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Episode 83 – Synchronize the Kicks – 9/8/2011

On this week’s show, Gary declares Amazon’s Android tablet the winner of holiday 2011, Norm explains how laser headlights work, and Will geeks out on Bull Mountain. All that, plus the latest on $300 Android tablets, Atari’s answer to the iCade, iPhone 5 rumors, a display expert weighs in on 3DTVs and another episode of fake outtakes.

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52 thoughts on “Episode 83 – Synchronize the Kicks – 9/8/2011

  1. He says it in the podcast like, five times. Thursdays, 11 AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern. Normal tested.com/live place.

  2. Watched the live stream, most of it anyway. Ok Will I’m totally with you on the fork thing. As it was explained to me it was a US thing vs the rest of the world. Fork goes in the right hand in the US. There’s also the upside down left hand fork thing I see people do occasionally. I think that’s older British people. The one that gets me is the people who grab the fork with their fist palm down and shovel.

    Oh and what was with the 20 minute sushi tangent?

    Still love the show.

  3. You fuckers… Making me want sushi at this time of night. You sick bastards.

    EDIT: My desktop is really fucking loud, and I usually have a stand up fan as well as a ceiling fan maxed out in my room. So it is extremely loud…..when I have nothing playing, but with my 5.1 I can’t hear anything when I am doing something. If I am on skype I use my headset. I rarely hear my fans.

  4. As an Asian, I’m tempted to revoke Norm’s Asian card. No tako, chicken feet, frogs legs, or shrimp heads? I am disappoint.

    Whatever he’s eating, make it out of something from the list above.

  5. Will defense force time!

    I was also taught to eat steak and such the way Will described. I have since unlearned that habbit and now do it the way it should be done, which would be the way Gary described.

  6. I’m also with Will on the fork and knife. I don’t think one is “correct” but I also learned eating a fork and knife the same way. My sister once told me about how a friend of hers made fun of her for eating like this because it looked like she was juggling her silverware.

  7. Don’t worry Will. I eat that way too. Still, I don’t remember being told to eat like that, I just think everyone in my family does. When I heard in French class that people eat continental style, (right and left) the class and myself seemed surprised. That night I tried to eat that way and immediately gave up. 

  8. Neat – the brief discussion on tracking weight and personal data gives me an excuse to write about one of my obsessions.

    I have been tracking various personal data for a few years, like sleep, weight and body fat, drug intake (alcohol, caffeine, pharmaceuticals, etc.), physical exercise, sex, finances (most people probably do that in some form), video games i have played, movies i have watched and books i have read.

    Having this data can be very helpful and rewarding. It’s like a having a perfect digital memory. I can also now sometimes base decisions on hard data, instead of making guesses and trusting my selective memory. For example, i went from a terrible, unhealthy sleep schedule to a rock-solid one, something i wouldn’t have been able to do without the data.

    Also it’s just cool to look at the charts. Here’s how much sleep i got in the last two weeks:

    Wave shaped, son.

    And here’s my body weight from September 2009 until yesterday:

    Note, for example, the massive dip in June 2011. I had a throat infection and was nearly unable to eat for a week. I went from underweight to super-underweight, and right back up afterwards.

    Like Norm said on the podcast, imagine being able to do this with really long term data, like 10, 20 or 30 years! If you’re interested, there are a bunch of websites about self-tracking, like Quantified Self and Flowing Data.

    If you want to see more of my stuff, i wrote this blog post on Giant Bomb about my video game data.

  9. Halfway through the podcast so far, and thought i’d throw in my left vs right fork issue! Exciting i know!

    Over here in the UK, I see place settings with the fork/s placed on the left of the plate, with knife/s and spoon/s on the right. Being a lefty, I had the issue with this as its more comfortable to have the fork in the left and stab the food, but apparently the correct way to hold cutlery is to have the knife in the dominant hand to cut the food and the less dominant for the stabbing. I guess for better knife control? Even then I’m guessing it depends on the restaurant, though my usual Nandos and Jamie Oliver restaurants are pretty casual.

    Also, years ago, my local PC components shop charged me an extra £5 for a left-handed Logitech MX610. Discrimination in its lowest form, but I paid it!

  10. Holy Shit!!! I could not stop laughing at the entire fork etiquette talk… absolutely hilarious…

    cant get enough of norm constantly saying “wwwwhaaaattt???!!”


    well done gents

  11. The Nike MAGs, are limited run to 1500, and 150 a day on ebay till September 18th. I predicted a 500 dollar per pair, but the bids have soared to over 5,000 US a piece.

  12. Fork and Knife discussion. Read here. Quote below.

    American Style   Knife in right hand, fork in left hand holding food. After a
    few bite-sized pieces of food are cut, place knife on edge of plate with
    blades facing in. Eat food by switching fork to right hand (unless you are
    left handed). A left hand, arm or elbow on the
    table is bad manners. 
    Continental/European Style: 
    Knife in right hand, fork in left hand. Eat food with fork still in
    left hand. The
    difference is that you don’t switch hands-you eat with your fork in your
    left hand, with the prongs curving downward. Both utensils are kept in your hands with the tines pointed down
    throughout the entire eating process. If you take a drink, you do not
    just put your knife down, you put both utensils down into the resting
    position: cross the fork over the knife.

  13. Typically I love when Norm or Gary point out that Will is wrong about something, but I have to side with Will on the fork issue. I was raised to cut the food with the fork in my left hand, set the knife down and move the fork to my right hand to eat. It only sounds convoluted when describing the steps…when you’ve done it your whole life, the time added to eating is negligible. 
  14. Oh America, always doing things…differently. I’ve had this exact same discussion dining with an American and Australia.

  15. I’m down with Will’s eat the whole animal style. If it’s good enough to kill it’s good enough to eat! Although sucking the prawn heads does sound kinda scary.

  16. Yeah, I’m with Will… I switch too, and I’m English so I don’t know if it’s a national thing; it’s not cause of etiquette either it’s just what feels natural to me… as always great show.

  17. When i have to cut my food, i tend to do it like will does as well. However I also tend to cut one or 3 pieces at a time, and according to norm i’m a child 🙁

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if the camera in the iPhone 5 is the exact same camera in the Sony Ericsson Arc but with improved video quality.

  19. Holding both the fork AND the knife at the same time just makes the eating process flow better, having the extra step of putting the knife down just boggles the mind, it’s like seeing a toddler eat.

  20. Eating: I’ve always thought other righties are crazy or feeble. Why would you use your dextrous hand for the sawing tool and leave the manipulator in your weak hand? Surely it makes sense to always hold the fork in the right hand and knife in the left, this is how I’ve always eaten despite neither parents doing so. Maybe that says a lot about me.

  21. About electric toothbrushes not being good at reaching crannies.  I still have my wisdom teeth, which means I have a good bit less free space in my mouth.  So I was having problems cleaning the them.  My dentist had me switch to an electric and the problem was mostly eliminated.  I use an Oral B which has a pretty small brush.  

  22. Random fork comment: I’m a leftie, so I enjoy using the fork in my left hand, but if I’m cutting meat I switch hands and use the fork in my right hand, then switch back to my left to eat, so I’m essentially doing the same thing as Will, as a leftie. I grew up in Canada.

  23. I have to agree with Will, that is how I eat, except i cut multiple pieces, maybe that’s because I’m just a kid at the age of 19

  24. I think the agreeing and disagreeing with Will is missing the point.  It’s how I eat too, but that doesn’t make it just or good.  I think we can all agree it’s not as efficient or even as easy as dedicated handing.  So the only question is, why keeping doing it?  If adults can learn to use chopsticks, they could learn to eat left-handed with a fork.    


  25. Kinda funny to see all these people here saying they eat like Will. I mean, it must be an American thing or something because I have never seen anyone eat like that in my life.

  26. The number of people that are OK with pre-cutting their food into little squares then switching hands to shovel it all into their mouth really has me at a loss. The whole process seems so convoluted and not only that it looks messier having little chunks of food sitting all over your plate.

    I’d really like to know if this is a cultural thing because I have never in my life seen anyone eat this way and until reading the comments here I genuinely thought Will was completely insane.

    Will is such a weirdo. The way he eats actually offends me.

    I like how we’re gradually getting a window into the madness that is Will’s mind.

    I agree that hand swapping slows down the overall eating rate, and that is a good thing.  But wouldn’t it be better to just slow down and not hand swap? 

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