Tested Builds: Repainting Action Figures, Part 4

While Norm continues work on his Wampa paint job, Frank takes on the repaint of the Luke Skywalker figure included in this set. Remember the scene where Luke gets captured by the Wampa. There’s lots of blood, which is fun to paint! (Follow along the rest of the week–with a really special Tested video tomorrow–by joining the Tested Premium member community!)

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32 thoughts on “Tested Builds: Repainting Action Figures, Part 4

  1. I met Hasbro’s Star Wars figure sculptor a few years back at Celebration V in Orlando in 2010. He was noodling around with some clay and making figure scale sclupts of heads and stuff at Hasbro’s booth. Really interesting stuff where I got to learn a lot about their process – how they make the joints, how they decide on articulation, etc. He (at the time at least) was the only sculptor working on the figure line which absolutely surprised me. This was before the Black Series stuff so everything was the standard 3.75″.

    I wonder if since then they’ve stopped and moved to a ZBrush approach like Frank suggested when he noticed print build lines that made it into the final mold.

    Hasbro had just finished a new Wickett figure and Warwick Davis happened to stop by the booth with his family when I was there and he was checking out the figure (got a picture with Warwick and the figure!) He thought it was awesome.

  2. PLEASE DO SOME GUNDAMS. I think yall you could get several HG or RG done in a week these are 1/144 scale. or maybe one MG (1/100). I would love to see Adam do a MG or even a PG(1/60)

  3. Absolutely do Gundam. But release them in roughly close proximity. Don’t make us wait for two months for the exciting painting conclusion to the the assembly episodes.

  4. I thought Norm or Frank posted a pic on Twitter of them building a Gundam and a Patlabor. I thought that would be this month’s build but I’m cool with Star Wars too

    Adam doing a PG would be amazing!

  5. gundam for sure! I have one I did…..assembled really nicely….but i dont know how they are supposed to be painted.

  6. I absolutely ADORE Gundam.

    If you want a multi-week build, you absolutely want to build a 1/60 scale Perfect Grade. 1/100 scale Master Grades are too small to make for interesting filming and wouldn’t really fill out a multi-week video schedule. To get the most bang for your buck, by far the most complex and biggest would be the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam. Much painting and building to do, including lots of inner parts you can paint up shiny shiny gold.

    For a one-day build, you want to go for a Mega-size 1/48 scale Gundam – they are massively huge and a SUPER SIMPLE build, and mostly big chunky parts so Adam (or whoever) could easily fully paint, weather and build one in a day. There’s only a few kits available but the good old RX-78-2 is by far the most iconic.

    They are also ripe for weathering – here’s a Master Grade I painted up and weathered. You absbolutely HAVE to do Gundam builds!

  7. Ace work, guys. Really enjoyed this weeks videos. After the previous set of painting vids, I went out and bought a cheap airbrush and compressor. I’ve not had the chance to use it properly, yet, but this has gotten me stoked to dive in to it. Think I might get a wampa of my own to try.

    Deeeeeeefinitly do a gundam build, and Perfect Grade one, at that. Would be awesome if you can get Adam and Will in for it, too.

  8. yup, we were goofing around and building kits one afternoon. i LOVE the pat labor kit that i got, and doing Gundam or some version of robot is definitely in the cards for some day. I just have to pick the kit that speaks to me.

  9. (I was actually going to send that one to you guys as a thank you for all the awesome content and inspiration you have all given me over the last few years, but then my mother decided she liked it so much she wanted to buy it. Can’t say no to cold hard cash ^_^)

  10. Ya I’m with you on the Patlabor, I’ve always loved those robots and the whole series. They were cool enough looking for a giant robot show , while still believable. A under appreciated show – straight robot fight episodes, Whacky humor episodes, drama episodes a real fun range.

  11. Id love to see you guys attack some of the Star Wars bandai model kits, like the droids (r2 and c3po). That would be a fun one to watch.

  12. I would also love to see you guys build a Gundam kit. Maybe you could devide some large kit to different builders and see how things go.

  13. I’d love to see you build a moebius or Monarch monster kit. Don’t care for Gundum. Maybe a little more explanation instead of chit chat, too.

  14. Do a paint in a day, build the model beforehand , Millennium falcon for Adams paint day. And Gundam for you two sounds great.
    Would also like to see sci fi model builds with a smooth aspect to it , where part of the model is smooth combined with dirtied down engine parts ……

  15. You know what I would love to see you guys do? Modify/paint or personalize your own sideshow or hot toys sixth scale star wars figures. Now that would be something….

  16. I took these 2 Kenner droids, thought C3PO was too bright and couldn’t see the detail, and R2D2 was turning yellow and again couldn’t see the detail, so I washed them in black and raw sienna, touched up some of R2’s details, tried to make him look like episode 4 R2 with black holo lens. I think they came out okay.

  17. Catching up on the member catalog so I know this is late to the party but… I think this was Norm’s best paint job out of anything I’ve watched (Assuming my random Chronological Order of videos)

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