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Episode 451 – Let’s Talk About Solo – 5/31/18

Effects fabricator and Tested contributor Kayte Sabicer joins us this week for a big discussion on Solo: A Star Wars Story and the latest in pop culture, technology, and virtual reality! Note: when the background lights turn green, spoilers are in effect!

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10 thoughts on “Episode 451 – Let’s Talk About Solo – 5/31/18

  1. There’s a shot in A New Hope where Chewie is entering his seat in the cockpit and his head hits the dice. For various reasons that was hard for us to see in the pan-and-scan TV versions of the movie most of us grew up with, and it wasn’t until the widescreen versions came out in the mid-90s that those kinds of details were made clearer.

    The fan theory was that those dice were involved in the Sabacc card game that won the Falcon for Han, but now it seems that is not the case.

  2. just pausing at 52:00 to make this quick comment re star wars characters at that point in time:

    in clone wars, darth maul indeed comes back on the scene, uniting with his brother (another discarded pupil of count dooku’s), and taking over crime syndicates.

    by the time of star wars: rebels, though, he says he’s ‘formerly darth, now only maul’, and seeing both the jedi and the sith as his enemies. also, in the rebels season 2 finale, his first appearance in rebels, he is carrying the lightsabre he has as the hologram in solo.

    spoilers begin

    and i agree with you all about qi’ra. i really liked how it was implied that her way off corellia was a much dirtier one than han’s, and her life is now one of navigating the cutthroat and double/triple-crossing waters of maul’s crime syndicate. while han could continue living his life as if he was the star of his own adventure film.

    that were her two big emotion/character moments, for me: one, when she storms out of the falcon with explosives, to fight alongside han and lando. that was her being able to indulge in what she’d love to do, were she not tied down in, and committed to a society with no way out. and the other, when she used her rise up the ranks to shield han, to allow him to be his more naive self for a little time longer, without being on the run for the rest of his life.

    and for han, i liked how the film made him out as a combination of traits that rubbed off from influential figures, and a few core han things uniquely his own, like the aforementioned living life as if he was the star of his own film.

    spoilers end

  3. about that amazon echo mishap: that chain of misinterpretations doesn’t sound too far-fetched to me. i mean, it’s not (or at least, should not be) like you have x separate errors, each with a tiny chance of occurring, and the chance of all of them happening is their much tinier product.

    the sequence of interpreting a command and listening for further input is more like a state machine: the first misread triggered an (undesired) action, and part of that action is to listen to something that’s either an OK or a dismissal command. it’s pretty likely it’ll read either of those out of a random stream of ongoing input.

    for the text editor nuts: if you ever thought you were in vim’s input mode and started typing away, you know what kind of random undesired action typed words can cause in normal mode.

    i guess i see more of a problem in the opaqueness of the interface rather than an NLP-based loop of contextual input interpretation guessing wrong. that this could happen and go through without attracting anyone’s attention is where substantial improvement ought to happen. at least IMHO. 🙂

  4. I think the Boba Fett movie is the one and only chance for a rated “R” Star Wars movie. I would love for it to take a gritty turn and have a lot darker plot.

  5. I would like to see a segment on “The Toys That Made Us” on how the Captain Power interactive toys worked. We did not have access to them growing up but I always wanted some and wondered how they made toys that interacted with a tv show in the 80’s.

  6. Dudes, get some philips hue (or any other inteligent led lights) for the spoiler bit on the set already!

    You could automate it to the desired effect so much more easely and with almost infinite setting options than those led strips controled by funky remotes.

    I just went for one and now my house is filed by those things!

  7. Liked Kayte – very pleasant, enjoyable guest.

    I don’t think there was any hint of Sith-ness in the Solo movie. By that point, Maul was just a criminal and not a Sith adherent. And Qu’ra (however it’s spelled) didn’t show any signs of Force powers or interest, anyway.

  8. I kind of wish they had gotten Harrison Ford for Solo with a framing device of him telling his story to Rey and Finn while killing time in Force Awakens (traveling from point A to B or something). Then use him as an unreliable narrator embellishing the good points and brushing over the low points while giving hints that he is not telling the whole truth. My main rewrite would be to have the Beckett character be Han’s dad as a loser dragging in his kid for a score. Their troubled relationship would ultimately mirror that of Han and Ben.

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