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Episode 535 – Make It So – 1/23/20

Two big stories dominate this week: the premiere of the highly-anticipated Star Trek: Picard show and Valve answers questions about Half-Life: Alyx in a Reddit AMA! Plus, streaming service confusion, Apple’s rumored “budget” iPhone, love for Pavlov VR, and a moment of science!

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  1. I really like my old “blockhead” Tested t-shirt, would love to buy one with the updated hosting crew (Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore). Any chance one might be coming? Take my money 🙂

  2. Seriously. I’ve been asking this in every comment section for about a year. They talk about the show notes on every episode. Where are the show notes!?

    Every other podcast I listen to has show notes that are linked in the metadata in the podcast app. I can just click on them while I’m listening to the podcast. This is the only podcast that doesn’t do that.

    Where are the show notes

  3. I saw the first episode of Picard and I liked it. I think the time gap / aging of the character makes it work in ways that the didn’t always for the movies (it sometimes felt like the movie versions of the TNG cast were just a little different from their familiar TV counterparts). I like they are just working with Patrick Stewart’s age and there likely won’t be a stunt double fighting scene. It does seem like a core tenet of the shows since the original series is that Star Fleet and the Federation always managed to screw something up.

  4. Episodes they recommend watching (ordered by air date):

    • The Battle – (S01 E09)
    • The Measure of a Man – (S02 E09)
    • The Offspring (S03 E16)
    • The Best of Both Worlds: Part I and Part II – (S03 E26 and S04 E01)
    • Unification I and II – (S05 E07 and E08)
    • I, Borg – (S05 E23)
    • The Inner Light – (S05 E25)
    • Chain of Command, Part II – (S06 E11)
    • Star Trek Nemesis (Film, 2002)
  5. Love this site… podcasts, videos and all. However, there is a reoccurring criticism that I’ve seen on this site (actually in this very podcast episode) and ST fans in general that I would like to (if you will forgive me) voice an opinion on… Star Trek Enterprise. I’ve always felt that the show had a unique approach from the rest of the Start Trek universe, and shouldn’t be trashed for that, but praised. The opening theme was an odd choice I agree, but I believe it was the proper choice for the direction the show was trying to go. I could go on and on defending my position, but allow me to just make this one observation that kind of sums up how I feel about STE: In a way the original Star Trek series was tied to films like Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Those films were an attempt to do the ever elusive Good Science Fiction Film, which was a difficult task then indeed. TV in those days always followed what was going on in films by 5 or 10 years, so it was natural that ST the original series came into existence when it did… which turned out to be a great thing for us today. So, looking back on those films and on the original ST series, I can see parallels in the heart and soul of Star Trek Enterprise. Looking at the production design and the various other retro aspects of how the show was made and the performances, it fills me with nostalgia, and feeds my appetite for old-school SciFi that has real substance.

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