Tested Builds: Quadcopter Drone, Part 4

On day four of the quadcopter drone, we’re back on track and the finish line is in sight. It’s time to wire all the electronics and attach the four arms to the main chassis. To watch and follow along with the build, sign up for a Tested Premium Membership by clicking here. Post your comments and questions about the build below!

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22 thoughts on “Tested Builds: Quadcopter Drone, Part 4

  1. This is the episode where we finally get a bit of music. Not to mention fire and small explosions. Of course, Chan also worked some robot noises into the assembly process. Nice!

    Now we just need to see this thing actually fly..

  2. Would like to see one of the builds shot in POV; maybe with a head mounted camera, or Google Glass

  3. Oh man, most excited I’ve been for a reveal!

    Part of me wants it to work and a part of me wants to see quad copter carnage…

  4. Holy crap only now I realize that thing is MASSIVE. Over-engineering much? Is it supposed to carry 4 DSLR’s with gimbals?

  5. They are adding bluetooth support to their quads, you can even get an add on board right now. I have a feeling that were going to be seeing lots of incremental upgrades over a faster and faster rate for a few years until it plateaus.

  6. Now I am curious to know what the lift capability of this particular quadcopter is? Because, this thing does not look light just sitting there on their desk…

  7. Not sure on the lift capacity but the 3dr DIY quad with the 6000mah battery weighs about 5 lbs (2.2 Kg)

    Now I am curious to know what the lift capability of this particular quadcopter is? Because, this thing does not look light just sitting there on their desk…

  8. Thanks to your build videos I’ve become inspired, and perhaps a BIT obsessed with building and flying my own drone. Actually these vids probably cost the folks at Printrbot a sale because I was originally going to get the Simple because until that build I was unaware of anything but Makerbot, but I’m convinced now that I would get far more use out of a drone than a 3d printer. As I read through all the documentation about the pixhawk I became aware that it can be used to drive a variety of drone styles. So, based on a few youtube videos and other places, I’ve spec’ed out the parts for a hexacopter based off a Tarot 680PRO frame that only coes out to perhaps 300-400 bucks more than the cost of a quad kit and radio system+battery sold at 3D Robotics. Since it is based on setups that have video proof of success I’m reasonably sure I’ve picked the right components. If any drone builders see this site i would LOVE some input on the parts I’ve picked so far. Its still probably 6 months out before I even order anything since I’d like to keep researching and save the cash rather than throw a credit card at it. My current part list is here:


    Thanks Tested for reawakening in inner RC hobbyist in me. I used to build RC cars and trucks as a kid and lost interest over the years as my interests change and as cars and trucks stopped being kits and more being ready to run out of the box. The most fun was putting them together. This seems like the ultimate challenge and now that I’m older, and have an engineering degree under my belt, I think (PRAY) that I’m up for it.

  9. With only a quick glance at the parts, they look good.

    You can pick up the FrSKY taranis radio and receiver kit at aloft Hobbies (i got it there) They’re an authorized reseller so if anything does go wrong you aren’t having to deal with international shipping or support. Also Mode 2 for the controller is more common (throttle on the left).

    A second battery will allow you to double your flight time before having to go home and recharge (use one battery up, land use the other one up)

    A roll of Velcro is useful just to have around, you can make a battery case out of it.

    Also thick double sided 3M tape is key to keeping things in place.

    Extra propellers, even a set (plus extras) of cheaper nylon ones to do your initial tests on are really really useful. I have a box with all my broken props in it. All of them from the initial set of test flights and getting used to controlling the multicopter.

    Have Fun!

  10.   Thats exactly the advice i needed. Especially about the taranis. For exactly that reason ive been looking for a US store that sold them and thanks to you I have it. Ideally id like to have everything from that international store sourced domestic and probably will eventually. i have thise parts there only bc the US hobbyking didnt have them. If you or anyone else has a store suggestion Id be more than grateful.

  11. Theres nothing inherently wrong with hobbyking, I have a friend who orders from there often without a problem. The only thing is that if you do get something that doesn’t work from them its often not worth the effort and expense to get ship it back and get it replaced/fixed, so just take it as a loss and get a new one. (unless its a expensive item, then millage may vary.)

  12. Totally understand that. They have a hell of a selection and seem to be the go-to for parts. I just aim to source domestic to avoid international shipping rates. Managed to save 20-30 bucks if I go to ebay for that subset of parts now that I have an alternate Taranis source. I also really need to thank you yet again as I have also found that aloft hobbies has a fantasic rundown of the menu system of the transmitter. The Frsky website is TERRIBLE for instructions beyond pairing the radio and how to aim the antenna. You have saved me a lot of future headaches.

  13. I did a lot of research on transmitters/radios (on everything actually, even was looking at research papers on small propeller design and thrust / velocity) before I settled on the frSKY Taranis, its not the most user friendly setup, but it is the least expensive and most configurable one out there today. It runs openTX and once you get familiar with it is very configurable. I have a 2 position and a 3 position switch controlling a channel with 6 positions for my flight modes.

    Have fun researching and building, it’s where the fun starts.

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