Challenge Accepted: Drifting with Zoe Bell, Part 1

We’re thrilled to debut a project with the inimitable Zoe Bell, actress and stunt performer from some of our favorite films like Kill Bill, Death Proof, and Thor: Ragnarok! In this series, Zoe takes on the challenge of learning to drift a stunt car–a physically and mentally demanding skill she’s yet to learn. Zoe embarks on the journey of developing this skill using the maxim of SODOTO: See One, Do One, Teach One. The first step: getting a feel for the car on the test track with Adam Savage.

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31 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted: Drifting with Zoe Bell, Part 1

  1. This is amazing! Lots of feel good fun, and I’m impressed how fast she was able to do it successfully after she did it once. Well done Zoe!

  2. I can’t wait to see more of this series! He is a great teacher, and she is a great student. And I really appreciate that you’re showing the whole process, with all the mistakes. Really makes you appreciate how much work it is to learn a new skill like this, even if you’re a professional.

  3. This is wonderful. Simply wonderful! I can’t wait to see what is to come from this series.

    And HUGE props to Joey for the amazing edit on this. I felt like I was right there with you all.

  4. This is gonna be a fantastic series. Zoe is an incredibly dynamic person to watch, and straight-up demands a shared enthusiasm for life and learning. Watching BTS footage of her stunts is fascinating because she wears her process and her passion on her sleeve, and it’s no wonder this was so fun and engaging to watch. I can’t wait for more in this series and I hope the format goes further with other subjects and skills!

  5. +1 I think they brought us in with the edit and story, felt part of the journey. When she got it I jumped out of my seat and shouted ‘Yes!’

  6. You can see Zoe Bell learned the theory straight away, but I think where she _really_ excelled (and blows-away mere mortals) was quickly putting it into practice by training-up her muscle-memory and sensory feedback with repeated exercises. IMHO, that’s what separates her as a stunt-person from the rest of us.
    Fang it!

  7. As a rallycrosser, I have to say the best way to learn this is to do it on dirt. It’s so much easier to manage your grip, because you have so little to begin with. (and it doesn’t cost $1k a day in tires) I learned to race in rain thanks to rallycross.

    I love how she brute forced her way into it entirely with the wheel!

  8. Amazing! Keep it up. This is great stuff. Wife and I sitting here grinning and laughing the whole time!

  9. This is fantastic, it’s so riveting watching the learning process as it happens. And Zoe is just awesome so more Zoe in everything forever please.

  10. I’m going through watching this after it’s been up for a while, and I just rewatched the drifting episode of Mythbusters the other day.

  11. I’ve been a Zoe Bell fan since watching Whip It. ( I was a referee in Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby for a few years).
    Thus giyl uz az cool az.

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