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Episode 363 – Mevo Mischief – 8/18/16

Just days before Norm’s big day and upcoming arctic trip, the gang unites to record an episode and test out the new Mevo livestream camera. We discuss the news from IDF, car ownership, and a good helping of pop culture happenings.

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24 thoughts on “Episode 363 – Mevo Mischief – 8/18/16

  1. I’m going to puke with all that bobbing around… otherwise great show as usual!

    >a little better sitting 10′ back from the monitor

  2. I think this camera wants you way further back.

    Also Greenland is winter hell and cold as **** no matter when you go.

  3. The Mevo camera is pretty amazing, but the robo-producer software needs a lot of work. It’s over tracking static subjects and cutting at random.

  4. For a site called Tested, with people coming here to see things tested and picked apart, people complain that something is actually being Tested in a realistic setting! This camera is really designed for this application, what better way to put it through it’s paces.

    Robo Producer seems to really love Jeremy though!

  5. We felt similarly about the camera’s performance as you do. WTF with the constant zooming on people? Didn’t notice how bad it was until after the show, but we could clearly tell the mic/video sensor was often pointing the wrong direction so we had a guess. Back to the C100 next week.

    Let us know if you have any guest suggestions/recommendations for the next three weeks. Norm can’t say no!

  6. Testing is what it´s all about, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t.

    I was gonna say bring on Joey but remembered he´s going with Norm so maybe go old school and bring on Gary. Or Veronica, she’s always fun!

  7. Veronica has retired from many hosting/video gigs to focus on product management. She was on top of my list too!

    Definitely hoping to take a risk with a new voice.

  8. one thing i find problematic with the camera is not the software – that is fixable – but the distortion you get when you crop the outer edges of a wide-angle view as a straight-on shot. that just looks all kinds of wacky.

    re IDF: didn’t they also show overwatch running smoothly on kaby lake integrated graphics? that’s a direction that makes me pretty anxious about AMD’s vega graphics cards. right now, the polaris cards kinda-sorta get by because they fill a performance spot not covered by anyone else: if you want to play lower-fi games on a 1080p screen, and are on a budget, why buy anything but an rx460 or mayyybe 470? in rx480 territory, most scenarios favour the gtx 1060, and beyond that is nvidia turf.

    now, if AMD gets pressure from below by CPU integrated graphics, and pressure from above by a gtx 1050, what reason remains there to buy any of their power-drains? unless AMD magically pulls a vega out of their hat that stays in their relative price range while severely increasing relative performance and severely diminishing power consumption, it’s not looking too rosy.

    podcast guest: i vote for having simone at least once! a shame veronica took a step back, but maybe have patrick norton and/or shannon morse? weren’t they around the tested premises recently anyway?

  9. We need a super cut of all the hosts playing air guitar to the intro, edited as a music video for the intro.

  10. The random unsolicited close up of mevo lovin Jeremy are hilarious! come on mevo, he is not even speaking!!

    ps, i think it is just that he his the only one facing the camera, whitout a big mic in front of his face.. just maybe.

  11. How about your Inquiring Minds co-host, Indre Viskontas? I think she would be a wonderful addition to the Tested podcast milieu

  12. I have to agree with the others in the comments. The Mevo is terrible. Please don’t use it again. It’s never focused on the person that’s speaking. It’s very distracting.

    On another note: Congrats Norm! Have fun on your trip. I look forward to seeing the video from your excursion.

  13. I am glad that I do not watch this because the few frames I did I felt like I was on a boat in a storm. The video is terrible.

  14. A great example of the Mevo loves Jeremy happens at the 20 and 21 min marks. Cut to Jeremy, zoom in, zoom in, zoom out, Cut to Norm, no back to Jeremy, zoom in, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in… . I was actually amused but the Mevo software needs some work when set to auto. Excited to see whoever this weeks guest is!! Congrats/Good Luck Norm!!

  15. From observation my guess is that the Mevo uses eyes to tell if it should focus on a subject. The facial recognition works but the studio setup is creating the errors.

    From what I can tell: Jeremy is the only person with a clear face. Kishore’s face is hidden behind a mic and he is wearing glasses with a heavy reflection. Norm isn’t facing the camera and so doesn’t have a face.

    I’d like to see further testing, for a second test all sit facing the camera and lower the mics (like a con panel), then look at the camera when talking. If there are settings on the camera, go for less zooms/pans, and only crop on major movement.

    Well done on the test, keep up the good work.

  16. First off: Congrats to Norm & Danica!

    From all that the community has found (well at least the RPF and 501st): the white imperial in the Rogue One wears an Admiral rank bar, and is a member (probably head) of the Imperial Security Bureau.

    Agree that Danica should be a guest in the coming weeks!

  17. Please consider turning up the gain. Other podcasts have adequate gain but for some reason your podcast is hard to hear even with my volume maxed while listening in the car.

    I am a new listener and have been enjoying your show very much. Keep up the great work.

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