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    Science in Progress: Seals and Drones

    Wildlife conservancy is a science benefiting from the new tech and tools of today. Join Indre as she travels to Ano Nuevo State Park to explore the research tools scientists are using to study elephant seals in the wild.

    Model Behavior: Atmospheric Diving Suit Garage Kit!

    Modelmaker Kayte Sabicer joins the Tested team to teach us some of the modelmaking skills she's used for making filming miniatures. Our first project is a garage kit of a turn-of-the-century diving suit--a perfect chance to paint up resin to look like aged metal! (Find this model kit here!)

    Science in Progress: CRISPR Gene Editing

    Kishore and Indre investigate the intriguing world of CRISPR, a new gene editing technology that is shaking up the worlds of science and medicine. They experiment with a D-I-Y kit to explore how CRISPR works, and visit Berkeley's Innovative Genomics Institute to learn more.

    Science in Progress: Of Oysters and Climate Change

    Climate change has wide-reaching effects, from wildlife in their natural habitats to the foods you eat in your home. Kishore and Indre explore the ways oyster farmers and scientists are measuring ocean acidification, using custom-built water analyzers at places like Hog Island oyster farm to analyze the subtle and not-so subtle ways organisms are affected by higher-than-normal carbon dioxide conditions.

    Let's Build: Pacific Rim Model Kit, Part 2

    While wrapping up this snap-fit Pacific Rim model kit, we talk about custom modding toys, building dioramas, and the evaluate how this kit compares to a Bandai snap-fit model. Overall, we're pretty impressed with how it holds up! Thanks so much to Darrell for joining us this week. Check out his YouTube channel and look forward to future collaborations!

    LEGO with Friends: Lepin Saturn V, Part 2

    Our lessons learned so far from building this Lepin version of the LEGO Saturn V set: the pieces are more rigid, don't snap together as nicely, and the screenprinting is off! The price we pay for going with a knockoff! But we must continue, while Bobak, Simone, and Norm chat about the state of space travel and exciting offworld missions.

    LEGO with Friends: Lepin Saturn V, Part 1

    Bobak Ferdowsi joins us this week to take on a space-themed set! But this set isn't any normal build--it's actually a LEPIN knockoff that we imported overseas. Let's see how it compares to building the real LEGO set!

    Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Galaxy Quest (1999)

    Adam and Norm are joined by Tested's own Kishore Hari to watch one of our favorite science fiction films: Galaxy Quest! Adam shares some stories about his modelmaking work on the film, we discuss the efficiency of the script, and praise the casts' spot-on performances.

    Let's Build: Tiny Tesla Coil, Part 3

    After over a month of troubleshooting, Jeremy, Sean, and Norm regroup to give an update on the Tiny Tesla Coil build. Bad controller boards and blown fuses may have gotten the better of us. But not all is lost--we have some footage of the Tesla Coil working!

    Let's Build: Tiny Tesla Coil, Part 2

    Sean and Norm continue on the build while Jeremy goes off-screen to troubleshoot the MIDI controller board. Without a working board, we won't be able to play music and get the Tesla Coil working. Cross our fingers and hope it works out!

    Let's Build: Tiny Tesla Coil, Part 1

    Jeremy, Norm, and Sean take on a build that wowed us at Maker Faire: a tiny desktop Tesla Coil that plays music! As we solder the pieces together, we're using the kit to try to better understand how a Tesla Coil works!

    Science in Progress: D-I-Y Home Centrifuge

    Centrifuges are typically found in the lab, but with this 3D printed design, we can tap into its awesome power in the home! Kishore and Indre bring in our 3D printing expert to help make this kit work, and put some centripetal force on some fruit.

    Bits to Atoms: Painting the Spooky Space Kook!

    In this bonus episode of Bits to Atoms, watch the full painting and finishing process for the Spooky Space Kook animatronic mod, guided by modelmaker Kayte Sabicer. Kayte walks Sean through prep and painting, explaining tips and techniques of each step so you can follow along with your own projects.

    Science in Progress: Making a Foldscope

    Kishore recruits the help of our very own Sean Charlesworth to show us how to put together a Foldscope--a D-I-Y microscope kit made for home use. We put a few interesting things under the lens of this microscope to test how well it works!

    Simone's Waveform Necklace--It Might Work!

    Simone's latest project is a surprise holiday present for her mom: a necklace designed to evoke an audio waveform. First come prototyping in plastic, but we head off-site to make the final piece out of milled metal!

    Let's Build: Pinball Playfield Light-Up Kit

    Norm brings a new art piece to the office for today's build: the playfield of a 1992 Data East Star Wars Pinball machine! Using a lighting kit that Jeremy helped design, we wire up the back of this playfield to bring this classic game back to life!