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Episode 34 – Thursday Morning Hangover – 10/28/2010

This week, the podcast gang talk World Series commercials, Google TV, the 3D TV adoption rate, Microsoft’s future, and the Nook Color. All that, plus a whole lot more on this week’s episode of This is Only a Test.

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23 thoughts on “Episode 34 – Thursday Morning Hangover – 10/28/2010

  1. FakePlasticTree just replied to your comment:

    ” If you really do have a $1000 machine, then look into getting Battlefield Bad Company 2.  It’s quite a thrill to play, and the multiplayer is awesome with the destructible environments.  I play Quake Live, Counterstrike Pro mod, Bad Company 2, and am messing around with the Lead and Gold steam beta. “

    Is the Lead and Gold steam beta an open one? Secondly, does BFBC2 seem like it has longevity, I never considered purchasing it because to me it seemed like it would go the way of MW2 “

    I sold MW2 after getting BFBC2. BFBC2 just gives me a lot more enjoyment. The typical Dice launch problems has pretty much been fixed so now is the time to get it.  
    I’m on a Mac, and my Windows desktop is not hooked up. But I have quite a few Steam games and once that comes out for Mac later this month I will be playing a good amount of games, but most likely a lot of TF2. 

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  2. Microsoft heard what you were saying about them and sabotaged the rest of the discussion, clearly. 
    Sleep lightly tonight.

  3. Thanks for the podcast!  
    I am sure glad you guys did not NPR it all the way through the podcast. I think I would have fallen a sleep before the end. 😉

  4. You mentioned a few things that were kind of on my mind recently, the whole Microsoft just following what’s hot thing and all the bull shit in commercials in regards to Television. I have a lot to say about their bull poop in the ads I’m seeing lately since I’ve used them all recently but comments shouldn’t be two pages long.  
    Let me at least explain how I’ve had service with 3 companys within a year….. My family had Direct TV standard so I used that for about 5 years, I needed internet so I got DSL, DSL was slow as hell so I got Cable, Cable gave me a good triple play deal so I got a HD DVR from them just for my room, Cable started not working on the internet side and they couldn’t fix it, the whole house now has Fios. I just confused myself so I’m sure you are to! 🙂
    As far as Direct TV going out when it rains or gets cloudy, that happened every time to my house. We have a roof antenna though so we would just use the regular channels while it was out, it’s weird how many people don’t know about the free basic channels out there.
    Great Podcast as always humans! I demand Ana be on the next show though but only if she wants to.

  5. So will we be able to tell it’s Gary on the The Walking Dead? I guess I just have to keep an eye out for a zombie with a British accent. Kind of like Shaun of the Dead, I suppose. As for your question as to what $50 billion dollars would look like, here’s what I found at some math site:
             With a measuring tool it is easy to determine that a dollar bill is very close to 0.004 inches thick. A stack of million of these would be 0.004 time 1,000,000 or 4,000 inches tall. To convert inches to feet, divide by 12. 4000 divided by 12 is slightly over 333 feet. A billion is a thousand million. If a stack of a million dollars is 333 feet high, then a stack one thousand times this would be 333,000 feet. To find how high this is in miles simply divide by 5280, the number of feet in a mile. That’s over 63 miles high.
           Ok, so assuming that site is right, that would be 50 rows 63 miles high. Someone at better math than me can figure out the volume of some huge container it would equate to.

  6. Question:  how many “dump truck loads full of money” is $50,000,000,000 in $100 bills.
    Bonus:  how many money vaults would that be?
            standard “dump truck” is a single axle dump truck that can haul 5 cubic yards. 
            standard “money vault” is a 10′ x 10′ x 8′ sized room
    If my math is correct:
            128.60082 dump trucks
            21.70185 money vaults
    Do I get partial credit if I show my work? 
    In short, a hell of a lot! 

  7. wow Garry was in the episode of The Walking Dead?  hahaha, awesome.  When I watch it tonight I’ll keep an eye out for pajama zombie.

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