PREMIUM – Let’s Build: Blade Runner Blaster, Part 1

Tested and special guests take on build projects that’ll require a full team effort! Watch along as we assemble model sets, electronics projects, and garage kits while geeking out about our obsessions! This week, we’re joined by our friend Mark Dubeau, a fellow Blade Runner obsessive who brings his deep knowledge of movie props to help us assemble our blaster kit!

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37 thoughts on “PREMIUM – Let’s Build: Blade Runner Blaster, Part 1

  1. Its says the video ins´t encoded for your device… but the old videos work !!! I´m using win 10 on chrome!!! Anyone having the same problem?

    Ok forget it its working now!!! Sorry don’t know how to erase the post!!

  2. Wow This is really great, totally agree with

    YES! This is exactly the type of Premium Content I want!

    Love this stuff and This Old FX Shop!

  3. And this is why I became a Premium member. Great video. Keep up the great work. I guess it is time for me to dig up my parts tub with my Bladerunner blaster and finish it along with you guys.


  4. THIS is why im a premium member. THIS is the type of stuff i will glady pay to see. i originally signed up for the premium membership because of the deagostini millennium falcon model build series, and was incredibly disappointed to see that never continue. But this is exactly the kind of content i want to see.

  5. Great premium content! I’m always happy to see you guys revisit these projects over the years. 2016 has been a fantastic year for us Tested fans. Thanks guys.

  6. Great to see fella’s, can’t ever have too many BR blasters. Thanks too for your kind shoutout Mark, totally unexpected mate..

  7. Finally, a nice juicy Premium video. Keep it up and I may renew my membership in March after all, after a terribly disappointing year.

  8. I just rewatched the DL-44 video a couple of days ago and was reflecting on how much great knowledge there is in that one. Then this comes along and steps it to the next level! Awesome stuff, can’t wait for part 2 🙂

    Also, fuck yes new player.

  9. I would love to see an episode showing the breakdown of Adam’s baby. I really want to make a blade runner from scratch using the actual guns it is based on.

  10. Is it possible to have a choice in between tiny thumbnail video and fullscreen? 🙁 Your video player seems so lacking, I know it’s hard to build a solution from the ground up, but I am frustrated!

  11. i don’t understand why the video player is so bad on here, none the less i love you guys! and thanks for sharing!

  12. Lovely video, unfortunately it is lmost impossible to get my hands on one of the Tomenosuke. Only chance I have is finding the parts myself and try to assemble one … which is highly unlikely!

  13. Blade Runner gun Build is awesome, just like to clarify some info for everyone, the thing that you call a clip is in fact a magazine, a clip is a device used to feed ammunition into a top load rifle, also you do not need a special license to purchase a firearm in California the only thing that is required is a driver’s license and a safety card that you receive at the gun store, and a federal background check. Just wanted to clarify some terms, love this build.

  14. After Adam dropped the screw I got really nervous seeing the gap in the table tops in front of Norm. I was just waiting for parts to roll off the mat and slip through the gap…

  15. Am i the only one having trouble watching the videos? Ive tried in both Safari and Firefox on MacOS

    I’m getting the following message:


    Cannot Contact Server

    Reload Your Screen or Try Selecting a Different Video

  16. Unable to watch this. I click the thumbnail and get the article title and description, but a blank space where the video should be. Tried in IE and Chrome.

  17. really poor quality on the video guys, so sad because a great video! can we please, please get the video a better quality?

  18. I’m pretty sure Tomenosuke is pronounced “Tomen-os-kay”

    Compared to the common Japanese men’s name; Diasuke….which is pronounced “Dice-kay”

    Its common in Japanese pronunciations to skim over vowels and not emphasise them unless they are highlighted, eg in “Tokyo”, where the O’s are long.

  19. any chance we can get some details on the blueing process you used on your receiver parts before you got started? I’m about to build the same kit and I’ve been collecting blueing process tips from every build I see that I like and I particularly like the effect you got here…

  20. Does anyone have the blaster assembly instructions that they would be willing to upload? I have a prebuilt blaster, but would like to modify it. It would be nice to have the assembly instructions for re-assembly.

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