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Episode 386 – Halftime Drones – 2/9/17

This week, we talk about the technology and pop culture of the Superbowl, including drones used during the halftime show and Kishore’s chicken wing party. Two new Netflix show trailers get us excited, and we debate the future of tipping for car sharing services. Plus, the VR lawsuit ruling and rumors about Magic Leap.

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24 thoughts on “Episode 386 – Halftime Drones – 2/9/17

  1. Hans Rohling was an amazing person who could talk about data in ways that where clear and informative at the same time.

  2. Those dones were amazing, had no idea they could coordinate that many…and have backups for failures. It can’t be long till they take over, 😉

    It turns out she didn’t really jump off the top of the stadium and it was recorded earlier , didn’t lose its effect tho.

  3. Guys,I really think you did your listeners a disservice in the podcast by leaving out important information about Larsen C Shelf. You’re only giving ammo to the skeptics. Please read this From NPR (link below), “This is probably not directly attributable to any warming in the region, although of course the warming won’t have helped,” says Luckman. “It’s probably just simply a natural event that’s just been waiting around to happen.”


  4. Employers should pay their employees a fair salary. Making drivers and waiters hustle for a few bucks is disgusting and medieval. Tipping is either degrading begging or extortion using your pity pending on your disposition. You fill in for the avarice of the employer. Just put it on the bill.

  5. I didn’t mean to insinuate that the shelf crack is due to warming. But when it cracks, glaciers coming down to the ocean and melting will be due in part to warming. And its the glaciers coming down to the water that is the real problem.

  6. thanks for the clarification that make sense. However, many of your listeners might not be as informed about it as you are. I think if you listen to back to that segment through the ears of a typical listener it would sound completely as if it was due to global warming. If the topic comes up again perhaps add some of the information included in the NPR article. Thanks again.

  7. The guys do not need to be politically correct to maintain federal funding as others who may talk to NPR as scientist. These ice sheets break off eventually always. Kishore didn’t make any connection to the reason for global warming nor the contested question whether we should do anything about it.

  8. The Vizio spying is more insidious than Norm thinks it is. They were sampling screen shots and matching them to databases to find metadata. Even if you’re using a Roku or some other source… anything that flips bits on the screen… they know what you were watching.

  9. Flying cars? Looking at the projected proto-types that are shown, I’m not sure why they don’t use a system like Moller Sky Car (provided he ever gets a car to market…Hey he’s over there have the Tested Team ever thought about running a story on Moller?)

    The data from all these driving cars around is a massive piggy bank out there. On the spot traffic conditions, open parking spaces, and zoned rush hour data can be very valuable data to the right market. All of it easily obtainable by tracking Uber/Lift drivers and live feed dash cams for these drivers. I guess somebody needs to create a business that allows access to this data.

    Thanks Tested Team

  10. On the Zenimax Ruling your take away appeared to be that if a person works at an auto shop and learns to hotrod engines real well, then leaves and works at another auto shop that hired him BECAUSE he was good at hotroding he can’t use ANY of the skills and methods or speciality tools (Oh, you don’t need to drop the Transmission if you bend a screwdriver in this fashion you can flip that clip loose and save two hours.) he used and learned at the first shop to work on cars at the second shop? Did I understand that correctly?

  11. I’m going to have to agree – that was the best Outro to date. Even better than the Jibo remix.

    Also, I know this is weird, but the one thing I vividly remember from the “Brothers” episode” was that you could clearly see Brent Spiner’s nipple through Data’s uniform top (towards the latter part of the episode). As a young person, that creeped me out. Am I all alone on this?

  12. Not only were they able to track what you watched via screen capture, as SciPunk mentioned, but they also tracked your IP. With this marketers could tell which advertisements were successful and even push ads on other devices based on what you watched. Yes, they did sell/provide the data to third parties according to the complaint and Visio’s page on ACR. Really sad that they were fined less than $0.20 per violation..

  13. Did you really diss Android TV, Kishore? Maybe you meant the original Android TV, I dunno, but you guys really need to talk about the NVIDIA SHIELD TV v2 coming out this year. I have v1 and it’s incredible. It’s by far the best Plex streaming device I’ve ever used, and the YouTube app is also the best version of the app I’ve ever seen on any device. You can even use it to play a lot of emulated games. It’s incredible.

  14. I dissed the integrated Android TV. The shield is pretty amazing, but just more than I want to spend for a streaming box (which would be my primary use).

  15. Kishore – Perhaps in the next Moment of Science you could talk about Dr. John Bates? I’ve seen various articles from places like the Daily Mail (NOT a reputable science journal), but I don’t really know the man nor have I seen any of the details behind his allegations. I would like to know the other side of the story.

  16. Very interesting claims and “heads should roll” if they hold up, but I can’t help but find it very suspicious that an American scientist would approach a UK tabloid rag like the Daily Mail to blow the whistle on a paper this high-profile… that is sort of like Snowden giving an exclusive to the New York Post.

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