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Episode 33 Bonus! – The Radeon HD 6870 Embargo Edition – 10/21/2010

In this special bonus episode of This is Only a Test Will, Norm, Gary and Brad chat about the upcoming Radeon 6870 and 6850, then talk about how it stacks up to existing cards from ATI and Nvidia. Plus, the naming scheme controversy surrounding it. Don’t miss it!

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14 thoughts on “Episode 33 Bonus! – The Radeon HD 6870 Embargo Edition – 10/21/2010

  1. FakePlasticTree just replied to your comment:

    ” If you really do have a $1000 machine, then look into getting Battlefield Bad Company 2.  It’s quite a thrill to play, and the multiplayer is awesome with the destructible environments.  I play Quake Live, Counterstrike Pro mod, Bad Company 2, and am messing around with the Lead and Gold steam beta. “

    Is the Lead and Gold steam beta an open one? Secondly, does BFBC2 seem like it has longevity, I never considered purchasing it because to me it seemed like it would go the way of MW2 “

    I sold MW2 after getting BFBC2. BFBC2 just gives me a lot more enjoyment. The typical Dice launch problems has pretty much been fixed so now is the time to get it.  
    I’m on a Mac, and my Windows desktop is not hooked up. But I have quite a few Steam games and once that comes out for Mac later this month I will be playing a good amount of games, but most likely a lot of TF2. 

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  2. I like the bonus show, not really interested in the content (besides the talk of new consoles) but more bite-sized segments like this would be awesome!

  3. Let me be the first to say it: WHAT, NO ANA? Now that’s out of the way, I was thinking about upgrading an old desktop as a gaming rig, but, as mentioned on the podcast, I can’t think of that must-have title worth spending hundreds of dollars to upgrade. Other than MMOs and strategy games, there’s not really anything out there that’s not already on consoles. I’ll blame Microsoft somehow. And lobbyists in Congress. I blame Microsoft lobbyists in Congress.

  4. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the “S”s very sharp in this edition? 
    Also, mini podcast as nice, but I wouldn’t want to see it compromise the length of the main podcast.

  5. I don’t understand why people would want a Twitter feed scrolling while they’re watching a TV show. I don’t want anything like that. I’m trying to watch a show and be immersed in it, not be drawn out of the experience to read “OMG! THAT WAS INTENSE” from someone.
    Also, I’m with Norm that millions of people still watch TV at the same time. I think you need to remember that the way you guys consume content isn’t similar to the average person.

  6. Awesome podcast. Plus now I know why my GeForce 4 MX was such a piece of shit – good thing I learned how to research that stuff soon after. 
    And yes, I certainly am in the pile of people that want more of these little explanatory bonus podcasts.

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