PREMIUM – Tested Builds: Japanese Papercraft, Part 7

It’s the final episode of the papercraft kit build! The end is in sight as Will and Norm add the finishing details to the Hotel Adriano from the film Porco Rosso. To watch the epic finale, sign up for a Tested Premium Membership by clicking here! Tomorrow, another project begins!

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25 thoughts on “PREMIUM – Tested Builds: Japanese Papercraft, Part 7

  1. Nice job finishing this kit, & !

    The chateau turned out great with all of the trees, shrubs, grass, and moss dripping down the sides of the base..

  2. Loved this build, good work dudes. You’ve inspired me to go buy some papercraft kits of my own 😀

  3. Haha I loved all 7 parts. I liked the constant race against time. “More building, less talking”

  4. Et voila, ordered some stuff myself. The 1/300 Laputa flying model is pretty epic as well! But very… brown, plus I don’t think it’s particularly challenging, it’s just sticking flat layers on each other I think. I started with something cheaper to begin with; bought some 1/150 items; a motorcycle shop, 3 motorcycles, a tram and bus stop (which will serve as tram stop, dammit!) That should serve as a pretty nice little city scene 🙂

  5. That ‘Spirited Away’ kit is $590 before shipping?! 😯

    Almost makes you want to buy a laser cutter, eh ??

  6. Great job, guys! I hope that you do continue with more papercraft builds. I’ve started researching the Terada Mokei kits.

  7. But what if it was a marathon LEGO two(+} hour build?

    Would you ever consider doing one of those?

  8. I got a little chuckle out of the complaining about the size of the chairs and tables. I’m a watchmaker by profession, and deal with parts on that scale and smaller nearly every day, packing hundreds of them into a package the size of, well, a wristwatch.

    The tweezers certainly help, although the problems you were having with parts flying into oblivion is caused by a combination of the tines of the tweezers not aligning correctly and you gripping the parts too hard- when they slip the excess pressure sends them flying. Get out the magnification and check the tips to be sure they close together properly and be a little more gentle with the grip next time and you won’t run into that issue as much.

    Good to see the papercraft though, and the results you got were pretty nice. I’ve done some papercrafting in my spare time as well, a few general models, some video game characters, and a working pendulum clock. Keep up the good work guys!

  9. Grats on finishing! This was a really entertaining series. It’s taking all my self control to not order one for myself. It did feel like a mini Octoberkast. New challenge for the next one? What’s worse, looking for tiny paper pieces with no sleep or fighting nausea in Oculus? haha.

    I hope you get to bring your munchkin to the Ghibli museum while she’s still pretty young. That place is made for kids and a lot of the exhibits are eye level for kids. There are some tiny doors that are kid level that are a pain for adults to peek in. Not to mention an almost life size cat bus for kids to play in.

  10. Nice work on an epic build!

    For LEDs to light the interior you can just use a coin cell battery and resistor, no need to use 5 or 9V. Check out LED throwies for inspiration:

    I’m with Will though and think a small Arduino and RGB LEDs would look great. You can get WS2811 style ‘neopixel’ LEDs in big diffuse LED packages now that would work great: Could make the interior light up and flash any color, like a crazy rave going on inside the house.

  11. I’m still catching up with this series and love it so far! The real-time build stuff is great and with the next project already lined up, I can barely keep up with the downloading

    +1 on the 30 minute episodes. That’s a good length to watch per episode and if you want any longer, you can just set up a playlist. Downloading single episodes is a bit of a pain though (My Internet’s not good enough to stream)

  12. My little Sankei Satsuki & Mei’s House kit arrived today. It’s lovely, but seems somehow much smaller in real life than I imagined.

    Now, I occasionally build 1/144 WWI airplanes from scratch (mostly styrene). I make hem quite detailed, so I couldn’t imagine that prepared kit of a 1/150 scale house would be that much of a challenge. Not so sure now…it seems pretty fiddly and quite scary. I think it’ll be even more fun than I hoped!

  13. I have to confess that, after watching the first two videos I lost the vision and jumped forward to the last video but just have to say WOW! The Chateau, Gazebo, etc. are spectacular so I’ll be going back to watch the intervening videos to see how they came together. Nicely done Will and Norm.

  14. sorry, couldn’t find time to do it before heading down to Comic-Con. I can still do that when I get home tomorrow, though!

  15. This was pretty great! Reminds me of the lego build. I agree with will, if you do it again, make it a long running series and take your time. I feel some of the quality was dropped because of time constraints.

    Please do one in the future.

  16. Better than Lego, My uncle used to build diorama and he used to say Lego was diorama for short attention spans.

    Ordered porco Rosa DVD from ebay…thanks

  17. Bravo! Excellent job, guys! I really enjoyed watching this come together. You both did an excellent job. The ideas for mods like lighting interior, a stand with translucent, wave-textured plexiglas are great fun.

    Looking forward to all the other stuff!

  18. Just a word of advice guys/girls, watch the scale if you buy paper craft. I tried my first one and it was pretty difficult, I didn’t look at scale when I bought mine and ended up with a 1/220 scale corner store which was very tiny. Will, Norm great tips with the glue, It worked great and it did thicken when it was left out a bit, I also used a syringe and bamboo kabob skewers (sharpened in a pencil sharpener)

  19. Finally got around to watching this series. The biggest problem with the long episodes is remembering something I wanted to comment on. I do think it’s funny when Norm quietly corrects Will’s grammar.

    Oh yeah, awesome build!

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