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Episode 67 – Gary’s Kirk-Shirt – 5/26/2011

On this week’s episode, Matt joins the gang to talk Mango, Gary is confused by the proliferation of Android-powered devices, Norm explains the problems with Mac malware, and Will imagines the grocery store of the future. All that, plus Google’s cell phone payment methods, the latest on the Nook and Kobo e-readers, and another scintillating edition of fake outtakes on this weeks episode of This is Only a Test!

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29 thoughts on “Episode 67 – Gary’s Kirk-Shirt – 5/26/2011

  1. Just to correct Will about the 24 ringtone for Cisco phones, that’s not a default ringer. Everyone who admins a Cisco Call Call Manager server loads that ringer so people go “OH NO WAY!” and because it’s cool. No joke. 

    My business uses it, and I’ve heard it at other businesses that use CCM, but it’s definitely not default. It’s just smartass IT admins. Awesome IT smartasses.
  2. That gang bang joke at the end was hilarious. Gary was on fire this episode and I like when Matt is on so he can tell them how crappy it is up here in Canada tech wise.
  3. Oh and on Canadian TV, one of the leads on Flashpoint was also the lead singer of the band ‘The Headstones’. 

  4. After I started noticing laugh tracks, courtesy of The Simpsons, Arrested Development, et al, it’s difficult for me to enjoy most sitcoms now.

    I feel the same way. I’d say the pause after every joke is enough to tip you off that it was in fact a joke. I really don’t understand why they still think the laugh track is a necessity, The Office sort of proves it’s not.

  5. but otherwise how will I know when something is funny?

    Is this a joke?! I’m confused, if only there was some kind of audible clue…

  6. Lol at the lock pick part.

    I bought a set on “Extreme Deals” website for $6.  Already used it twice to unlock the entrance door to my friend’s apartment.   It was all done legally under their supervision, they forgot their keys inside.
    So $40 really seems like a rip-off.
  7. Great show as always 
    Gary might be wrong! There might not be actual page turn buttons on the new nook.  The quote from Lynch was “The Kindle 3 has 38 buttons, 37 more than the all-new Nook” I’m guessing the button is the home button.

  8. Wow. Now that I didn’t know. Guess it’s time to watch Flashpoint now.

    We hit on most of the main stuff, didn’t we? Multitasking, IE9 and revamped contact integration/support were the main pilars discussed during the stream, and also the impression I got from Microsoft’s PR reps. Apologies if I didn’t quite get everything across clearly enough.

    Sorry! As I remarked on Twitter afterwards, I was a bit rusty. First podcast in a long while. I swear I’ll give my journalist voice some practice for next time. As for Kindle, there’s definitely a selection, sure, but I’ve been running into quite a few novels that I just can’t get here — Steven Levy and Paul Carr’s new books being the most recent examples. It’s definitely not horrible, but I like to think of Amazon’s selection in the same way I think of Netlfix’s selection. The popular stuff is there, but there’s a lot of stuff absent that’s just downright baffling.

  9. First, Little Mosque on the Prairie is a comedy about a Canadian-Muslim community. It’s not about terrorists… 
    Second, Amazon has an excellent selection of ebooks in Canada, nowhere near as good as the US, but a good one nonetheless. (Unlike the Canadian Netflix)  
    Third, Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. So, yes it is much larger than the US. 
    Finally, has Matt done any research on Google Wallet or Windows Phone 7 “Mango”. He seems to be clueless.

  10. Fun podcast this week, guys.

    I was a bit shocked when Norm estimated the US population at 200k. How do you not know the population of your home country? Weird.

    Also, it was funny hearing Gary freak out about the many things Canadians don’t get. I hope he knows that Canada is actually still in the upper echelon when it comes to getting cool tech stuff and entertainment content and so on. There’s plenty of first world countries that are way more fucked in this respect.

  11. Every time when Will starts the podcast describing the t-shirts that everyone is wearing, I am like ‘note to myself: check the video version later’ and then realize that there is no video version!  
    Guys, please, at least put some pictures. 

  12. Here’s my parody of the ‘Prince of Persia’ scene from Life. Keep an eye out for a special guest: 

  13. Canada is only behind the US when it comes to tech I think. Certainly before Australia and from what I hear ahead of Europe so Canadians feeling bad about lack of Hulu or smaller Kindle market etc. shouldn’t really feel so bad. 
    Good podcast as normal.

  14. The question about plural/singular versions of Mentos came up on the Giant Bombcast a year or two ago. I actually wrote in to the customer relations company that handles the Mentos brand to get an answer. According to them it’s all Mentos, no matter how many you’re talking about.  One Mentos, two Mentos, etc. 
    I’m still listening to the podcast so my apologies if Gary found the answer. I’m walking out the door and wanted to comment while I could and before I forget.

  15. Product placement on TV/movies is not allowed to do impossible things.  Once a company pays money to get their whatever screen time, it is as though they made an ad to show on TV.   This Freakonomics article covers a good example from Date Night.


    Steve Carell’s character asks a New York cab driver if he has a laptop or some device that can read a flash drive (also referred to in the movie by the less tech-savvy Tina Fey character as a “computer stickie thing”). The driver responds that he has a Kindle, and Carell’s character then proceeds to insert the flash drive into the Kindle and immediately display certain incriminating pictures taken from the drive. 

    But my larger concern is that Kindles can’t read flash drives. They don’t have USB ports. (Second mini-bleg: is there some snap-on adapter that would allow you to download files from a flash drive? This user board suggests I’m not alone in thinking that the movie attributes to the Kindle a feature that it simply doesn’t have.)

    If my two conjectures are correct (i.e., that Amazon paid for the Kindle product placement, and that Kindles can’t read flash drives in the way depicted in the movie), then it seems to me that the movie violates the Lanham Act.

    If Amazon paid for the product placement, it qualifies as a “commercial advertis[ement] or promotion” that “misrepresents the nature, characteristics [or] qualities” of the Kindle.


    I know that normal ads have made a science out of misleading the viewer without lying so I don’t know what the limits are.  I know those iPhone ads have a disclainer telling you the experience is simulated.  But you can’t flash that at the bottom of a movie or TV show. 

    As for Canadian TV.  What no love for Trailer Park Boys?

  16. Wow, Gary was harsh after listening to my question. 🙁  I didn’t provide hometown trivia because I didn’t think I could top my Sonoran Hotdog trivia from my last question.  I will double up on the trivia next time!

  17. Wow, Gary was harsh after listening to my question. 🙁  I didn’t provide hometown trivia because I didn’t think I could top my Sonoran Hotdog trivia from my last question.  I will double up on the trivia next time!

    Man, are Sonoran Hotdogs all over town now.  It seems like every corner has a stand selling them these days. 

  18. Some royalty in Jordan, a prince? is actually a big fan of Star Trek, guest starred in Voyager in a non-speaking role. Explains the theme park in Jordan. 

  19. This is pretty late and whatnot, but I have a 32″ Philips LCD as my pc monitor, and it’s fricken brilliant. I will never ever buy a PC monitor again, ever. Just a massive waste of money. I bought the one with the lighting on the back, which was pretty pointless. The Philips tv’s without the ambilight have the same panel, and are about 200 bucks cheaper. Go for those. Took a little bit of tweaking to get the text to render nice and smooth, but right now, it’s aces.

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