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Episode 78 – All-American Edition – 8/11/2011

On this week’s Listener’s Choice episode, Will expounds on the merits of sliced pork sandwiches, Norm explains the meaning of rolled up sleeves, and first-time podcastee Wes Fenlon tells the straight truth about Atlanta. All that, plus the latest on the HP TouchPad price drop, the inside story on the Kindle Cloud Reader, the problem with paper receipts, developers complaints about the Amazon App Store, and another episode of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

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33 thoughts on “Episode 78 – All-American Edition – 8/11/2011

  1. j_meyer_13 just commented on your Blog: “100 Posts!!! & Pokemon”.

    “Great… you reminded me of some movie where the main character is named Leslie, and he’s super-tough-guy, but I cannot for the life of me think of it… Men of Honor, maybe?  AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH
    Anyways, Pokemon… never played any of the games. °¯°   (<- upside-down meek face).  *hands in geek credentials*  Don't know why, just never got into anything Pokemon-related... part of it is probably that I never had a Gameboy to play one on, but whatevs...  Never played a Final Fantasy game either, and only a very very tiny minute amount of Zelda games... that one actually makes me sad.   :(
    Would love to help, if I had the game, though…”

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  2. Yes! Just in time! Time to relax for the night after all this is my Friday. Taking Friday off after a hard but good week of work.

  3. I forgot to add my name in the document! I was in the process of adding my name but it became read only and now I’m not there 🙁

    I haven’t listened yet but if you talk at all about twitter’s own image stuff that was me. Also I was the audio question from Manchester, don’t know if that made it in either. Exciting to find out in a few hours!

  4. Cool, Wes is on. I was just wondering when are we going to hear from the other Tested writers, too. But, no Gary does equal a sad face from me though.

  5. “It’s all made possible by grants from special viewers like you.”

    Also the Tested staff who talk about Tech each and every week.

  6. Since Will mentioned on Twitter, I don’t know if he reiterated on the podcast, that Chrome beta on mac updated to support full screen on Lion, I couldn’t help but notice that normal Chrome on Snow Leopard totally has a full screen mode, which is cool in my book.

  7. Good show this week. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, Will, you could always have Wes or Matt record their audio on their side and send it to you after to drop in. It’d make them sound a lot better.

    And Wes did a very good job for his first podcast. Hopefully one day we will have Wes and Matt on the same podcast.

  8. Purchasing: I take months to finally pull the trigger on a new purchase. I usually know exactly what I want but it’s a matter of convincing myself it’s a good idea. There’s usually also competing items fighting for my dollar. Case in point I’m trying to decide between a Canon 85mm f1.2 or a 70-200mm f2.8L mkII IS. I’ve been debating this for about 4 months at this point and MAYBE will finally commit at the end of this month.

  9. The Euro’s in the toilet? Really Will? The Euro started out at around 0.90 USD, peaked around 1.60 USD in 2008 and is currently at 1.425 USD. A year ago, analysts predicted we’d be looking at Euro-USD parity right about now. Reports of the Euro’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

  10. Will, I’m sure you’ve already figured this out but if you add the kindle cloudreader to the home screen it doesn’t pull the address bar up. I don’t think you can even pull it down. At this point it basically feels like a real app.

  11. Favorite quote of the Podcast was from Will:
      “There’s an Episode 2 of Star Wars Now?”
        Yeah Seriously, when did they make that?  (Wink, Wink)

  12. I like the chicken bake from Costco. Their pizza is almost always really greasy, and the hot dogs were better when they used Hebrew National. We don’t have Costco any more, but Sam’s Club is basically the same. Gas is definitely good to get at those places, though.

  13. I heard you say you like smashed potatoes on the fake outtakes. Is it pronounced smashed potatoes or mashed potatoes? I must know! If both our correct what is the official tested way of saying potatoes that are mushed together. Always be testing!!!!

  14. Good podcast. Kung Pao chicken is actually just a slightly westernized version of a traditional Chinese, more specifically the Szechuan region, dish that is pretty much made with the same ingredients, diced chicken and some sort of nut, usually peanuts or cashews. The difference is the authentic version tends to be spicier and contains liberal amounts of peppercorn.

    Also Norm is right. Sauteed or stir-fried pea shoots are amazing, especially with lots of garlic or a hoisin sauce.

  15. Low carb high fat dieters always get extremely defensive when someone criticizes their diet. It’s as close as you get to a religion without having some sort of prophet. Just have to let them ride it out until the lack of fiber has torn their colon to shreds. Or til the point where the lack of chocolate drives them mad 😛

  16. ah, yes, I’ve been there once before in my life, but we used to have a house on Smith Mountain Lake, so that was our prime go-to lake.

    Last call for Jack. I’m at ODU right now, but it would be cool to know a fellow Whisky Media person in my hometown

  17. Pretty sure that low-carb dieters don’t count fibre in their daily carbohydrate allowance for just that reason?

  18. If you want to go into ketosis you have to be ridiculously sparse with carbs, to the extent where fiber is all but impossible to eat in proper quantities. And with the amount of meat a lot of lchf dieters consume, they need even more fiber than people who eat a balanced diet needs. Some take fiber supplements though.

    I see that diet as a tool to lose weight, but once the weight is off, start eating healthy again.. That shit won’t do you any favors in the long run.

  19. I was of the understanding that hardcore ketosis was only the first stage of most LC diets, and that people gradually increase the carb levels to a more reasonable level after 2 weeks or so (but still avoiding carb-heavy foods like bread and pasta).

    But fair enough, you probably know more about it than me; I’ve just looked into it as an option for dieting more than anything else.

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