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Episode 418 – 140 Forever – 9/28/17

Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore talk about their recent trip back in time to the Speakeasy, Star Trek Discovery’s premiere, Amazon’s surprise hardware announcements, and Twitter’s big change.

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  1. On the Dyson EV front, I hear that there are some substantial government assistance programmes for manufacturers who want to get in to this domain. The UK is a prime EV market with low average journey length, low peak journey length and a huge dependence on imported power through coal, gas, and oil.

  2. Show Notes?

    Will there be a file containing the show notes/links for the TIOAT shows up on the Google folder? There were topics that I would like to do some followup link chasing.

    Thank you

  3. I watched the two Star Trek episodes back to back.

    I wasn’t sure after episode one, but really enjoyed the two episodes together.

  4. Dyson is a bit of a spiv. The manufacturer he’s going to partner with will be chinese.
    The car, if it eve comes to anything, will be awful.

  5. Sorry – that’s my responsibility, but I’ve been swamped with my day job and working on the live show. I’ll get them up tonight.

  6. i wanted to hear more from Norm on simplicity and complexity.. why is a good knife better than a weird salad shooter gadget.. why are post it notes still so useful… why do most alphabets have less than a hundred letters… why do ios, ps4, android all have a unixy backend.. why did html beat opendoc…

  7. Loved the first episodes of STD (love the acronym too). Would I get CBS All Access just for STD, even if I could? No. (they don’t offer it in Canada) Will I continue to watch on cable? Yes. (It’s on “Space” here, our version of SYFY).

    The only letdown for me was the incident with the new captain at the end of the second episode. Spoilers…

    Michelle Yeoh would be an amazing captain. Her martial arts would make for some pretty cool away missions a la Captain Kirk but minus the testosterone and dickishness. Oh well.

  8. Total coincidence. I’ve been rewatching all of Star Trek, starting with TOS, then animated, now on episode 25, season 7 of TNG. All stuff I’ve seen before. I was looking forward to finally watching DS9 for the first time.

    Until I watched premiere. I can not stand being in the same room with a single one of the DS9 characters. Sisko is an anti-trek officer. Dour, rude, dumb. The acting style is abrupt and halting. It’s as if he’s always trying to impress someone. He seems insecure and puffing up his chest constantly.

    The shapeshifter is annoying in his constant annoyance. Not only is DS9 hard to watch for a Star Trek show, I just don’t think I can watch it at all. It doesn’t help that the SD video on Netflix makes my eyes bleed.

  9. My wife pointed out the Klingon subtitles Netflix added, she thought that was pretty funny even though we arent into Star Trek.

  10. I had a similar reaction to DS9 when I watched all of it last year for the first time. It hadn’t clicked with me during its initial run; I had sampled a few episodes here and there, and never got into it. But the fan chorus of it being the best Trek made me give it another chance, and I watched the whole run. I still don’t think much of it.

    I didn’t like Avery Brooks, especially in the beginning. I’ve had a lifelong aversion to René Auberjonois, and, oh man, is there a lot of Odo, who was fingernails on chalkboard to me. The Ferengi were always a one-note race, and there were too many stories about them, none interesting to me (and while I usually enjoy me some Wallace Shawn, his was another fingernails on chalkboard character).

    About halfway through the series, I asked myself if I’d feel anything if any of the main characters died. The answer was ‘no’, and when that answer was tested (sort of) in a future episode, I was right.

    I forced myself to watch the whole thing, if only to help me fall asleep some nights. Like every Trek, there are a handful of standout episodes, and it attempted a more sophisticated story arc and social milieu, but I just didn’t care about the outcome of any of it.

    And yes, the quality of the video on Netflix makes it especially hard to watch.

  11. guys, hearing your discussion on the new trek being more war trek than star trek, and whether war trek satisfies the expectations one hs of ‘true’ star trek:

    is visceral war classic fare for a star trek story? no. is it plausible to have a visceral war precede the later uneasy/strained truce with the klingons? yes.

    compare this dilemma with:

    is a trade blockade/senate politics story classic star wars fare? no. is it plausible to have such events lead into the war that will set the stage for ANH etc.? yes.

  12. What I’m hoping is that the opening 2 episodes for Star Trek Discovery were actually the ending of this series. Then they can tell the story from when Captain Georgiou and Michael first met 7 years before and build up to the when the ship first encounters the Klingons. That will let us see Captain Georgiou in action, how Michael first came aboard and had to adjust to living with humans, and let us get to know the rest of the crew.

  13. In Germany Startrek Discovery is a ‘netflix original series’ and streams right now for netflix customers. Here in the US CBS wants you to sign up for their streaming service and you have to agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with their marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services. All wrong, greedy and completely pathetic.

    And, no you won’t get access with an US netflix login to the German netflix service.

  14. And, no you won’t get access with an US netflix login to the German netflix service.

    You probably could via VPN. (Though Netflix doesn’t approve using them to circumvent their region limitations.)

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