prop maker friend that makes Cylon suits and all his parts are chromed this way

  142. Hello Adam.
    I always find it very inspiring to hear you talk about (and work on) infra-structure in your workshop. I assume you use a computer frequently to keep track of your projects and I was wondering about your digital infra-structure. Do you organize your files in a specific way, what does your folder structure look like, how do you name and tag your files, or do you just put everything in one messy folder? 😀

  143. Adam,

    How do you find motivation to work on projects? I know this is something I struggle with being in Art School and working on projects 6 or 7 days a week.

    Also, DO you have any tips for networking with creative professionals that you have never met and want to?


    Jesse (3rd Year Industrial Design Major)

  144. When are we going to see the Zorg ZF 1. We know you finished it and its one of your earliest build videos. We need an update.

  145. Hi Adam, I actually have a couple of questions (for now). First is, now that Mythbusters is coming to an end, will Tested become more of a full time thing? The second question is, now that you have a bit more time, are you going to start working on the model/prop building book you’ve mentioned on the podcast that you’ve been wanting to write?

  146. Hi Adam,

    When you build a model, specifically I am thinking of things like scratch built space ships, what kind of materials do you use? Do you have any favorite go-to production models for the Greebles?



  147. Thanks for sharing with us Adam. My question is your method for getting into that creatively meditative space while working in the shop. I find having audio such as music, a podcast, or audiobook really helps keep my mind flexible and turning while I’m working on a project. I suppose you could add solitude to that list. You’ve discussed the need of organization and first order retrievability as it applies to efficiency. But what is is your method for getting to that state of creative flow?

  148. Hello Adam and Test Crew,

    I’ve noticed you do a lot of free hand air brush and spray painting with seemingly little care taken to prevent over-spray. Any time I spray paint something, the paint travels X+2 inches, where X is the size of the masking I put down to catch said over-spray.

    My question is, do you have any specific techniques to prevent paint from getting everywhere or have you just adopted a zen philosophy to it? Thank you!

  149. Adam,

    I just binge watched a large number of tested videos of one day builds and tours of the Cave. I love the storage boxes and the large cart used to hold them. Sortimo was it? I can’t find Sortimo boxes anywhere. I have a couple similar but sub sub standard boxes from home depot, but they, quite honestly, suck. I am in the process of buying a house for the first time and I find myself planning my workshop/cave…where can I find Sortimo boxes?



  150. Adam,

    At one point in one of your shop tour videos you mentioned your wall of tape(s). Can you go into more detail as the type of tapes you have and more specifically which ones are your “go to” tapes for various projects.


  151. Hi Adam,

    I’m currently a sophomore in high school and A. have no clue what I want to do with my life B. Want to go to a good college and C. loving making things and live theatre work. Now recently one of my friends who’s a senior just got turned away by several really good colleges and he’s one of the best students I know. Now honestly I’ve been slaking when it comes to school. In your opinion do you think my making or creating of something new or just a new useful spin on an old idea could help me with my college endeavors or even make me more attractive to collages or should I just get my s*** together, buckle down and do my absolute best in school from now on?

    P.s I know your sons also do theatre but more on the acting sides, are there any plays that they’ve done that you’ve really enjoyed?

  152. Hi Adam,

    I’m currently a sophomore in high school and A. have no clue what I want to do with my life B. Want to go to a good college and C. loving making things and live theatre work. Now recently one of my friends who’s a senior just got turned away by several really good colleges and he’s one of the best students I know. Now honestly I’ve been slaking when it comes to school. In your opinion do you think my making or creating of something new or just a new useful spin on an old idea could help me with my college endeavors or even make me more attractive to collages or should I just get my s*** together, buckle down and do my absolute best in school from now on?

    P.s I know your sons also do theatre but more on the acting sides, are there any plays that they’ve done that you’ve really enjoyed?

    P.p.s sorry for grammatical errors, I’m better at the spoken word than the written, but I’m working on it.

  153. Hey Adam,

    I’ve been building for a while now but I don’t have a great build table. I’m just using an old desk in my build room. It’s kind of a basic question but what would you suggest for a solid building desk platform? Personally, I tend to build small things mostly small racing drones but even small parts end up taking allot of space with soldering stations and power supply’s ect. It seems most of the tables in your videos look extremely sturdy and heavy duty. Did you make them?

  154. I have 2 rostock max V2 kits from Incredible printer for the price. and great DIY project. Also awesome customer support.

  155. On one of the podcasts after you went to the Gates Foundation you mentioned how good the art was at the Gates Foundation HQ. So I’m curious, how do you tell when art is good or not? How do you cultivate a taste for art, and how different is knowing good art from bad art compared to liking or disliking a piece of art?

  156. Hi Adam & All At Tested

    I’m really enjoying everything you guys are doing on here.

    Adam I see that you share my interest in Magic (from Card Throwing with Ricky Jay, Bricks of Bikes in the background of a Still Untitled, Rogue’s Ring from Brian Brushwood & you mentioned Magic Books in your Library).

    My Questions are:

    Did Special Effects lead you to Magic or was it an interest before?

    Do you remember the first Magician you saw? Who is your favourite?

    And finally, What Magic books do you have in you library?

    Thanks For Your Time


  157. Adam can you talk about EVER SINCE THE WORLD ENDED and your involvement with that film. You’ve spoken on about your effects work in film, but I’ve never heard you talk about that film and I’d love to hear about how you became a part of it.



  158. Hey, Sorry it took so long to reply. Thanks for the info, how well do they print for you? Do you have to do a lot of finishing or is resolution pretty good?

  159. Hello Adam,

    As a big fan of Adams like for props and replicas. I was wondering if you ran into any cliffhangers such a state law getting in the way of completing a prop outfit? Ex. I just started working on a Dredd outfit and the Glock Magazines used in the film I can not ship to NY b/c it is a 17 round mag. So how would one get around such an issue?


  160. I have a severe problem with organizing my socket set. Any tips on keeping this type of tool in check?

  161. In our short film we wanted to do a “safe” pneumatic only rig for squibs. It worked for some things (powder body hits) but not for others (simulating larger bullet hits into the soil/gravel).

    (A) Is pneumatic ever an option on actual film sets you’ve been a part of, or is it always explosives?

    (B) Any tips or ideas on how to get more bang out of our air compressor?

    For reference:

    Thanks in advance!

  162. Hi im building a small bar cabinet out of an old 1960’s table top Television set. I want to replicate the screen of the old CRT with an image of a test screen, to use as the cabinet door. Do you have any advice on accomplishing this task? Thanks in advance!

  163. I understand the reason for shorter videos, but i would really be a happy man if you could release long video versions of builds as well. i find it therapeutic and interesting. is there a way for this to happen?

  164. i’m curious to know what people Adam follows for inspiration and other creators i could follow like Adam that he respects as a creator or designer

  165. Hi Adam

    HUGE fan, i just saw the vid with you and Aaron, where you’re doing battlestar models.

    awesome vid and in it Aaron is using some kind of cutter that you made.

    could you show how its made ?

    Best Regards Steffen

  166. Hello Adam,

    I have heard you talk about how you bought and made models from the “World At Your Feet” models by Alan Rose. I, too, made models from these books.

    Here’s my problem. Those books, and others like them are out of print, but, they are also still under copyright. This means that un-constructed books are very expensive and very rare, and if you have an un-constructed books, you can’t make and distribute copies for anyone legally.

    Here’s my question, how do we get these books either back into print, or brought into the public domain so that younger generations (and me, cause I want to build those models again now that I’m older) can have the same experience making card models the way we did?

  167. Hi Tested,

    I am hear to ask a question, I am building a modern-ish US fighter pilot helmet. I have many of the things I need in place like how to build the helmet and rubber and plastic on the oxygen mask, however I don’t no were I would ever get the tube that’s on the mask. I’ve had some ideas like a vacuum tube or shopvac tube, but they really don’t fit. So after scouring the internet for a long time I could come up with nothing, any idea what might work for the tube?

  168. May I please ask 3 quick questions?

    – Did you like/love/hate (or never see) the 1986 movie ”F/X”?

    – Have you ever tried making digital 3D models vs physical ones, and if so how much/little did you enjoy it?

    – Did you ever see a kids maker/science show from Australia called ”The Curiosity Show” (made 1972-90 and also aired in America), and if so did you ever make or learn anything from it that you still use/recall today?

  169. How do you overcome the fear associated with using potentially dangerous tools? I have been terrified to use a table saw after my dad had his arm pulled by his sleeve into a radial arm saw. I keep using really inefficient and tiring workarounds to avoid it and sometimes the fear even causes me to scrap projects altogether.

  170. Hi Adam and the tested team!

    I’m in the process of building a 1989 1/24 batmobile and I’d like the gun covers to fly off like in the movie. I already have a solution to raise the guns, I just need one to proppel the cover plates in the air, backwards. I was thinking using an electro magnet with a permanent one reversed to the electromagnet’s polarity installed under the cover but can’t seem to get it working propperly, any suggestions?
    (I’m using Arduino and and a 3.7v 380ma battery)

    Thanks in advance for any tips!!


  171. When drilling something out, are there any reasons besides the need for continuing exactness that make removing the kerf from a tap as different as it is from simply sinking a hole?

  172. I like making things.

    Often I need to make something that fits inside something else or goes around something.

    How do I trace a shape with good fidelity for transferring into the material I want to fabricate from?

    Not all shapes are highly symmetrical.

  173. We often see you using compressed air and sometimes dust collection throughout the shop. I’d like to see your air compressor and dust collection setup. Maybe a shop tip or show and tell? Thanks for all you do!

  174. 1) Raiders of the Lost Ark – What is your opinion on the golden idol swap scene; was he too light, too heavy, or didn’t make the swap fast enough?

    2) Do you know what happened to all of the Mythbuster’s blueprint drawings? Was there ever any discussion about selling them, maybe for charity?

  175. I was saddened to hear of the passing of Grant Imahara. I submit this question in honour of him:
    “During the filming of Mythbusters did you, or did you not, always use the blue rope?

  176. Dear Mr. Savage,

    I want to start off by saying thank you! Thank you for Mythbusters and everything you have done and continue to do in your career to instill curiosity in minds of all ages all over the globe.

    Like many, I watched Mythbusters growing up, am currently tracking down the right avenue to get back into it again (now in my mid 20s), and have loved watching your content on your YouTube channel.

    Mythbusters and many other Discovery shows, allowed me to grow in so many different ways and helped me decide to pursue a career in engineering. I’m now a mechanical engineer-in-training here in Canada and continue to fall in love with the expansive discipline that is STEM.

    I know this is a bit log winded, but I just wanted to say again, thank you!

    Lastly, and to the reason for my comment, I love your Q&A videos on YouTube and have a light-hearted question of my own. How often do you check the calibration of your measuring tape/ruler tattoo?

    Cheers and thank you for providing the STEM community with wonderful knowledge!

  177. Adam:

    Concerning the Mythbusters test of elephants being afraid of mice: They didn’t appear to me to be afraid. The only word that I can think of to describe what they were doing is being POLITE! Or perhaps humane or compassionate.

    Elliott Gussow

  178. Hi Adam

    Just curious, what ever happened to those SPFX silicone masks of you and Jamie?

    Thanks and stay awesome!

    ~W.J. Sam

  179. Hi Adam
    Any suggestions on a helmet design that i could where in an open plan office that would offer sufficient sound proofing to enable me to participate in video calls without background noise or me adding to the background noise for others. I feel a science experiment coming on.
    Thanks for being you
    Mark Noonan

  180. Hi Adam!

    I am making a Barf costume (from Spaceballs) for the next Niagra falls Comicon, providing there is one, and was wondering if you had any advice for making an animatronic tail? I am using an arduino and servos.
    Thanks in advance for any advice!


  181. Hi Adam!

    I first would like to thank you for your incredible builds and your multiple passions. I like so many out there loved watching you on Mythbusters. I have lots of questions, but my main question would be how do you go about picking what you’re going to build? Is it a spur of the moment thing? Or is it an amalgamation of your passions, current obsessions, or do you choose builds on a role of the dice? Also how do you budget for your projects? I mean you have a life-time collection of extra parts around your shop, but how do you make the decision of using what you have vs the purchase of new things so the project you’re working on comes out more beautiful and will last longer with newer parts? How do you make that decision?

    My last question is, your videos are more about the process and not ‘how to’ videos. Do you keep any of your plans for your past builds? Such as blueprints, sketches, etc? If so would you make them available to the public?

    Again I love watching this new project and love Tested and all the builds and can’t wait for many more to come!

  182. Hey Adam! I was curious if you have any wishlist items in regards to Spot? I may have the opportunity to work with the Spot API to build a web/mobile application that will allow a non-technical user to interact with Spot and wanted to see if there was anything you felt missing or felt could be simplified from the current control UI?

    Alternatively, if you could do anything with Spot, what would it be?


  183. My father passed away almost 10 years ago and I have the honor to take care of many of his tools. His abilities extended to woodworking, welding, anything before youtube showed us how to…. When I am working in my garage with certain tools, I find a deep comfort as if he is watching and instructing me as I go. Are there tools that you work with that transforms you to memories of others and it then becomes more than the project you’re working on?

  184. Just happened to see an year old video where Adam mentioned the dimpled car result to be one of the most surprising, which I agree. I remember seeing the episode when it was originally aired and even had an argument with my dad about it. He didn’t believe the result and thought these were just fake claims being made on a TV show (he had no idea what Mythbusters was or that it was actually a scientific show). Was able to convince him eventually though.

    One question that was not answered in the show and I still don’t understand, why did the dirty car give almost 8% lower mileage than a clean car? Agreed that the golf ball effect of a dirty car will be minimal but even in that case shouldn’t the mileage remain more or less same as the clean car? What would make it lower?

    Also I think a VW Golf a more appropriate test car. Other than its name being more relevant, I think a hatchback would show a bigger impact of the golf ball effect because of its flatter back. That would result in a bigger low pressure area behind the car. Just my conjecture though.

  185. I wanted to run my Blade Runner theory by Adam (I’ll keep it short). I go back-and-forth on whether Deckard is a replicant, but I think I’ve settled on the idea that he is human. My main thesis is that Deckard doesn’t act strange and Batty doesn’t have all of those lines at the end of the film to show Deckard is a replicant, but rather to remind him of his humanity. If Deckard is a replicant, then there really isn’t a lesson for humans to learn how to be more human. Deckard is an outcast type of person and it takes artificial persons to show him what it means to be human. I also think the Christian symbolism with the nail at the end of the film shows Batty as a Christ-like figure (both human and divine, i.e. incredibly strong) using his dual nature to show Deckard that humanity is found in replicants as well.

    It’s a working theory, but one that has intrigued me.

  186. Hey Adam, hello!
    Greetings from Brazil (and sorry about my strange english)!
    I would like to ask you about the Indiana Jones motorcycle flip myth.
    How was the making of that mythbusting, and the challenges of doing it.

    As a fan of Indiana Jones movies, and Mythbusters (Here in Brazil the name o the show is “Os Caçadores de Mitos” – The Myth Hunters), I remember that I’ve sent the sugestiong to this myht in de Discovery Channel/Mythbusters website (back inthose days), and then, some time later, I’ve was surprised when you guys testet the myth!
    Of course, i know it wasan’t because of MY sugestion. But to me, it felt like it was!
    Love to you and all the Mythbusters/Tested fans out there!

  187. Can you take a CPAP mask and turn it into a Sith facemask that still works as a CPAP mask? That way when you go to bed, you can be a Sith Lord instead of just a guy with a hose coming from his head? Why hasn’t anyone done this yet? – TES

  188. Hey Adam, I know that hearing loss is a thing with having worked around loud machine or being around anything loud and can cause heating damage and issues or for any number of other various reasons…

    I know you have spoken about it in the past but I was wondering if you’ve had any experience with having had average hearing and a point where you experienced degradation/impairment so you have witnessed it from both perspectives. As such, I further ask if you know about hearing aides that properly reproduce sounds in a manner that is like the most like sound was before impairment? Is it possible to get hearing aides that recreate the sounds and reproduce them anywhere near… full restoration. I know they have been not so good in the distant past but wondered with things like Dolby Atmos, if it is now possible to restore a full sense of hearing to hear “where” things are exactly as they are. I know that in the past being able to hear auditorial positioning of sounds was a thing not possible to do with basic hearing aides but wondered if with the newer technologies…. If you have any insight or personal experience with newer hearing aides that may have something similar implemented with a decent amount of success? Have they achieved (to your knowledge) a level of success that allows users with impairment, and actual sense of dimensional sound?

    Thanks you so much for being you buddy and all the things that you do for everyone. I almost got to meet you in person at Kansas City but the “Vids” outbreak halted all functions… dates kept getting pushed… and I’m not even sure if or when the events will hav or already have restarted. One thing that would bring me the greatest joy would be to say hello and thank you in person for all your inspirations given in everything you have been able to distribute out into the world. Such joy and entertainment that have given me countless inspiration in getting in there and tinkering, figuring out solutions to problems left yet unsolved. Stay healthy my friend,

    Brook B., Kansas

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