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Episode 311 – Windows 10 and Novel Proteins – 7/30/2015

This week, Will is joined by Patrick Norton, Dave Snider, and Joey Fameli to discuss Windows 10, pandas, Intel and Micron’s new memory technology, the robots that will really kill us all, and Motorola’s new phone lineup. Enjoy!

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33 thoughts on “Episode 311 – Windows 10 and Novel Proteins – 7/30/2015

  1. Holy shit! After last week, they brought out the big guns. (I’m not implying a cause-effect there, but still.) Literally, have you seen Joey’s arms?! I haven’t even listened to this and I’m already HYPE.

  2. We call those bacon wrapped hotdogs “dirty dogs” here in LA =P idk how they always show up right when I need one

  3. Still waiting for the first terrorist action using multiple drones, scariest thing to me about UAVs to me is as an idiocy delivery system.

    Shia LaBeouf? Justin Long. With Kevin Smith as Warlock a super hacker living in his mother’s basement.

  4. the first time I remember encountering the word “scop” was in Bruce Sterling’s book, Islands in the Net. It was a freely available food made from algae.

  5. I want to start making youtube videos. I don’t *think* I’m intending to make anything super complicated off the bat. I was going to get Premiere simply because that’s the thing every seems to use. But for a novice (and someone that would be glad to get away with using free software over paying for something) is Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve right for me? Even if I don’t need the color stuff?

  6. You dont have to do any of what will said to get windows 10. I have a lenovo g570 I was not getting the upgrade dialog so I downloaded the windows 10 media creation tool and installed it on the machine from there. No need to make a bootable usb to need to wipe anything. The windows upgrade gives you the option to save all your files and all your programs or just keep files or just keep programs and you do not need to have windows 8 I did this from windows 7.

  7. The handgun that teenage mounted on that drone (shown all over the news), was a Kel-Tec PMR-30 chambered in .22 WMR, (Winchester Magnum Rimfire). It was NOT a Glock chambered in a modern centerfire cartridge, like 9mm/.40S&W/etc.

    Just saying..

  8. absolutely, try it out for sure since its free (and available for Mac and PC). The color stuff is on a separate pane, so you dont even need to look at it.

    The editing portion of the new resolve is similar to Premiere in a lot of ways. I think at the moment, hands down, anyone interested in editing should start here, being that it’s free, and, if you want to move towards editing more frequently and use Premiere, the tools, interface and hotkeys will translate over nicely.

    BlackMagic has been doing a great job making Resolve more friendly over the past couple years since they purchased it, and for a free “lite” version it’s packed with everything your going to need.


  9. http://www.wdrb.com/story/29670583/update-drone-owner-disputes-shooters-story-produces-video-he-claims-shows-flight-path

    UPDATE: Drone owner disputes shooter’s story; produces video he claims shows flight path

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The father who shot down a drone over his home has his case to national television — and there’s a new twist in the story today.

    The drone owner has come forward with video and his own version of what happened.

    WDRB News has obtained video of William Merideth’s arrest. Merideth was charged with wanton endangerment and criminal mischief for shooting down a drone over his Hillview home.

    “No, I’m not going to relax!” Merideth says in the video. “I don’t give a [EXPLETIVE] about him. And I don’t give a [EXPLETIVE] about your [EXPLETIVE] drone and you keep video taping. I know exactly what I did.”

    The story we broke has gone worldwide, appearing on The Drudge Report on People magazine’s website and dozens of other online publications.

    This morning, William Merideth appeared on Fox and Friends.

    RAW VIDEO: Arrest of man who shot down drone

    It’s four days after he was jailed and charged with wanton endangerment and criminal mischief for shooting down the drone.

    “You’ve got two children in the backyard, this drone is flying overhead, and how did they react that caused you to go get your gun and shoot it out of the sky?” asked Fox and Friends anchor Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

    “Well they come in and said, ‘There’s a drone flying out here and this is not the first time it happened,'” Merideth said. “And I went out and looked, and the neighbors were in their backyard, and said are you going to do anything about it and I said, ‘Not unless it comes over my property.'”

    “This is kind of terrible trying to protect your own children in your backyard,” said Hasselbeck. “We will certainly follow this and want to thank you for your time today.”

    But another side of this story is emerging.

    The owner of the drone, David Boggs, just released the flight data recorder from his iPad, saying it tracks the drone’s path. In a video Boggs sent WDRB, he comments on drone’s path 40 seconds before, during and after the incident.

    “We are now one minute and 18 seconds into the flight,” he says on the video. “We are now 193 feet above the ground. This area here is the world-famous drone slayer home, and this is a neighbor’s home, and our friends live over here, and over here, and over here. You will see now that we did not go below this altitude — we even went higher — nor did we hover over their house to look in. And for sure didn’t descend down to no 10 feet, or look under someone’s canopy, or at somebody’s daughter.”

    “We are right now one minute, 56 seconds over the drone slayer’s house. We’re still not on his property line — we’re just now getting ready to cross it….In less than two seconds…we are outside of his property, still at 272 feet. He shot the drone here, and you’ll see it rapidly lose altitude, and the drone crash. Boom — there it goes. Crazy, in the words of the great Paul Harvey, now you know the rest of the story.”

  10. “It’s one of the giveaways that (the Matrix) was shot in Australia, nobody here knows what Tasty Wheat is”

    Australians also don’t know what Tasty Wheat is, it’s a fictional product.

  11. Japan’s local mascot grand-prix : http://www.yurugp.jp/vote/

    The numbers in each prefecture represent the entries for that prefecture.

    Some of the more scary ones: http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2138561445987546301

    The “city donation” stuff mentioned in the podcast is actually a tax payment, instead of paying to which prefecture you reside in you for your local taxes , you can pay any municipal government part of the local taxes and they can send you back some local merchandise as a thank you. You get a tax break for doing this while also receiving some local stuff.

  12. They were talking about the steps needed for a complete clean install onto a clean drive. It sounds like you’re describing what is still an upgrade from Windows [7/8(.1)] instead of installing all of Windows from scratch onto a clean drive. Just wiping the files and programs can still leave issues behind compared to a clean install.

  13. I saw Pandas in the description and thought we were going to get deep in some Python data frames. Sadness.

    No not really, excited for this novel ensemble.

  14. According to the Supreme Court and the FAA property rights go up to 500 ft where an easement for navigation of UAVs and other aircraft begins. According to the article posted below, and the pilots own account, crossing the property line at ~250 feet puts him clearly within the property boundary.

    Now, that is not to defend the shooting of a quad, just informing of the law.

  15. The town mascot for the small town where I used to work is an elderly sweet potato. He is “Imoji” because Imo is the word for sweet potato. Here’s his statue by the train station (at some point it was vandalized):

  16. My Windows 10 upgrade went really smooth. I didn’t get the prompt so I went to download and run the media creation tool. You can do the upgrade with that tool even if you didn’t get prompted yet. However, it’s a good thing I let other people upgrade before me because there happened to be a Windows Update snafu that was cased by bad Nvidia drivers being forced over Nvidia’s approved drivers. I went and shut off drivers updated over Windows Update for the time being until the next round of Nvidia drivers come out.

  17. Oh Will, disappointed you got caught up in this “Freemium Solitaire” nonsense, you’re normally much more sceptical of internet hysteria. Pretty obvious you didn’t validate the story by checking it yourself.

    Firstly this version of Solitaire was available on the Windows 8 app store for at least a year and no-one batted an eyelid.

    More importantly you can play the standard card games as much as you like and see nothing other than a picture advert in one corner of the screen at the end of each game. The only way you’ll see video adverts that you cannot skip (unless you pay to remove adverts) is when you go into the daily challenges to earn coins (don’t know what they’re for, differerent card backs and backgrounds?) etc which is where all the freemium features live. Yeah it’s the usual yuckiness of those systems but nowhere near as big a deal as people have been making out.

  18. Will there is a multiplayer mod for Euro Truck. Some of us on the shack played once a week for several months.

  19. Will said “Thanks for watching” at the end of the show. Do people actually watch the podcast on YouTube? WHY?!

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