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Episode 61 – Enter, McGriddle – 4/13/2011

In this week’s wide-ranging episode, Gary wonders what’s up with Windows 8, Norm searches for the perfect Portal 2 buddy, and Will invents a new verb. All that, plus the latest news from Microsoft’s MIX conference, ad-supported Kindles, and fake outtakes.

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47 thoughts on “Episode 61 – Enter, McGriddle – 4/13/2011

  1. nickb64 just replied to your comment:

    ” Where did you get this PC? Your processor is weird, I can’t find its specs anywhere. Go to My computer –> Properties –> Device Manager and see what it actually is. With the specs you’re telling us it sounds like it’s at least 3 years old. Also trying to play games on integrated graphics and have it not working = your own fault. Integrated graphics are meant to get a PC barely started up, and maybe browse the internet that’s about it.  Provide a budget so that we can know what to recommend.   You really should have done your research before buying a PC for gaming purposes; you didn’t even know your GPU was integrated. You probably also don’t even know if the processor you’re upgrading to is compatible with your mobo or not, or if it’s even better than your current one. “

    I got it at Best Buy.  Specs:  6gb of RAM 1TB Processor AMD Athlon II x4 630 Processor 2.80GHz Windows 7 Home Premium  NVIDIA GeForce 9100  I don’t know very much about PCs, and I didn’t have much time to research because it was a quick thing, my computer broke down on a Saturday morning and by the end of Saturday I had a new PC, I’m an idiot, I told the guy at Best Buy I wanted to play games from around 2006 and this piece of shit can’t even run Psychonauts, it was partially his fault, the fucker should’ve known I’d be getting an HD monitor in the first place, second of all, I didn’t fucking mean play games from 2005-6 in lowest settings! He fucked me over! I should’ve gotten one with a NVIDIA GTS model GPU and AMD Athlon 64 x2 5000 processor but nope, I was too fucking stupid. “

    There’s no such thing as a 1TB processor >.> 
    Let me give you a tip, if you’re planning on playing games at high settings, don’t buy dodgy 3 year old computers from Best Buy and learn what basic computer specs mean.

    This is why I hate PC gamers, most of you are like this. Fuck off, seriously. “

    You bought a PC with zero knowledge about what you should be looking for, and then you complain about how  much of a hassle PC gaming is when your games don’t work on a 3 year old integrated GPU. It’s pretty much like you walked into a store and bought a PSP, and then you’re all surprised when Bayonetta doesn’t work on it and complain how much of a hassle console gaming is. You fuck off.  “

    He already said his old PC broke so he didn’t have time to do any research and it’s not like everyone knows everything about PC hardware.  Plus the clerk at Best Buy didn’t really help. If he gets a good Graphics card his pc would be pretty damn good.   Also Emandude check if your OS is Windows 7 64 bit, I mean it should be but it’s just that if it was 32 bit it wouldn’t recognise all your 6GB of RAM. “

    Those specs are not all that different than the PC in MaximumPC’s February issue, except for the Graphics card of course. 
    [url] http://www.maximumpc.com/article/pdf_archives/february_2010_how_build_crazyfast_647_pc[/url]

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  2. The store had one pint each of Americone Dream and Late Night Snack, I shall enjoy one of them while listening!

    edit: Late Night Snack was a bad idea.
  3. Once a year, I suddenly have an uncontrollable desire for a McGriddle and binge on them. Both the best and worst day of the year.

  4. Oh well, I have a 5 hour flight tomorrow and I have yet to listen to the bombast and now I have TIOAT. It looks like I am set!

  5. I have never and likely will never see the twilight films…

    I am fully committed to staying the course on this.

    I haven’t had a McGriddle in years.

  6. I don’t want to be that guy, but it will still be here tomorrow 😉

    You obviously do not understand internet consumption as well as I thought you did. If people don’t consume as soon as possible and as fast as possible stuff is lost. How can we not listen to the podcast when its put up? It’s not like there is some mechanism that allows one to store the podcast for later almost as if you are downloading and saving it to a place of storage.

    (AKA. I like it when the podcast goes up on either Wednesday or Thursday)

    As to whether or not people will enjoy this podcast because of the amount of tangents: “You can’t know what’s good if you don’t know what’s bad.”

    I still liked it. Still a lot better than other podcasts about similar topics.

    • Man, Gary really shows his Apple colors during MS talk. I know he’s open about being a fanboy, but as someone from basically the other end of the spectrum, it’s so annoying.
    • Voyager > DS9. I met Picardo once, real cool dude.
    • Something was suppose to go here…
    • I’ve always been intrigued by Geocashing. Might get into it if/when I acquire a lady friend.
    • Portal is pretty rad. I have a buddy.
  7. Will has to do a better job keeping the podcast on track, especially for those of us that dont want to hear about Star Trek crap for 20minutes. Save that for the fake outtakes. Still a great show.

  8. I was listening to this on the way to work this morning and I was compelled to stop and get a Bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle.  That shit was awesome!

  9. Geocaching is INCREDIBLY fun! I go every few weekends and during the spring/fall I might grab one on the way home from work when it’s nice. You can get a great hiking GPS for less than $200 that will work for years that will give measurements as accurate as possible. It’s such a great way to experience parts of your area that maybe you’ve never seen before, add in the fact that it costs basically nothing to do (outside of your gas/hand-held GPS) and you’ve got a great weekend activity.

    One of my favorite geocaches had fake coordinates and a puzzle to figure out. The puzzle gave real coordinates and a message: best at night. The cache was in the woods near a lake that was probably 45 minutes outside of town and the sky was so absolutely amazing to see. I’ve seen caches on islands in the middle of lakes and even caches that require rock climbing equipment. If you enjoy being outside, geocaching is incredibly fun.


  10. I agree with everything you wrote. Just wanted to add that many people here are likely to have smartphones, so they don’t need to invest in a dedicated GPS unit to get started. The official geocaching.com iPhone app is great, for example.

  11. I knew the Phantoms joke was coming but I still wanted to HIGH FIVE the nearest person when it happened.


  12. I’ll be looking for a Portal 2 coop buddy as well. It’s gonna be tough… i’m not quite as intense about it as Norm, but almost.

  13. Wow that was long. 😛

    That wasn’t the worst Will.  It was one of the nothing but tangents ones but it kept going.  Some of the tangent shows spiral to nothing.  This one was alright.  It got me through my Thursday afternoon.

  14. HL2 EP2 was great!

    Thought it was one of the best paced games ever o_O.

    The final boss fight was a little meh though. Wish the sticky bombs had a little more auto aim, but the overall game was great imo.

    And it was odd listening to the podcast while eating a triple cheese NY pizza style slice.

  15. Gary’s “Let’s start the show” was the best this week IMO…it had that good almost-cheesy super-cheerful tone to it, sounded really authentic for some reason.

  16. God damn, I zone out for a few minutes and suddenly I’m in the middle of possibly the nerdiest Star Trek conversation ever.

  17. A couple of thoughts about tech mentioned by Will in the show: 

    1]  The Kindle is lovely, I am in the same camp as I much prefer to read it’s e-ink screen than any kind of LCD. It really is like a magical future book instead of trying to read a book on a small TV screen. The glow from LCD just isnt as nice.  
    Anyway, I was thinking about AMOLED.  I have an AMOLED screen on my phone and when you set things up to the Android 2.3 colour scheme of black background and grey text it looks awesome. The strain on the eye is minimal because the amount of backlight is almost non existent.  I wonder how long it will be before AMOLED becomes cheap enough and widespread enough to end up in devices of the Kindle and dedicated e-reader tablet price bracket?   It might be at least 5 years, but if it happens then you might just have something that takes the best features from e-ink and LCD and combines them in an awesome way.  
    Unless people simply prefer black text on a white background of course…
    2] Why cant devices talk to each other more easily?  It’s a great point. Why cant my camera geotag a photo if my phone has GPS?   If it does do it, why does it have to do it via the internet?   My question is will the NFC feature which is now coming with every high end phone make this possible?  Will we see NFC in pretty much everything in a year or two? Will that mean my camera can talk to my phone? Hopefully!
  18.  Permit me to save your shirts:

    I know from experience. This stuff will dry out even the dampest of men. It has finally allowed me to maintain the nerd t-shirt collection I always dreamed of. It’s only an anti-perspirant, not a deodorant. So If you smell you’ll still need old spice.     
  19. This has to be the best podcast you have ever done.  I nearly drove off the road laughing when you started arguing over The Orange Box only because I have heard Will defend himself before and knew where this was going!  (Which I am in the Will camp, HL2 was at best a 7) Portal and TF2 however are absolutely 10’s!  PLEASE continue to bring us the news, tech, apps and other stuff.  And feel free to travel down the rabbit hole more often!
    Be Blessed!

  20.   this is now my new catchphrase.

    you win the no-prize! “the vehicle of e-sports is technology” never fails to crack me up

  21. Loved this one. I thought it was great when Will was like “I’m ending this podcast.” And it stops abruptly.

  22. It is odd how two people who basically have earned most of their living from ads rip the Kindle with ads. Having un-intrusive ads on a website/magazine and having ads on home screen and screensaver is very similar IMO. 

    I was chatting with my daughter who is just starting her first job and she was very happy with purchasing the Kindle with ads, she can’t wait for it to ship in May. I think this will appeal to more than just the “Wallmart” customer. I’m like you guys and I often think “it’s only 20$ more” but  I think we tend to forget how tough it was to budget for things when we were younger; for her, it means a few more books. 

    Since Amazon gives you the choice to buy the full version also, I think it is a good Idea. Maybe it would be nice to be able to buy and “upgrade” later on to remove ads if you hate them. 
  23. I’m behind Will on the way he formed his Orange Box opinion. If you have the world’s best burger served with limp, soggy fries you’re not going to tell people you had the best meal of your life, just the best burger.

  24. Will asked the question “Why doesn’t anyone solve the financial crisis?” worded differently of course, but reminded me of a ‘This American Life’  episode…Episode 423: The Invention Of Money http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/423/the-invention-of-moneyIt talks about Brazil financial crisis and how a small group of college professors solve there country’s debt.   Oddly enough many economic problems throughout history have been solved by one or small groups of people…. If i may recommend the book:  “Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World”

    Yeah that was a fantastic episode.

    Anyone that is super interested in a fun, entertaining, yet informative podcast on economics should check out the sort of TAL spin-off from NPR, Planet Money. Extremely fun and educational podcast.
  25. I’m just the same with sweatpants. Four in the morning, going to take NINE steps down in the stairwell to the mailboxes? A pair of jeans will be on me – maybe not a shirt – but definitely not sweatpants. Saw a couple enter a large grocery store in perfectly ordinary late-winter evening clothes for a chilly day, only that they wore grey cotton sweatpants. Unless you returned from working out and your regular pants were stolen, you’re going to look like white trash for me.

    (Just don’t forget to laugh at us who never wear sweatpants outside of our homes. I’m a casual suit & tie guy)

  26. I’m with you on the Orange Box review Will. You can’t give re-released content the same adoration as something fresh out of the box otherwise it’ll hamper the new content. Gaming isn’t bargain basement hunting people, it’s about innovation, so Portal unfortunately gets points deducted for having to piggy back all the old stuff everyone has already played, LOL!

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