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Episode 396 – RIP NES Classic – 4/20/17

We’re joined by special guest Mike Mika, Chief Creative Officer at Other Ocean and the creator of #IDARB! Jeremy, Norm, and Mike talk about immersion in theme parks, high-tech juicers, the NES Classic, and the latest in VR demos and experiences.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 396 – RIP NES Classic – 4/20/17

  1. Really happy you guys mentioned mst3k. It popped up on Netflix and I remembered hearing you mention the show in the past. I didn’t really know what to expect as I haven’t seen the show before. I’m really enjoying it so thanks.

  2. that was a fascinating comparison of kickstarter vs venture capital. . . . does it all really boil down to sense of humor?

    when i was growing up we had fruit trees in our back yard, so did the neighbors. in a good year there is more fruit than you can ever possibly eat, even with birds and bugs taking their cut. it was common to give it away or invite people to come pick. What you didnt eat or freeze became compost, recycled into organic matter which would eventually become another plant.

    it is interesting to try to imagine the mindset of an investor who sees this ‘keurig for juice’ and says ‘yes, lets do that’. it is hard to get into that mindset. I guess it would be something like “build razor, sell blades”, and substitute random things in for ‘razor’ and ‘blade’ until I get rich. Make printer, sell ink. Make Keurig, sell coffee-pack. Rent copy-machine, sell copies (Kinkos). Subsidize smartphones, sell data (carriers). Buy patent portfolio, sell licensing fees. Make water machine…. sell water?

    Make juice machine…. . . . sell fruit packs….

    What if it all came down to the question of the shape of the disposable pack? If they just made little refrigerated keurig-cup style packets that had pieces of solid fruit in them, so that you could insert the pack into a machine and the machine would blend it into juice….. it might have worked. People really like that stuff. They will buy orange pieces that have been pre-peeled at Whole Foods. Pineapples that have been pre-cut. Frozen kale that has been pre-chopped. Imagine “juicing” without having to cut an apple or peel a banana. There are people who would go for that. They already do – there is a big industry of powdered juice products that get sold in natural-food type stores. They typically come in a small container that you scoop powder out of, like Tang or something.

    But instead…. buy pre-cut apple pieces to feed into the juicer in some packet. Especially if you don’t even have to peel back a cover or anything. You get a little plastic box that says Apples from your fridge, and stick it in a machine and you get freshly squeezed apple juice. Then you toss the box. I don’t know how it works – how does it open the packet, dump the apples into a whirring blade, and pour contents into a spout… and I don’t need to know. All I need to know is that I stick a packet in, and get juice out.

    Yes i know they used to call this ‘canned fruit’ but that doesn’t have the same flavor. This is modern, sleek, this needs to be refrigerated packets that fit neatly into a machine which makes a soothing noise and produces a cup of product, like it is the Star Trek Replicator. People buy that experience – on some level the actual product doesn’t even matter.

    It’s like the modern post-industrial version of Way of Tea / Japanese Tea Ceremony – the point is not to make liquid, the point is to experience a ritual. And our modern urban ritual is to take an object, put it in a machine, press a button, and have something predictable and useful happen, accompanied by a pleasant noise. Everything from video game consoles to printers to vending machines to coffee machines work on this principle. Why not juice? Why not juice.

    Yes. Now I am ready for my VC career.

  3. you might be on to something with the ritual. because that’s pretty much all that remains.

    judging from the video, what’s inside the bags is a kind of slurry or sludge. you know, the kind that drips juice when you squeeze it. to reduce juicing to buying packaged fruit, pre-processed to the very last step before juice, and have 400 bucks of machine take it that last step AT YOUR HOME is quite the stunt.

    oh, and to add one more thing: the machine refuses to process bags that are past its expiring date.

    it’s really a distillation (hah!) of everything that’s wrong with the internet of things hype: make a machine that does something you don’t need a machine for, and add an internet-enabled ‘smart’ restriction to it that’s bound to get on your nerves sooner than later. thank god you don’t need the machine to get the juice out of the bag is all i’m saying.

    re thought interface for computers i’m curious to see how they solve the problem of stray thoughts influencing the precision of the input. if they don’t find a really good solution for that, i don’t see how it will surpass keyboard and a terminal. once you have become familiar with a task, that’s almost always what ends up being the fastest and most versatile interface. because keyboards are crazy fast, yet require a deliberate input. once trained, it’s a mighty interface.

  4. yes that is interesting about typing.

    imagine a civilization that invents computers before it invents writing. their input method at first is verbal, or movement based. eventually they develop the thought-interface. imagine they could theoretically have self driving cars, food machines, manufacturing robots, netflix, social networks, games, 3d printers, etc. all without written language.

    i bet that eventually, that civilization would still invent writing.

  5. Copyright WKL 2017. All rights reserved. What’s yours and whose thoughts you echo?

    Consumerism is at its worst then you laugh at “innovating new products” – simultaneously fondlin your Apple-clock or checking the prices of New Nikes or Cuccis when k’re just playing into their pockects by creating hype…

    Basically we should appraise and value new ideas whenever possible and at the same time discontinue using worthless things – rely on sound, tested (!) products – recycle and especially buy less…

    PS. [Bows] Just teaching the way…PPS. Rip NES? Idiots. NES, SNES, N64, Wii and etc. are fun & lively; in my Android with Mali-T760. Cheers!

  6. “We’ve got a lot of VR to talk about this week.” UUUUUUUGH. I really wish this fad would die already. I love you guys and I know I’m not the target Tested audience anymore since you guys rebranded Tested, but hearing you guys go on and on about something that 95% of your audience is never going to experience for themselves is just so boring.

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