Tested The Show 2016: Journeys

The full run of our 2016 live stage show! This year, we take you along for some of our amazing journeys, from our trips to the Arctic and edge of space to visions of the future we were promised in science fiction and film. Featuring special guests Kenji Lopez-Alt and Annalee Newitz, along with a VR episode of Still Untitled!

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22 thoughts on “Tested The Show 2016: Journeys

  1. Wow! Oh my! What a show! Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    Is the “Untitled VR” available somehow? I would love to experience that in VR.

  2. Agree, amazing show. Any chance that the videos from the show (Norm’s trip, the race, Kenji’s trip) are put online on their own? The Robot Simone build video also will be welcomed.

    Greedy me, I want to see more ………

  3. One slight correction to Norms arctic trip talk: Not 24 000 horsepower of Russian engineering; she’s a Finnish built vessel, so Finnish engineering. 😉

  4. so here,s a thing.

    I work in theater.

    Today , this morning i was showing archive footage of The battle of the Somme to five hundred or so people.

    This was deeply emotional and had a big impact on me.

    For those that dont know on day one of this battle 57,000 people were injured. 19,000 of them died. Three months or so later 1.5 million people had lost their lives across both sides. I believe the net gain to the uk was a 7 mile advance.


    Role forward to Late afternoon and im working of the UK tour of The Rocky Horror show and in the evening we did a second show.

    During the show i found it hard going after the emotional morning. However this show is a safe place for (as Adam puts it) people to let their freak flag fly.

    When i got home and found that you had posted your show i desperately needed to wind down and for once decided to watch a stage show. A true Bus-mans holiday

    Now lets put this in context i have been working on shows for about thirty years, i,m involved in about 250 shows a year. From the large to the small.

    The show i have just watched on your site was all about the content and people.
    It was great.
    Its been years since i have enjoyed anything on a stage so much.

    Your show informed, entertained and made me laugh.

    Norman i was moved by you opening segment. You should look to developing this side of the site. Do more of your Journeys and bring the story’s home to us all.

    Thank you all Team Tested.

    Somehow your show was just what i needed to relax after a weird and emotional day.

    Sorry if i have gone way off topic .

    Thanks again

  5. Let us know if you want us to do another live show. It takes a lot of work, but clearly you can see how much fun we have. And the band was a new twist – I’d love to hear if you thought it was good addition.

    I imagine you’ll see videos of the DeLorean and Last Mile race for sure. Lots of us are pushing Norm to turn that talk into something more.

    And FWIW – Norm’s presentation brought me to tears. We argued about the construction of that talk for a while – but once we settled on the Star Trek narrative, Norm’s brilliant writing and Joey’s videography combined into easily one of my favorite Tested things ever. Will nailed it with his comments about the talk in a recent Still Untitled.

  6. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing, giving me a chance to experience it a bit as well from the Netherlands. 🙂

  7. Wow! Fantastic show guys, Loved all of the presentations.

    God I wish I could be part of Adam’s nerd gang. 😛

  8. The live shows are fantastic. My girlfriend and I love coming into SF for the weekend for them, hope to see them continue.

  9. I enjoyed watching the video of the show. I do hope that the Tested team can/will do more of these shows going forward. The “lot of work” was appreciated at this end.

    I really enjoyed the band, their sound is great and they performed, (covered the video and Foo snafu), perfectly when needed. They were an excellent addition.

  10. I was lucky enough to attend the first live show, and have loved seeing them progress and evolve. Can’t wait to see the next one, because please, make another! 🙂

  11. I’ve had the good fortune to attend all 3 Live Shows and they just keep getting better and better. Like you, Adam and Will, I was profoundly moved by Norm’s opening presentation. Please, oh please, keep these live shows coming! I fully realize that acting as showrunner for this production, in addition to orchestrating the ENTIRE Bay Area Science Festival, must tax a person well beyond their limits but, man oh man, you do it so damn well!

  12. I thought the band was great. They were obviously well prepped and probably fans of Tested in their own right as they seemed genuinely thrilled to be there. I like how they used real songs and changed the lyrics to fit with the material.

  13. And also do another one but may by give a hint on the date a little earlier. Planning a trip to Vancouver via San Francisco next year and it would be awesome to make to the show.

  14. Finally got to watch the show. TESTED has become a part of my life in ways hard to quantify. The words of Col Hadfield should be engraved in marble and memorized by all.

  15. In this video Adam talks about the tragic death
    of Bruce Lee’s son. Adam identified him as Jason Lee however his name was
    Brandon Lee. I want to thank Adam for talking about this tragic event and I
    hope that the film industry will always remember the importance of preforming a
    proper firearm inspection.

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