Adam in Real Time

Adam in Real Time: Assembling and Lining Flat File Drawers

Adam assembles the plywood pieces he cut to form his new flat file drawers, watch -- in real time

Adam in Real Time: Cutting Flat File Drawers

Unhappy with the storage of his various measuring tools (an unorganized and messy drawer), and inspired by his friend Tom Sachs, Adam decides to make a five-drawer flat file that will give him more than enough space to organize his collection.

Adam in Real Time: Coring a New Lightsaber Pommel

Adam has very high standards for this lightsaber build , and after finishing the initial pommel, he realized it's not quite the right shape.

Adam in Real Time: Machining a Mount

In this Premium/Patron exclusive, Adam machines a tiny piece that will serve as the mounting point for his cast resin jewel.

Adam in Real Time: Snowspeeder Kit Assembly, Part 1

In this Premium/Patron exclusive, Adam begins assembly of the Bandai Snowspeeder model kit for his AT-AT Battle of Hoth Diorama, cutting out, priming and gluing together some of the larger pieces.