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Episode 63 – Tastes a Bit Nutty – 4/27/2011

On this week’s episode, Gary expresses disdain for the white iPhone, Norman goes deep with the BlackBerry PlayBook, and Will expresses his love of iced coffee. Plus, newly-minted Giant Bomber Patrick Klepek takes the guest seat to talk about Sony’s PSN problems, your questions answered, and fake outtakes on this week’s magical episode of This is Only a Test.

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38 thoughts on “Episode 63 – Tastes a Bit Nutty – 4/27/2011

  1. david just replied to your comment:

    The magnet in your case shouldn’t do any harm to your iPhone as it has a LCD screen.  The lesson you learned in first grade, to my knowledge, only applies to CRT displays.

    To view this thread, follow the link below:
    Magnet bad for iPhone screen?

    To change your notification preferences, follow the link below:
    Notification Preferences


  2.  Cool, Patrick’s on! Can’t wait for the discussion on the PSN; god knows they have enough to talk about.

  3. Argh, my evil, never-spellchecked twin was in the office again.

    You’d better check those contracts.

    That’s Patrick Klepek. Patrik Klepeck on the other hand… Sounds French.

  4. Wait, Will in Houston? Did I hear that right?

    Where will he be? Can I stalk him? imeanwhat

    Awesome to have a WPNG podcast this time, it was very informative! Thanks guys <3
  5. Jamboree is a bunch of kids sitting around trading patches. also, shotgun shooting. they had scouts from other countries there as well.
    They two Scout groups won’t merge because the Girl Scouts don’t want to join. They are even less hardcore, the kids aren’t allowed to go camping until they’re almost in High School. BSA Venturing ftw.

    Jamboree had several WiFi zones where you could get 10 minutes on a shitty HP netbook, sponsored by AT&T, the “Official Communications Sponsor of the Boy Scouts of America”. They gave away an HTC Aria at the Jamboree last year. I sadly still had better VZW coverage at the Jamboree than the people on AT&T, who had portable towers strewn around the site to complement their coverage.

    The US is one of a handful of nations without a coed Scouting Program, along with such pinnacles of women’s rights as Jordan and Saudi Arabia. My troop is sending a contingent to the Michigan International Camporee next year, I went in 2008, and it was cool. The Canadian contingent leader failed at geography, and they played us the song “canada’s really big” by a group called the arrogant worms.

    If you’d like to see the Scout handbook, I believe it’s available on the iTunes App Store, it’s 99 cents.

    current edition:

    1st edition:

    I might try and do a blog post about the Jamboree/my Eagle Project when I get a chance. Unfortunately, my pics from the Jamboree are mostly gone unless I get my laptop back, which is looking less and less likely by the day. I have a disc of other people in my troop’s pics though at least, so I can still have some nice pics to add in.
    examples of Jambo nerdiness/randomness(more to come another day):

  6.   The podcast was great!   Thanks for keeping this podcast on track and letting the tangents come to life during the Outtakes like the podcast was designed. This make the podcast so much more enjoyable. 

    I think the podcast will get even better once Norm and Gary get more comfortable keeping the big tangents in the Outtakes section.   

  7. I am going to play portal 2 co-op on a xbox, splitscreen, on my TV which is about 48 inches? Sorry Gary.

  8. I agree that all kids should have the chance to be scouts. Without scouting, I never would have been to Utah and whitewater rafted on the Colorado River, never would have discovered that I’m pretty good at shooting, and never would have met quite a few good friends.

    I also wouldn’t have been able to spend about four months worth of nights sleeping outside over the past 6 years.

  9. Damnit Tested, you guys are doing what everyone else is doing: Speculating on half known facts about this Sony thing. At least Patrick seems to be doing some investigation and is at least hesitant to jump to any conclusions. Glad you joined the team mate, because I doubt anyone else would do that much investigative reporting at Whiskey.

    First of all, Garry, making a perfect security system requires FAR more than money, first of all> Second of all, While SONY is huge, PSN is probably not a huge maker, and like a good business, it’s probably keeping that issue relatively isolated. On top of that, they aren’t going to take away money from some other division and pour it into protecting that information.
    Second of all, when a criminal goes into your personal information system, you do NOT come right out and say it. As far as we know, they told people as soon as they stopped having any reason to believe the information was safe, they told people. Your all just ASSUMING that Sony really did wait for ever to tell people.

    On top of that, you, like half the Whiskey users, are acting like there was no attack. The system was attacked. We don’t know that the information was just left out in the open, people are just spreading dirty rumors.

    Please, Tested, don’t get swept away by the masses. Your supposed to be above that, and giving us the “Here’s whats going down” not “Here’s what non-investigative

    People, you don’t need to cancel your credit cards. KEEP AN EYE ON ALL PURCHASES. But unless you can easily replace your card, don’t bother. Anyone telling you to cancel your card is either going crazy with fear, or is trying to get you to do the same. Wait for more information, and don’t bother going through all of that shit. I mean, if I cancelled my card, I’d have to go and update my Newegg, Amazon, Steam, XBL, PSN, and probably others, which would take me some time, and I’d have to wait a while for a new card just to get here. Maybe it’ll be quicker for you, but make sure you know what your getting into before you just take a few minutes to check your account every day or so.

  10.   Actually, my cc has something called “ShopSafe” which allows me to generate temp cc numbers. It even works with renewing charges like netflix since you can determine the limit and the amount of months you want the number to be valid. I haven’t had to input my actual cc number online in a decent amount of time.

    Still, loving the podcast, perceived Tangents or no.

  11. ASUS has a long history of “soft launches” with limited distribution and wacky supply chain so anybody familiar with the company should not be surprised with how the Transformer launch went. I faced the same issues trying to get one of their hyped new netbooks on “release date” a couple years ago. The only difference with this Transformer launch is that the demand for the product is even more extensive and manic, which only amplified the shortcomings of the ASUS supply chain. On the bright side, the tablet looks like a winner so hopefully the wait will be worth it for all the rabid consumers.

  12. Grrrr I’m going to pistol whip the next person that says TouchSense!!

    It bothers me to no end when Will and Norm get Android stuff wrong. I know there’s like a billion Android phones and only one iPhone, but if you’re gonna talk about a phone, have the spec sheet in front of you!

  13. You know when Will said to Gary “Good thing your cute”….?

    Yea that was kind of awkward. 

    I hate people like you. Seriously. Keep your “traditional” beliefs to yourself.

    I thought it was adorable.

  14.  Well, I meant it was awkward since they just let it go and no one said anything. Also I don’t mind that I thought it was funny. 

    And I meant my comment in a kind of sarcastic way.

    I hate people like you. Who jump to conclusions. What are you gay?
  15. Just for the record, I don’t hate either of you.  Spread the love, people.

    Except love for iced coffee.  That’s just wrong.
  16.  I still have shotgun shells I shot from the 1989 National Jamboree and all my scout pins / patches I traded for.  That was one hot summer, literally.  Virginia has some brutal heat.

  17.  Oh God, the heat was horrible. I loved it when it rained, but it was even worse when it stopped raining, because it was suddenly a LOT more humid.

  18. I usually don’t mind it, but Gary’s love for all things Apple is really starting to wear on me. I guess it was obvious when he started wondering why Google Docs is on Android first, and not iOS. GASP! Something on non-Apple that may be worthwhile!

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