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Episode 88 – Miles Per Hour – 10/20/2011

On this week’s episode, Will has trouble with the latest Nexus’ name, Gary reminisces about OCTOBERKAST, and Norm has problems with Wi-Fi. All that, plus the latest on Motorola’s Droid RAZR, the Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, the Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, and another edition of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

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  1. Haha. Yes, Forever Alone was when the other two ran off to change in the wee morning hours. You were answering rapid-fire chat questions at the time.

  2. Blackberry announced a new OS on Tuesday and you guys didn’t mention it at all in news. Has their mind share dropped so much that they can’t make the news?

  3. SERIOULY GUUUYS you are complaining about cell service and then you act like fucking babies when you see a cell tower? I really thought better of you. Just grow up, or just have crappy ass cell service.

    Also, I think that Gary is right, an unlocked phone can use any carrier/sim. But that requires the possibility to buy a subscription with a carrier without buying a phone (That might not be usual or even possible in the US and maybe why they didn’t understand the concept?). But it is possible here.

  4. I have 4 timers set to wake me up, I usually get up a minute or 2 before the alarm goes off than go to take a shower and will hear my alarm blaring whilst in the shower. My iphone is in a speaker dock so it is amplified and my death metal ringtone is really fucking loud. I will wake up with such a burst of adrenaline from the sudden loudness of my alarm than I sometimes just spring out of bed and have my heart racing, than I just say fuck it and go back to bed.

  5. GameSTOP. STOP. Not Gamespot because we don’t talk about that anymore. Also, you really should stop buying stuff at Gamestop, Will.

  6. I thought we were actually pretty positive about Android this week. I said ICS and Galaxy Nexus both look really good. It seems like nothing short of an anal tonguing for Android is good enough for some of the fanboys here.

    As a neutral user of a “dumb phone” I am inclined to agree, I thought the discussion was quite ballanced (for Tested anyway).

  7. Hi, i’m here for the anal tonguing.

    I’m boosting this to the top of my playlist, despite still having 17.8 hours of Octoberkast to listen to. SO MANY MISSED REFERENCES.

  8. I had a good solid laugh when they complained about ‘gimmicks’ on ICS considering their relationship with iPhone + iOS announcements.

    *Edit* Oh hey. Android bashing. The look of surprise on my face is not surprising.

  9. I know, had the same reaction! I watched the ICS announcement and thought it looked pretty awesome! But they mostly shat all over it. Voice typing looked great but their reaction was “we’ll see..”. Really? They talked more about the name!
    I really, really hate “omg apple fanboi!” accusations thrown around, and they are rarely justified, but this time I was a bit disappointed by the coverage of ICS. Maybe they should have had Braga on, and gagged Gary for a bit.. Some discussion of the new design of ICS etc would have been nice. Instead it was just rehashing of fragmentation arguments, again!  
    And I don’t even own an android phone so not sure I can be a fanboy. I don’t own an iphone either but still. 

  10. I thought we were actually pretty positive about Android this week. I said ICS and Galaxy Nexus both look really good. It seems like nothing short of an anal tonguing for Android is good enough for some of the fanboys here.

    The problem is that it’s hard to take you seriously when you talk about Android. Have you ever owned an Android phone? I know that Will has and he makes some good points. Still I feel like the problems Will mentioned are exaggerated and when you all rush out and buy the latest iPhone no questions asked it’s hard to turn around and listen to you guys talk about Android. It’s easy to say “well it seems good” when you have no intention of even trying it.

    All I’m saying is that when it comes to Android your opinion doesn’t carry any weight Gary. Sorry! Still think you’re awesome.

  11. How do I add tested to the Android Listen app? The RSS link doesn’t seem to work, and I can’t get on w/o my This Is Only a Test fix.

  12. Honestly the need to upgrade phone OSes the instant they come out is kind of ridiculous. Gingerbread is fine today, but it’s suddenly unusable the day Ice Cream Sandwich comes out? What killer feature does it have exactly that makes Gingerbread completely obsolete? Have it day 1 on your phone would be nice, but it’s not a dealbreaker for everyday users – in fact most people have no idea what version of Android they have, only that they have an Android phone. If they have to wait 2 or 3 months for an update but save 200$ off contract for one of these older Gingerbread phones then I think most people take that. And the power users will already know to get a Nexus or a custom ROM if it’s really that important to them.

    If we’re talking about normal people, frankly I think the weight of the phone, the screen, the battery life, whether you like the outside colour – all those are more important factors to most people’s enjoyment of a phone than what version of the OS it is.

  13. I understand. You know how it is, it’s easy to come across as a fanboy, or god forbid an asshole, on the internet. My criticism was pointed mostly towards Gary. He is really awesome and I’m more often than not on his side against you and Norm but when it comes to Android it just feels like he repeats stuff other people have said.

    And even if you only buy iPhones and iPads every year for review it’s what you end up using. The Android devices you have reviewed you don’t use anymore. I use Android every day, it’s the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to bed, right? 😉 I guess my standards are lower than yours.

    On another note I also think it’s ridiculous to buy a new phone every year. Twitter, browser, podcasts, music, kindle, google maps etc is all I need. I’m not interested in all the other apps.

  14. Totally agree, the Apple bias is so thick that they sneer at anything new coming from android and spout the same old arguments. Yet the tiniest, most gimmicky feature from apple makes them cream their pants

    They all do it (even us). Out of the cast, Norm is guilty of this a lot less than the rest of the WNG crew. However, Will has done it quite a bit and it aggravates me the more and more I hear it – and I am also an Apple homer. I know Will knows his tech, but he bleeds fanboy a bit too much about products he reviews and discusses and it can rub someone the wrong way. Gary does nothing annoying, because he is Gary.

    Great show regardless. I’m no big fan of the Android OS (I have one, used a few) but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be annoyed at how Android gets panned here, however opinions will always be as they are. The Android platform is just built for a totally different market than iOS. I definitely see hardcore computer nerds frothing at the latest incarnations of Android, which is what I imagine makes up a healthy bulk of the community from a technology website, so I get their frustration.

  15. “Android lag”

    It’s not Android lag it’s “They’ve turned too much stuff on at once-lag” I don’t get any lag on my Nexus S, I have two widgets on the home screens and it’s silky smooth. Plus different launchers can be smoother than others. It’s not an Android specific issue at all.

    and my Nexus S is a lowly single core peasant.

  16. It’s because Google pays attention to that and none of their partners do.

    Yep, it’s kind of sad that Android gets a bad rep because of crap like Blur, TouchWiz and Sense being laggy on some (most) phones. Would be nice if Google just said “Stock Android or don’t bother releasing a phone” but I doubt that is going to happen. It’s a great OS when it’s left to do its own thing, ridiculous that people are going to have to wait for Blur, TouchWiz and Sense to be updated before they can get Ice Cream Sandwich.

    I think manufacturers should set their phones apart with design and the hardware instead of forcing additional software on people, especially when that software is what delays them getting OS updates. Google should be thinking the same way too as that’s what Android gets criticised for the most.

  17. The only thing the new Nexus really has to it is that it’s the first 720p ICS deal and will be for a while.

    For everything else the great custom rom development community will try their best to jam ICS on anything that can run it.

  18. Thankyou Gary for defending people who use stuff like Instagram even if you don’t care for the program yourself. I don’t get Norm’s rampant ranting about those services every time they come up. I have to admit it’s kind of hilarious though.

    Also, American Gary terrifies me. It scares me every time you do that, Gary.

  19. Thought it was funny when Will said he only bought an iphone 4S because of his job. I don’t think any regulars to the site really need to hear their opinions on Apple products as they are always overly positive.

    Maybe hire someone that uses more than just Apple products?

  20. I’m surprised no one has made a big deal about the fact that Will has an old school push mower. I mean, what the heck? Did he get it at an antique shop?

    At least two, maybe three, of Tested’s freelancers use Android, and there are ass loads of articles for them all the time.

    Now, the amount of Windows Phone content is disturbingly lacking. I wish that I could afford one to bring that sort of content to a community that I really like.

    If there isn’t more WinPho content in the new year, I will be extremely disappointed with Tested. After the 7.5 update, the platform is significantly better than Android, and at least on par with iOS. Continuing to ignore it would be… fucked up, to say the least.

  21. I’m saying there is a need in the podcast to bring someone in that isn’t an iphone user. The site in general has the standard news with no bias but the podcast lacks someone that actually uses Android or WP7 or Blackberry.

    I like the personalitys that are on this site but at the moment when it comes to actual content I am enjoying TIMN podcast more just because there are people on the staff that use more than 1 brand in their day to day lives.

  22. Oh yeah, I totally agree. But sadly, that probably won’t happen any time soon unless they hire a new person.

  23. It’s great that you guys are planning to spread the timing fof the podcasts… I always miss the live strem being in Australa… 🙁

  24. I just wanted to drop this here: http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-4.0-highlights.html

    and mention that a lot of the outward features we are seeing are actually implementations of nice new APIs in the background. They are really continuing the effort to provide uniform and useful tools for devs and I think what you will see thanks to ICS and more future updates is a trend towards google building and fixing dev tools and APIs and then showing off a few examples of how to use it in their apps. So when you see things like Camera/Face unlock, Gmail/Email, Calendar, Voice typing updates its because they added or improved social, calendar, face recognition, and voice APIs that many apps can leverage. They are also trying to provide more uniform and robust UI tools for devs.

    So in short while some of the new ‘features’ are hit or miss I think the real new feature is a new level of refinement and detail that will continue to unroll as apps leverage the new tools and APIs.

    p.s. default 2d hardware acceleration on 4.0 devices…

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