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Episode 327 – Hero with a Thousand Faces – 11/19/15

How do you stream your music and video from today’s services? This week, Norm, Jeremy, and Patrick discuss data encryption, the fall of Rdio, tablet displays, and the endurance of Star Wars! Also, we mull over Oxford Dictionaries word of the year selections and share what we’ve been testing. Apologies for the video going out in the last five minutes–an office munchkin pushed our mixer buttons!

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26 thoughts on “Episode 327 – Hero with a Thousand Faces – 11/19/15

  1. im sorry Norm but the start was a trainwreck. The podcast has a branding, and the start should be consistent. Add your own flare but try to keep the start similar.

  2. sorry about that. a three-year-old ran to our production station and hit a bunch of buttons and levers in the last three minutes. it’s fixed in the audio version.

  3. The King Arthur is another example of a character who’s story has been rewritten many times with the same characters. In this case over a number of centuries.

  4. Oh, and thank goodness you don’t have to worry about ‘Brexit’ over in California. I wish I hadn’t heard of it, too.

  5. FairPhone’s repairability, in my impresion, is not so much about user experience… Repairability fits in to their philosophy of social responsibility in manufacturing. Making it easy to recycle is, in their approach, part of this philosophy in order to reduce waste and enable recycling which is better for the environment and people who might be affected by toxic e-waste. It reminds me of the chair company that re-engineered their product to make it purposely easy to disassemble for recycling.

  6. Norm, please never use “irregardless” again. It is not a word. I do enjoy your work and look forward to you “finding your voice” in taking over the hosting of the podcast. Keep up the good work. Excellent subject matter and good rapport between you, Jeremy and Patrick.

  7. I still use Winamp, too. 🙂

    Please check Patrick’s level. He’s a good bit lower than Norm and Jeremy at times, so I had to keep adjusting the volume in the car. Seems to be a recurring issue – low talker or bad mic?

  8. Don’t forget about Google Music! Great service to use if you’ve got songs which aren’t typically found on streaming services. (Because you can upload something like 20k tracks to your account)

    Also, I wanted to mention that the biggest disruption to Star Wars continuity will be when John Williams passes away. He’s been a truly excellent anchor in my opinion, holding up a big piece of the entire franchise so far.

  9. Regarding Music to listen to on the radio I would suggest checking out 8tracks.com and flitermusic.net. At our job we also listen to I heart radio online. I heart and filter are more random then 8tracks but I am not one of the type of people who needs to control every song I listen to.

  10. WHY WOULD YOU BUY A PC?!?!?!?!

    Not everyone can afford to buy an Apple Laptop, Tablet, Desktop. You can buy a relitivly good PC for doing school work, watching videos online, and facebooking for under $500. You can’t buy an Apple. Not everyone has companies just giving them products to test out.

  11. No worries Norm. We get our fair share of older rugrats on days when the schools close due to snow. We take over empty offices, put DVD players and game controllers in the rooms (parents bring them in) and turn them into a play rooms – not a problem when the door is closed. The older ones do art on the white boards.

    Next time, it would be great to hear a discussion from the three of you on the ars technical article on ads that use inaudible sound to link to your phone, TV, etc…..


  12. As a designer working on user experience and interfaces, I find the Fast Company article to be a piece of valid criticism clouded by a ridiculous headline and published on a platform, FastCo.Design, which is usually filled with tabloid clickbait drivel from terrible writers. If the authors wanted to get a rise out of people, good job, if they want people to take note and make a course correction, not so much.

  13. II travel a fare bit by car, and I often listen to different podcasts. But I often run in to problems when listening to this one.

    I find the soud quality strange at best. I don’t know what’s causing it but I have a hard time hearing Norm and Patrick in the end of centense.strange enough Jeremy I can hear just fine.

    Maby it is som kind of miceophone disciplin thing, or it got something with droping voice pitch in the end of eatch centens.

    Try to eaven out the sound output in some way so I don’t have to crank my car stereo all the way up to hear you guys.

    Great content by the way keep up the good work.

  14. so negative this week and way too political

    I think given the news of the week, the tone and subject were understandable. Security online and off is certainly tech-relevant stuff.

  15. Patrick has two volume levels: mouse and Randy Savage. For the love of god get on the mic when you speak softly. I have to crank my volume to hear you, then when you laugh my eardrums almost burst.

    This week’s episode had pops and cracks almost the entire duration and it was really frustrating to listen to.

    And once again you talked about streaming music and failed to discuss how Zune Pass was sunset just last week. I had the subscription for years, and it was FANTASTIC because it was $15 a month and I could keep 10 DRM free mp3s every month. Now all Zune Pass subscribers (those who are still left anyway) have been migrated to Groove Music, which is a far inferior subscription service because the apps are horrendous, but I’m pretty sure their music catalog is still at least or better than Spotify.

  16. thank you; thought I was the only one… PLEASE fix Patrick’s audio issues. I like what he contributes but it is maddening listening to his inconsistent volume. Cowgod is right–he really needs to get on the mic.

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