Adam Savage Explains How TV Spaceship Doors Work

While on the set of the Expanse, Adam Savage stops to examine the blast doors of the spaceship Rocinante. The doors look like thick metal, but they’re actually made of light material and operate like your window curtains at home. Ah, the magic of film!

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11 thoughts on “Adam Savage Explains How TV Spaceship Doors Work

  1. I don’t understand how I can watch this video… Where can I go to become a premium member ?

  2. It is a bit weird suddenly having premium content back after such a long hiatus. Not sure if this is a signal it is coming back, I let my sub lapse after the content stopped being produced for so long.

  3. Apologies, all. We are in the process of transitioning our premium program, so we are not taking new subscribers. However, we had an obligation to members who had paid for a year of premium video content in addition to a poster. The posters have been sent out; these videos are to satisfy the rest of the promise.

  4. As a premium member for about 5 years, I need to ask: Is premium being ended altogether? or just changed? Are you shifting to a patreon model? the lack of info has been… not great.
    I get (I think all Tested fans, as makers and hobbiests/enthusiasts, do) that decisions have to be made, and if income needs/expectations from the program aren’t being met, doubly so, but it feels like we are being a little bit left out in the dark.
    My 1 year premium membership ends June 3rd. Am I going to be able to access premium content after that? Will I be able to re-up? or is there going to be a window where I’m downgraded to a normal member while premium is still locked? Do I need to start bingeing old paint tutorials I haven’t made it through yet in order to learn weathering techniques for my 1/144 scale Falcon?

  5. My subs started in March every year so I am used to getting my poster/premium gift later than everyone else. It’s a bummer that premium signups were cancelled so I missed out of the Gauntlet poster and have no chance to access premium content through Jan 2021.

  6. Wait, there was a poster this year? I never got one, and I’ve renewed my membership on time every year since I joined (2014 I think). The email said I renewed on June 1st 2019, so I’m good for a few more months. I just assumed there was no poster this time?

  7. Wondering if it got sent to my old address, I moved house in July last year. I never got an email from Tested asking me to update my mailing address (like I have in the past), I didn’t update it until a few months later. Looks like the last one I received was the spacesuit poster in December 2018, so either it was never sent or it went to my old address 🙁

  8. Giving premium members a unique 55second video after 3months of nothing, the Ghostbusters weathering video is also available on Youtube, is hardly what I’d consider satisfactory. Maybe when the decision was made to cancel premium memberships in their current form it would have been better to just reimburse the remaining months of subscription.

    I appreciate this is the wrong medium for airing “Dirty laundry” but I emailed some months ago about the disappointing lack of premium content, the missing weeks of build, model behaviour, Lego with friends. I’ve had a premium subscription since 2015 in order to watch the DeAgostini falcon build which never got finished.

    I’m intrigued to see what form the new premium membership will take, but having been on the fence about this years renewal based on present ROI there will need to be some guarantees.

    Always be testing.


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