MEGA Applause Machine–It Might Work!

For the Tested live show, Simone revisits one of her first robots–the applause machine–by scaling it up and building one fit for the stage! The challenge here begins with making the larger-than-life-sized hands…

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10 thoughts on “MEGA Applause Machine–It Might Work!

  1. Fabulous, My Queen! Intermediate flaws and all. I think the bottom of the hands needs to be a little higher– so as to clear the box. Probably the hand supports should have an “S” bend in them so that when in the “together” position, so the cam can be vertical but the hands can touch. That would allow the cam to be a little wider– which leads to the cam being a little shorter. No need for that much travel.

    I only wish I could have been there to add my own very loud clapping method!

  2. I just love how violently it flails and shuffles itself around. Great build and very entertaining video.

    Do you still pinch yourself, Simone, that you get to play in that amazing workshop? I am enormously envious lol

  3. Now you just need to combine this with the machine that brushes your lapel so you get a machine that gives you a pat on the back when things go well.

  4. Use the same concept to make a huge puppy petting machine, then head to the dog park. With camera in hand of course.

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