Premium Preview: Painting Resin Model Kits, Part 1

Next week, we have Frank back in our (old) office for a week of painting resin kits! These are kits we picked up at this year’s Monsterpalooza, and we’ll be painting some great sculptures from artist Dominic Qwek, Melita Curphy, and Sandy Collora. For Tested Premium Members, here’s the first episode in its entirely early!

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22 thoughts on “Premium Preview: Painting Resin Model Kits, Part 1

  1. I can’t wait to see you paint that Miss Monster Mel creature. I covet her masks, someday I will have one!

  2. Wow Frank. I can not believe you are not “browning it up” for this paint job. Just kidding. Once again a great video. Thanks again.


  3. You can easily create work on the iPad Pro (and Apple Pencil) then export as a layered PSD file for further work in Photoshop. I do it all the time. Here is an example of an image primarily created on the iPad than I did some finishing touches in Photoshop.

  4. I have an idea for you guys. As a complete n00b at painting I always struggle with the color scheme I’ll use for a paint job. It’s a nightmare to visualize the final product let alone the layers you need to obtain the result desired. Norm seems to be having the same problems as I do. I would suggest to prepare some visual aid for him so that he knows what he want’s to achieve. Get an image and color it in PS so that there is something to go by. Even a very rough job will do here. This eliminates the initial, overwhelming, feeling of “WTF do I do now?”.

    Frank has this shit down to an art and I’m sure preping Norm would go a long way to talking about techniques rather than the initial design of the color scheme (a separate video maybe?). So if you have some specific detail on a sculpture and you’ve decided for it to look a certain way you can focus on attempting to obtain the desired effect. Present the layers, techniques and finish.

    Maybe go for the exact same scheme and compare at the end. Explain why the results are different, what went wrong, what can be improved with a different technique etc.

    Love these videos and I would like to see more. Moar!

  5. David Ayer didn’t direct Training Day, that was Antoine Fuqua, who hasn’t made a good movie since. I think you were thinking of End Of Watch, Norm.

  6. Where is 2 😉 was looking for it yesterday. I love these videos and if I’m honest I watch them for relaxation rather then to build along. But for a fact subconsciously I pick up tips cause I did some brush techniques last month on a build I picked up here. As far a the relaxation I think it is because of the long un edited form that I really enjoy these. For sure it is something you can’t find anywhere else. Thx Tested

  7. part 2 will most likely be out Tuesday. The guys usually start their weeks of build on a Monday, but as Joey said in the synopsis they posted this episode early.

  8. Hi guys, nice kits awesome sculpt.
    Don’t know why you did not prime them before painting and also why were you whiping the paint off.
    The airbrush is a great idea. I just could not figure out your painting technique
    I would love to see the Finnish paint job.
    Norm why were you whiping off the paint after painting the figure. It look like an awesome figure. I thought you were going to airbrush the figure than add the detail.
    Love your show keep up the awesome work.

  9. Hey Frank if you are looking for a new compressor i would recommend making sure it is an oiled one(they are the bulkier ones that look like a small engine). The newer oil-less ones that you typically see at home depot type stores are usually good for occasionally airing up a tire or something but in my experience for moderate to heavy shop use the piston in them just doesn’t last, and if your concerned about the oil contaminating stuff like paint you can always add inline filters and dryers in line after the compressor.

  10. Saw this on Youtube, hopefully it’s the same video…

    Frank is such a great teacher! Norm, you’re so lucky to have him there!

    I have a couple questions:
    So you don’t need necessarily to prime the model first, if you’re not going to use the primer base color for the final look?
    And… Don’t the oils from your skin interfere with the paint? Shouldn’t you be wearing latex gloves or something?

    You guys should stream this type of stuff and get live questions from the audience! Hey, maybe something for Octobercast! (a model octo-pus?)

  11. Still not 1080!? Us premium members pay to watch this content and yet don’t get 1080p quality, please fix it!

    Nice video though.

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