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Episode 449 – Cocaine Noodles – 5/17/18

This week, we get hyped for E3, the impending release of Deadpool 2 and Solo, and a new LEGO roller coaster set. Plus, the baffling audio clip phenomenon dividing social media, visits to the Beta store, and hacking digital assistants with words you can’t hear. Hope to see some of you at Maker Faire this weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Episode 449 – Cocaine Noodles – 5/17/18

  1. I heard Lorel before I ever saw a text option as to what the sounds may be. Wondering if it is an age based difference. As we get older our the vibration sensitivity of our ears gets worse, limiting the range of high frequency sounds we can hear. So in older ears the higher range sounds are much less heard than the lower range sounds where the “lorel” lives. Someone needs to chart this and see if it falls along age lines.

  2. So here is the weird thing – I was at a bar with a friend who is 2 months older than I am. I heard Yanny, he heard Laurel. I listened to a different recording(which also happened to be one of the better Rick Roll moments in recent history, hilarious) later that night at home and heard both at the same time. The next morning, I played the 2nd recording again, and only heard Laurel.

    So it’s something that isn’t necessarily a constant.

  3. He was OGT, back from ’92, the first EP. And in between sips of (Diet) Coke. He told me that he thought we were selling out.

  4. If you want to talk about how flawed and outdated the ratings system is. Just let me know, I worked for them for awhile and that stuff is always wrong and messed up.

  5. That’s fascinating. We did an experiment with our newsroom staff and it did not break down by age at all. I’m starting to think it really depends on the audio device as much as it does the listener.

  6. I think everything adds up to hearing the differences. Those 3 instances were all on the same device as well. I may play around with playing it through a stereo and fiddling with the levels to see if I can make it go one way or the other consistently.

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