Making Foam Helmets with Punished Props, Part 1

Prop builder Bill Doran joins the Tested team this month to put together some foam helmets! This helmet is based off of a kit Bill designed in collaboration with Adam, and we show how to put it together with contact cement.

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13 thoughts on “Making Foam Helmets with Punished Props, Part 1

  1. BIll says they are permanent seams and that you might be able to use thinner. Having built puppets with Barge you can apply heat with your heat gun carefully and it will reactive it so you can pull it apart for repairs.

  2. Yes! So happy Bill is back. One if my all time favourites series was the foam axe build (turned me on to Punished Props) – such a great addition to the Tested team!

  3. Norm, it’s like you’re reading my mind throughout this video. Thanks for asking the right questions and pointing out the right considerations!

  4. I’ve started sharpening my boxcutters all the time since I saw Bill do it. It feels sharper than new each time.

  5. Bill from Tested!!! Awesome build guys! I SO wish I did, but I don’t own a laser cutter myself. You mentioned one problem with laser cutting foam is getting it to lay flat. I was just wondering, would it be possible to lay a flat, clean piece of clear glass on top of the foam to get it to lay flat if the laser would pass through the glass and cut the foam as intended???

  6. I like to wear nitrile gloves when I’m applying glue, if I get any on my hands, I just pull off the gloves and toss them.

  7. That is an interesting suggestion. I have no idea. I don’t have any sheets of glass on hand to try with my laser at home, but I’ll keep that in mind to try for when I do.

  8. I purchased this box from quarterly and it was great fun to build this helmet with my kids. Now my son wants to build this own, are the plans available for this modular helmet.

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