Model Behavior: Mech Garage Kit!

It’s been a while since we’ve put together a garage kit from start to finish, so we’re stoked to assemble this garage kit from friend of Tested Michael Sng (aka Machinatino Studio)! Kayte and Norm clean up the parts, knoll them out, prep and prime, and then piece this Panzer II walking tank together. As a finishing touch, we airbrush some shading onto the tank to give plates some definition.

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10 thoughts on “Model Behavior: Mech Garage Kit!

  1. “from start to finish” 🙂

    You guys are amazing, but where’s Adam and the “one day build” series? We only see him selling T-shirt.

  2. Love this series, I always learn something new that I’m able to apply to my own stuff. I’ve been playing around with fiber optics for for lighting up my kits and would love to see some tips and tricks from you two! Great content, as usual!

  3. They didn’t even turn the motor on!


    I agree, we haven’t seen Adam much since the new year. Maybe because of his upcoming book. I feel like they should make more videos with guests like Bill Doran too make up for the lack of content. Heck, I’d be happy to watch videos of these two making more models!

  4. Very cool stuff. I like using Tamiya Rubber Black for pre-shading, since I think the black can be a bit too contrasty personally.

  5. True, also the amount of premium video’s this year is not that much as before sometimes we only get one premium video per month, then it’s a bit harsh to see premium video’s showing up at YT tested for free. Bill Doran on patreon is where i find the stuff i really want to see these ‘days’

  6. Yep! I’ve not renewed my premium subscription from Tested (sorry!) and I’ll support Bill Doran on patreon. 4 months ago I found this that I’m loving too much, but the video are courses so, takes a lot of time!

    Amazing content on the stan winston site. Jordu Schell is my all time favorite!

  7. That giant switch in the back looks awkward. Why not scratchbuild a housing to go over it to hide it when not used?

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