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Episode 340 – Don’t Bully the Robots – 2/25/16

This week, Norm and Kishore are joined by Will, who returns to the podcast studio to talk about the announcements from Mobile World Congress, new phones, and virtual reality headsets. We talk through the pre-ordering decision for VR early adopters, and also discuss the games we’ve been playing. Plus, replacing screens on Kindles, and testing a CNC milling machine.

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26 thoughts on “Episode 340 – Don’t Bully the Robots – 2/25/16

  1. Seems tough to decide between Rift or Vibe. I bet many are listening very closely how you guys phrase the comparisons. Nice job not making the decision any easier. Rift is PC only as far as I know while Vibe will be Mac, Linux and PC. Anyway will be Rift for me first as I was an original kickstarter and they honor the deal. Build a new PC just when the GTX980 came out so I can’t wait to get it in. Just afraid that you have to sign up with Facebook with which I don’t want to deal with at all.

  2. Kanye’s an idiot. He doesn’t understand the word “debt.” He’s talking about his investment in his clothes line. It’s not lost money, he just hasn’t seen a return on it yet.

  3. Morning Norm,

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record, an unappreciative viewer, or a naggy person but the youtube audio levels are seriously low this episode and seems to be getting lower and lower each week. At first I thought it was our work computer but if you go read the youtube comments on your youtube page it’s all the viewers are talking about. Would it be possible to just boost the audio levels of the youtube main video? The audio player on this page works just fine and we are just listening to it but I know others would enjoy to watch and hear the video on youtube. Thank you.

  4. I wonder why the audio is always so quiet on this podcast only. All of the other videos and podcast have great sound. Very weird.

  5. Welcome Back Will.

    Now seriously guys, you have to work out your audio issues w/ YouTube. Once again the audio stream on the forum is perfect, but the YouTube stream sounds like it’s in a closet next door.

  6. We heard the feedback on the levels and tried correcting this week on the Tricaster, but somehow did not work exactly as we wanted (it sounded good on the YouTube test we ran). It’ll get fixed soon!

  7. Another great podcast, love having Will back (albeit briefly) and Kishore in the mix makes a good trio.

    A very *small* bit of feedback – Norm: you are stepping over Will a bit more than usual this episode. You guys have podcasted for a long time together at this point and have a wonderful rapport, and I generally appreciate your ability to provide a summary of someones speaking points when they are done (especially when adding in things they might of missed, or new interesting angles on their points) but you have to be careful to make sure you are letting them mostly finish first before you interject, and also that you are correctly sensing where they are going. It’s something I’m guilty of myself at times in conversation and I have to remind myself to be more aware of it. As a listener to this episode I found it a bit more noticeable and found myself wanting to have heard what Will was going to say with the sense that it wasn’t quite where you were going.

    All in all a wonderful show and Tested remains my go to source for interesting and informative opinions on so many cool subjects. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. Thank you sir. As stated I hope I did not come across as whiny or pushy, it’s always hard to send messages on the interwebs since you can’t read tone in text. I’ve been a tested listener and contributor for since the beginning and will continue to listen. I really enjoy the content and casts. Glad your playing more of a roll here on tested.

  9. htc used a notebook at the MWC16 a few days ago (see picture below).

    To me it looks like a Digital Storm BANSHEE.

    Digital Storm, ASUS and MSI (maybe others) have lately put Nvidia GTX980 GPUs (faster than the mobile GTX980M GPU but some desktop GPUs may be clocked down a bit for thermal and power consumption reasons) into notebooks. Sometimes you can even find the ‘VR ready’ claim on the websites (not officially supported by any HMD manufacturer).

    I still run my Oculus DK2 (working with Unity and Unreal Engine) on an ASUS ROG G751JY with a GTX980M. No issues with anything so far (and I have tried any demo I could get my hands on). I will give it a try with the Oculus CV1 and htc Vive before I buy something new since I would like to get the next Nvidia GPU generation which should be announced soon. There is no connection issue (HDMI or DisplayPort version) nor an issue with Intel integrated GPU (which my notebook does not have) expected.

    The SteamVR performance test result was just between ‘Capable’ and ‘Ready’.

  10. , The last tree new 360 degrees videos from Mythbusters are prety awesome, it made me change my opinion about this new format.

  11. plumbum (Pb) is lead

    Nothing to do with plumbago which is is a genus of flowering plants in the family Plumbaginaceae.

  12. I borrowed a coworkers Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera (the S is the second gen) on a trip to New Zealand. It was a lot of fun taking pictures and then looking at them later. Video too. Google Cardboard is the only form of “VR” I have access to but it was a kind of trippy experience looking at the photos and video a bit after coming home from the trip. Interesting way to experience the memory and moment in time at that place.

  13. Nice to see you back on the podcast, Will… we miss you 🙂

    Also, you showed up in my Facebook-feed today, haha

  14. re pacific rim 2 director: will missed the biggest opportunity to say ‘just when i thought i was out… they pulled me back in’

  15. Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for not spoiling Firewatch. It’s been on my list of games to play and I just haven’t had the time to play it yet.

  16. I respectfully disagree. Norm was just doing what he should be doing when heading a group panel like this, that is leading the conversation and keeping it on point, all the while asking and presenting the right questions and topics for the conversation. Something Will is pretty adept at doing. If you look back on older podcasts of this show where Will was heading the podcast, you can see him doing the same thing. It’s just harder to catch, as Will can be a talker sometimes and I mean that not in a bad way.

    Also, I like the commentary on pop culture from you guys at Tested. Even tho it’s not tech related. This podcast is so long as it is, doesn’t hurt to toss it in.

  17. Hey guys,

    Great show as usual but the audio level is definitely a little low. Full system volume and full video volume but still too low to hear everything easily.


  18. The only people who can type as fast as you can speak (upwards of 150 wpm) are stenographers and world record breakers. There is no way Will can type an order of magnitude faster than that. He’s probably thinking about typing versus handwriting.

  19. Faster than he can actually, physically speak, doubtful indeed, but I don’t doubt that Will, someone who’s been a professional writer/editor for the last 15 years, can type just as fast as he can *think, formulate good sentences and speak them* in practice. 🙂

  20. Apple announced on Feb 23 that Apple Pencil would have system-wide capability in iOS 9.3, and on Mar 1 released iOS 9.3 beta 5 with it restored.

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