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Episode 307 – Profligate Wastrels – 6/25/2015

This week, Will, Jeremy, and Gary discuss the Amazon Echo’s official release, Apple and music royalties, the Arkham Knight PC recall, DNA and poop, taxi drivers protesting in Paris, and the newest Spider-Man reboot. Enjoy!

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32 thoughts on “Episode 307 – Profligate Wastrels – 6/25/2015

  1. Volume seems very low on the YT video, had to max out the audio settings on my laptop for normal levels.

  2. There where worse people than Hitler its just that his environment fostered his rise, that lot of people could have been the worst group of people…

  3. That ‘someone’ (at 15:20) who tweeted you about P. Diddy assaulting his son’s football coach, and the story about Taylor Swift and her fight with Apple, was me, Will.. 😉

  4. Finished this, and I forgot how much I missed Gary. The show got so side tracked but I could listen to it all day. Please try to drag Gary back into these podcasts, even if it can only be done via VOIP.

  5. Just wanted to point out that the reason artists make so little money off of streaming is the labels, they take most of the money before it gets to the artist. Pandora and Spotify operate in the red, it’s they are not making a ton of money or anything here.

  6. Registered just to say how much I liked this episode. The VR hour was starting to take its toll on me.

  7. I use Hulu, but only because I have a computer hooked up to my TV and can watch the free version. I wouldn’t pay for Hulu Plus. Not only having ads on the premium service annoying, but when I used a free month trial on my Xbox 360, there were a few shows that wouldn’t play at all because they were “web only”. That pissed me off to no end.

    As for the ads, half the ads I get are “blank” with a note from Hulu saying that they couldn’t load the ad and yelling at me to stop blocking ads. That’s despite having Ad Block turned off for Hulu and half the ads playing just fine. Stop yelling at me about your problem!

  8. Re: air mattresses… I generally hate them as well, but I just spent three nights on the floor of my sister’s place in LA on an air mat that she got in Europe called Kaikkialla and it was kind of amazing. If you have a chance, you should try one out – I would buy one in a heartbeat if I were a frequent camper.

    Also, the same sister was *shocked* that I told her I liked 1989 (she’s Millennial, I’m GenX), so that was pretty funny, too.

  9. When says that “the kid from Billy Elliot” is playing Spiderman, he is referring to Tom Holland, who has stared in the West End edition of the musical Billy Elliot. Jamie Bell, who played Billy Elliot in the 2000 film, is currently playing a different superhero, The Thing, in the upcoming Fantastic 4 film reboot, although he had been connected to the Spiderman role back in 2010 prior to Andrew Garfield taking on the role.

  10. Great to have Gary back again.

    The one thing I disagree with Jeremy on is the music royalties part. Music is so dynamic that the music which is popular right now will mostly not be popular in three months. So yes somebody will be getting paid but the listens will be for someone else.

  11. VR’s one of those things that people say you don’t get unless you try and then proceed to discuss for an hour and a half. I was kinda with ya on those, but they had to cover it, given their history.

  12. You guys saying to listen to Taylor Swift will be the only suggestion I will never do. Taylor Swift does not care about her fans, she only cares for her paycheck.

  13. Fuck, I am just finishing up Ice and Fire on audible and the audio quality has bothered me the whole time. If I find out that high quality fixes that I’m going to be disappointed. Thanks god someone brought it up. I would have expected it to just always do that on wifi. Argh.

  14. speaking of beds and falling out of them: my room at home was always pretty small, so i had high beds really early, to maximise storage area. it is said that one night, wee me managed to fall out of the 90 cm high bed. whatever sleepy contortions i made to achieve this, though, also made me throw my blanket out of the bed, before i threw myself after it. i landed on the blanket and never even woke up. my mother found me the next morning, sleeping on the blanket on the floor, next to my bed.

  15. also, on the subject of recommending taylor swift: if the intersection of poppy music and one’s taste is strictly wave-y, i guess one can skip on the recommendation, right?

  16. Haha, I got a real kick out of listening to you guys complain about how long the day is this time of the year.

    If you think the day feels long when the sun is still out at 8 PM, you should try living up here in the Nordics, where it doesn’t get dark at all in the summer. We just use black out curtains to be able to sleep even though the sun is shining outside. (Some of us do anyway…some are able to sleep regardless.)

    But I’m not complaining, it’s awesome compared to the winter when the sun hardly appears at all…

  17. If you guys do what to experience roman style gladiator fighting to get back to your routes just come to Black Rock City with us and fight in the Thunderdome.

    It is a F’n blast. This was one of my favorite things to do and I beat the crap out of my friend. 🙂

    Note: These are not my photos but tech my BORG rules no one partisan owns but BORG owns rights…

  18. Concerning Hulu:

    You’re paying $8 a month for content with ads. But you have your material on demand, next day, and you actually end up getting less than a third of the amount of ads you would get from cable or antenna.

    I don’t understand the hatred towards Hulu for that. I get all the shows I want, with basic “DVR” capabilities, for less than a tenth of how much it would cost for basic cable with a DVR.

    Any time I have to watch live television off my antenna, I go ape shit crazy because of the ads. Hulu comes in a much easier and better dose, with most commercial breaks only being 15 seconds (and at normal volume), compared with 2-3 minutes (at an inhumane decibel level) on live television. Those commercial breaks are barely ever long enough for me to sprint to the kitchen and grab some water.

    I have Hulu, Netflix and HBO Now. I pay a total of $31 a month for all the content I want (compared with the $128 I was paying for cable – which had soooo many more ads). I’m okay with watching some ads.

  19. We’ve got Uber in London, and we’ve had our fair share of protests from cab drivers as well. No beatings, but hundreds of cabs showing up in the same popular intersection in London, and grinding the traffic to a complete halt.

    Uber here is actually pretty popular, as the regular cabs are extortionately expensive due to all the training the drivers have to go through.

  20. middle-aged men recommending taylor swift? Goodlord, no. What the hell happened to music taste.

    oh, and then complain that radio music is too mainstream, commercial and non-diverse? haha!

  21. When Gary chimed in during the roll call I instinctively checked the podcast length to see if it was a long one… lol.

    With all of the VR talk lately I have been reminded of an exceptional VR story I read years ago. The Otherland series by Tad Williams. It’s four long books. The story starts a little slow but once I was part way through the first book I couldn’t put it down.

    I just picked up one of the new Kindle paperwhites and plan to read this again in the near future.

  22. Will often says “we’ll add that to the show notes” or something similar. Where are the show notes? Is it that paragraph by the podcast? Or is he just referring to this comment section?

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