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Episode 84 – Poison Ivy Bridge – 9/15/2011

On this week’s show, Will encourages restraint when it comes to Windows 8, Norm gets really excited about IDF, and Gary explains Monster Hunter to us all. All that, plus hands on time with Windows 8, all the next-gen processor news from IDF, golden cartridges, the Nintendo slidepad, the latest on Mango, and another edition of fake outtakes.

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30 thoughts on “Episode 84 – Poison Ivy Bridge – 9/15/2011

  1. Mushir just commented on your Blog: “The iPad… It’s been jailbroken”.

    “uTorrent? Why? Unless they make it possible for multitasking then its useless. You can’t do anything while something is downloading.

    To see the comment thread, follow the link below:
    The iPad… It’s been jailbroken

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  2. Always get tested

    EDIT: I effing LOVE deviled eggs when done right. Filling has to be just a tad on the dry side. No onions or sprouts.

  3. I’m watching Thursday Night Tested, it will always be called that to me, but I’m going to for sure listen to this when I’m in bed. Really interested to hear your thoughts on the whole 3DS situation and Windows 8.

    Always get tested

    Words to live by.

  4. “Will encourages restraint when it comes to Windows 8.”

    Man, I’m glad I listened to Windows Weekly live instead of this.

  5. I will give Norm the disgust at deviled eggs, but hard boiled eggs are delicious!

    Also, my breakfast is simple because I’m a simple man. WHATEVS TO YOUR DISGUST FACE NORM

  6. Monster Hunter plays nothing like Pokemon. It’s basically a co-op action game that consists of nothing but boss fights against a variety of monsters with gameplay that can either be described as technical or clunky. Kill stuff, get drops, craft weapon and armour, kill harder stuff, rinse and repeat.

  7. Battery life and charge ratio is different also the 3DS is probably worse than the vita in this case, the 3DS is about 1:1 on charge time.

    Come to that my ipod touch only lasts maybe 2-3 hours playing games.

  8. I once got poison ivy on my bathing suit area. I was 13 and my family was camping in the south-eastern part of Washington and it was a killer hot summer.

    I won’t go into detail but it was pretty traumatic.

  9. I still remember being a kid and having my Dad wake me and my two brothers up super early one Saturday morning. He wouldn’t tell us where we were going, he just piled us in the car and off we went…

    When we pulled up to Nintendo Powerfest, my brothers and I collectively shit out pants we were so excited. Then we spent the day playing video games and competing in the Mario 50 coin/Rad Racer/Tetris challenge. I did not win, so I am not hoarding one of the golden cartridges. Just an awesome day!

  10. Although I can’t throw in hundreds of dollars like you guys or some other amounts people are giving I’ll be more than happy to chip in $5 to the 24 hour charity stream. I don’t expect the video to be recorded, that is expecting too much, but maybe the audio could go up as a regular podcast?

  11. something is bad with that link , safari tries to add it ontop of the tested.com url

    btw , i listened to this live , it was great

  12. I’m curious as to why my very relevant Windows Phone 8 = Windows 8 question wasn’t played. Hope it gets played next week.

  13. I will forever weep for Borders. I grew up visiting the stores and ended up working at the Palo Alto Borders (Store #098) the summer after my freshman year of college. My same managers still worked at the store when Borders went under. Rest in peace, Borders.

  14. Did Garry forget that the 3DS battery life is only 3 hours as well? Both of them suffer from the same problem; that’s just not a comfortable amount for a portable.

  15. Don’t be afraid to put Gary to sleep. I would have preferred deeper coverage of IDF rather than 10 mins of charity castathon speculation. The Ivy Bridge thermal & power improvements are important.

  16. I’ve got a $800 Melitta fully automatic espressomaker, 15 Bar, 1400w brewer with adjustable grinder.

    It makes fucking awesome espresso’s and Caffé Americano’s and cappuccinos. So there!

  17. I would gladly donate money to Child’s Play with the added bonus of watching you guys (not even sure I could watch the entire thing live).

    1. Why do you not like eggs? They are delicious and got all kinds of good stuff.

    2. Are you guys crazy? The reason you are excited for the Wii U is HD graphics (atleast Gary)? I loved the first Super Mario Galaxy, easily among my favorites this generation. I didn’t care that it wasen’t in HD – sure it’s a bonus but I play Nintendo games for the unique gameplay and art style. Right now though I feel done with Nintendo, I sold my Wii and I don’t plan on buying the Wii U unless they do something amazing. Sorry but another Mario Kart just doesn’t cut it.

  18. Regarding SNES and Genesis sales: Yes, the SNES had more worldwide sales, but there’s more to it than just a worldwide number, at least in the US and Europe. The conventional wisdom at the time was that for most of that console generation, the SNES and Genesis were neck-and-neck; it wasn’t until the release of the much-hyped Donkey Kong Country that SNES started to take more of a constant lead over the Genesis. It’s difficult to say whether this old theory was true, but the US and European numbers seem to indicate that the two were pretty close.

    In the US, the difference was about 3 million units (Gen: 20m, SNES: 23m). In Europe, the SNES was still on top, but the difference was much closer at around 800,000 units (Gen: 8m, SNES: 8.8m). I’m guessing that the extremely close race in Europe was due to the NES not having a strong European presence in the previous generation. The only region with a “clear winner” was Japan, where the SNES had more than 6 times the sales of the MegaDrive.

    Therefore, Gary and Will, while technically incorrect, are not as far off the mark as some commenters would have you believe. If they’re looking at it from an American and European perspective, then yes, the Genesis at the very least was able to keep up with the SNES, and possibly even surpass SNES’ hardware sales if we factor in the late-model spin-offs like the Sega Nomad and Majesco’s Genesis 3.

  19. Nintendo is always seem to be regarded as this big sucessful company these days but if you go back to the last generation, Gamecube was almost their final console and hardly anyone knew Mario Sunshine even existed!

    Thanks for the nose hair tip Will, it scard the sh?! out of me! I’ll be clipping from now on.

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