Tested Lessons: Painting Model Kits, Part 4

Time to start on the final project! We move on from small monster sculpts to a beautiful creature from sculptor Andy Bergholtz. These are cast in a pigmented translucent resin, and Frank teaches us how to layer on paint to make the most of the material. It’s going to be fun! Follow along with us by signing up for a Tested Premium Membership here!

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29 thoughts on “Tested Lessons: Painting Model Kits, Part 4

  1. I love these episodes with Frank! All three of you show different techniques and your methods. No matter what vantage point, it’s always entertaining and a wonderful experience. Thanks for the hard work you do and putting yourselves out there for everybody else to critique mercilessly if they wish. I, for one, have nothing but positive thoughts and the utmost respect for you.

  2. Any chance we can see those pictures you took during the process Frank?

    When I have some free time I will try my hand at the complete process: Sculpt -> Paint -> Animatronics. It will be the first time since I was a child that I have done any of these things, but these Premium Member videos have inspired me to jump in and give it a go!

  3. Its amazing to see the character develop as the colors change, Norms looks almost Sinister or evil as Franks looks almost like Abe Sapien.

  4. Staple movies in my house that my dad supplied me with growing up:

    The Toxic Avenger
    An American Werewolf in London
    Godzilla (all of them, everyone we could find)
    Clash of the Titans
    Puppet Master
    The Monster Squad

    There are a ton more, but those are ones I have vivid memory’s of hanging out with my dad watching.

  5. Picked up my first airbrush a few weeks ago (nothing great – Harbor Freight). After watching today’s episode I went out and bought some paints, cleaner, alcohol, and a hose to connect to my compressor. I think I’m about ready to start playing. 🙂

  6. looks really great. Can’t wait to see the finished piece. I like how wiping off the paint brings out the highlights instead of having to put the highlights in. I need to brush up on my technique (pun intended). I gave away all my GW paints when I moved abroad, I wish I still had them =/

    Oh well, might pick up a few colors and start experimenting.

  7. Hey Frank – your paint jobs are phenomenal – you’ve got some awesome mad painting skills and I’m thoroughly enjoying this video series. The top two photos that you posted make it look at though the sculpt is carved from jade!

  8. Playtime was successful. :o) Airbrush works, and I managed to not make a terrible mess. ;o) Don’t actually have anything in mind to paint just yet, but do need to practice obviously.

    Thank you for sharing your talents and skills with us so generously! And kudos to and Norm for being willing to learn in front of an audience. You’ve both done so well with this that I have hope to be able to manage myself! :o)

  9. Very cool to see the progress guys. I think Frank is doing well with his focused instruction. I suppose an airbrush techniques segment would be cool to see as well, but probably as a separate video/series. Can’t wait to see how they finish up the week!

  10. I know this isn’t in the same organic realm as the stuff Frank, Will and Norm have been working on this week, but it is the first kit/build I am doing with my new airbrush and dry brushing techniques (on the mouth vents). I’ve also added a button battery/LED in the eye. This series has been giving me the push I needed to keep on learning these skills!

  11. I love the video series. I was wondering if you had thought of doing more instructional videos. Almost like when Adam builds something and then narrates over it later. I think there would be a lot of great information to learn if you could look back on your own work in that sorta way and narrate it to the audience.

  12. man after either the astronaut or the battlestar video with Adam, I was saying someone should do a Gundam kit. That would be awesome.

    Or look at the Metal Gear Rex kits that are out there

  13. Totally random not that important suggestion:

    It would be kinda cool if you could label the close up shots with the persons name? Like the close up shot on Frank’s model say “Frank” etc.

    I’m not sure that may be difficult given the frequent switching between cameras etc but I think you guys are using a tricaster and for some reason I seem to remember it can do that? Maybe not.

    Awesome series though 🙂

  14. Second random and even less important suggestion:

    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE watching Frank work, but maybe he should stop every so often and just watch/supervise Norm and Will. I feel like he would notice more and be able to make more suggestions like “Norm don’t be a pussy throw that paint on there!” and “Will stop painting and wipe for F&$*% sake!”.

    Granted this may just be my own feelings watching this.

  15. No primer on these?

    Yeah, straight onto the resin. Primer/undercoat would have lost the translucency of the cast material.

  16. Oddly satisfying watching someone learn a lesson that those with a little more experience might even take for granted.

  17. Could you do something a little more mainstream like a Moebius kit, from start to finish? One of the Munsters would be nice.

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