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Episode 82 – Rise of the Seven-Incher – 9/1/2011

On this week’s episode Norm loves Windows 8 news, Gary loses his iPhone, and Will battles a sack of imaginary raccoons. All that, plus the latest on the DOJ’s suit stopping the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, Lenovo and Toshiba unveil the first round of ultrabooks, Samsung pulls the wraps off of two new tablets, the problem with HTC’s Jetstream, and another episode of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

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43 thoughts on “Episode 82 – Rise of the Seven-Incher – 9/1/2011

  1. I guess I’ll be the first to say that I don’t mind having no video for the PAX podcast. Sure, it’d be nice, but audio’s perfectly fine.

  2. Just finished watching TNT and now This is only a test is up. Live is good.

    That said if it weren’t for the fact that its 2:15 am right now I’d listen to it right now. It’ll have to wait till morning when I can give you guys the attention you deserve.

  3. I don’t really want a video archive of the podcast. Live video is fine and a recorded audio version is fine as well.

  4. I’m not really defending Hitler he was a evil bastard no doubt. But which is more evil being a evil bastard giving orders  or following those orders blindly?  No matter how much people hate these dictators what they did would have been impossible without a country full of people either willing to turn a blind eye or to accept  orders without thinking. 

    All of the people involved in those regimes are bad people. The people who you think were “blindly” following orders, didn’t have much of a choice. They knew if they didn’t follow orders they would be killed like everyone else.  
    Also, during the times when Stalin and Hitler came into power, both of those countries were in the nadir of their history. After WW1, the citizens in Germany were using currency as wallpaper for how worthless it was. During times like this citizens will grab onto anything to get them out of their doldrums, and frankly no one had the means to stop Hitler during his rise to power everyone one was too poor and Hitler was too ruthless to stop. And for the citizens who didn’t agree with Hitler, they had the option of fleeing the country or being forced in servitude.
    Don’t defend any of the macabre actions Stalin or Hitler put into place. No one is going to agree with you or think you have come across something remarkable. 

  5. I seem to be the only person who isn’t at all impressed by the Inkling. The technology is impressive, yes, but would I want to pay hundreds for something I could just do on actual paper with actual pencils? No, not really. I’d be perfectly happy continuing to draw on paper, scan it in, and then continue working on that image digitally.

  6. Great show this week. The animal self-defense talk was amazing. I absolutely lost it when Norm said to kick the horse’s kneecaps.

  7. Sorry guys, live stream is a premium members benefit. The podcast goes up as soon as the edit is done, just like always. Members just get to watch it happen (and me fuck up) live.

    Any chance on archiving them sometime in the future? Great show guys, I was cracking out with the animal fight bits.

    I would definitely agree that it is weird to meet your favorite internet celebrities. I want to call the red phone, but feel like it might be crossing a line. I am okay with Gary, Will and Norm being characters from my favorite tech podcast and not real people.

  8. Haven’t listened to to the episode yet, so i apologize if this question got answered already:

    I caught a glimpse of the stream yesterday. I understand they did a 10 minute bit in the beginning about Star Wars or something, but Will forgot to hit record on the podcast. Gary was pissed. Is that preserved anywhere or is it forever lost?

    About live streaming the podcast: It’s a good subscriber perk. I will probably not watch it regularly, because i prefer to be doing other stuff while listening. That’s the big plus about audio podcasts. I even think it would be understandable if there were no archives of the video streams; it’s probably not worth the effort it would take for you guys.

    However Please don’t take advantage of the video aspect in ways that would diminish the experience for audio-only listeners. For example, don’t do visual jokes that only work for people watching the video, don’t hold things up to the camera to prove a point, and so on. Stuff like that could potentially make the audio listening experience worse than it used to be. Please just do the podcast like you have always done it, regardless of cameras in the room.

    As i said, i have not listened to the episode yet, so i don’t know if this was actually a factor. It’s just a concern that came to mind when you started talking about live podcasts.

  9. Near my apartment we have a family of somewhat tame urban raccoons that dig up worms & insects from the garden near our living room. A couple summers ago I fed bits of bagels to one by hand and while they were skittish they didn’t hiss or act aggressively towards me.

    That said raccoons have SCARY AS FUCK teeth. Imagine the teeth of a large dog in something that’s slightly larger than an overweight house cat. A friend of my wife had to get 30 stitches when she rescued her cat from a pack of the murderous bastards. They’re fuzzy velociraptors.

    I don’t think could take down one, let alone five, before he became raccoon food.

  10. Amazon is a great brand except for the fact that they won’t do most of their business in australia. 🙁 
    Goddamnit amazon, australians are people too! People with money!

  11. Would love an archive of it in the future. Would have tuned in last night but unfortunately was preoccupied at the time. As far as I’m aware it should be easy to get the archive off Justin.TV (if it was indeed saved there), although quality might not be the greatest.

  12. Incredible fake out-takes. INCREDIBLE. Why don’t I have friends let alone friends who I could have conversations like that with.

  13. I do think everyone is giving too much credit to will. A website editor isn’t optimal for mortal combat last time I checked.

    2 raccoons can take on will even if he got a bat. If you can’t take out both in 1 swing, your pretty much fucked.

  14. I hate to break it to you guys Stalin didn’t kill anyone neither did Hitler. It was people blindly following orders that kill those people . Never blame the one guy giving the orders blame the millions who stood by and did nothing and the thousands that did all the dirty work instead of saying fuck no.

    Stalin did kill people you idiot. He was a murderer before the revolution and it’s likely that he murdered many people personally when he was ruler, including his wife. And the people who enforced Stalin’s wishes knew they were going to die if they didn’t listen to him and the majority of those who did comply were killed anyway due to Stalin’s paranoia. Before you go pointing fingers at those people, try to put yourselves in their shoes and express some empathy. These people walked around with the constant threat of death and they did what was the only option left for them. Maybe some of them liked killing and maybe some of them were changed into ruthless killers as a result of this, but don’t fucking say Stalin or Hitler just gave “orders”; having millions of innocent killed are not just simple orders. Living in complete fear is not justifiable. And at the very least, get your facts right. “Stalin never killed anyone” is just a tell-tale sign of ignorance

  15. There was a part of me that was hoping that with all the extra space on the Bluray disks they would do a service to all the fans who grew up with Star Wars and add the original theatrical versions of the movies to the Bluray version. I’ll admit it would have been kinda cool to watch the original version then watch the new version and try to pick out all the stuff that was different. I could probably still do that but I can’t remember where I put my VHS copies of the original movies. Also it’s bloody hard to find a working VHS player anywhere.

    In any case now that I know that isn’t the case I can go spend my money on far more deserving items. Like new socks. I know I’ll feel better in new socks than I would if I watched those acts of vandalism George Lucas calls a re-release. Thanks for the heads-up guys.

  16. “My head is fragile and my hands are weak” I need that on a t-shirt with a picture of your face! This week’s fake outtakes really disturbed me, all the talk of killing animals 🙁

  17. Absolutely loved this podcast, had me giggling in public way too much though!

    Same here. This has to be one of the funniest ones yet.

  18. you know whats worse than never getting a mention? Getting one then Will loses his train of thought and never know what he meant to say 😉

    edit: scratch that, I should have finished the podcast, Will came back to it at the end 🙂

  19. as for coons i’m not afraid of them i built an immunity as a kid.

    sometimes i wonder how any of us, children of the 70′, lived to adulthood. ;). No helmets, rabies pets, going swimming at the lake by ourselves…. amazing

    BTW: this is not some cheesy iphone filter for hipsters. My aunt at this weird camera and the pictures would be tiny little picture when developed, like1.5″ side squares.

  20. It’s not murder, it’s a fair contest of Man vs Beast.

    It was the best part of the podcast. We need more raw human decision making.

  21. I have to install DaemonTools (which seems to be getting sketchier every time I download it) to mount the ISO.

    If you haven’t heard of it, Magic ISO is a good, less sketchy alternative to DaemonTools. I used to use DT myself, and know exactly what you’re talking about.

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