Ask Adam: Deciding Prop Functionality

Nicholas Foote asks Adam Savage, “When making a prop, how do you decide how functional you’re going to make it?” What a great question! Here’s Adam’s answer, and you can ask your own question in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage)!

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4 thoughts on “Ask Adam: Deciding Prop Functionality

  1. Adam, as a “high functioning hoarder”, how do you mentally justify the waste from a material when you are building something? For example, the handles that you built for Beat Saber, you took 2 very large aluminum rods and basically removed about 80% of the material when you could have used that same rod for a lot of other projects. Just seeing that much material go to “waste” makes me think twice.

  2. So Adam,

    Long time watcher, first time asker.

    Having been to WETA workshop and having done an apprenticeship for making your own King Arthur armour… Is there a new white whale (prop) that you’re chasing? Maybe one we haven’t heard about yet?

    Thank You for reading this, and for being a HUGE source of happiness and inspiration to me!


  3. Adam in a recent video Steve Ramsey (Woodworking for Mere mortals) talked about the prevalence of “maker voyeurism”. The idea that “I’ll never make that so I’ll watch someone do it”.

    Do you think we have reached a tipping point where YouTube has gone from “Show me how” to “Watch me do”, and what effect could this have YouTube makers?


  4. I was watching back some “old” tested videos on youtube and came across one with an edc (every day carry). I really liked it and I can imagine it has probably changed quite a bit since then.

    Would you want to do another pocket dump as they call it to show what you carry with you on a daily basis?


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